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  1. It was in the opening paragraph of Jeff Griffith’s finals write-up for DCI: https://www.dci.org/news/true-blue-devils-take-20th-gold-in-golden-anniversary-finale
  2. I think it's pretty common for corps to continue recruiting guard in the Spring because that's when WGI ends and potential members have a better idea of whether they can commit to a drum corps season.
  3. Yes, but I'd imagine that's mostly due to seeing how strongly Crown did out of the gate but then seeing them lose ground by season's end.
  4. If Crown earning 4th is “losing ground,” I know lots of lower-finalist or non-finalist corps who would LOVE to lose ground like that.
  5. AND she apologized on Twitter with something like “Sorry guys, I can’t throw!” Edit: Found the tweet: https://twitter.com/finpeemurdoc/status/1558667009596030976?s=21&t=hpOViPfXKHWGkqeIoTvnlw
  6. Oh yeah, that’s ridiculous. If I had to guess, I’d say that whatever he’s reading from needs to be printed larger. And I hope no one takes that comment to be ageist—everyone knows that the eyesight goes as we age.
  7. That would be fine. But he pronounced it like “Nugent” without a T.
  8. He consistently pronounced Mandarins’ DM Justin Nguyen as “NOO-gen.” Even though when he was announcing the finals judging panel he correctly pronounced Hieu Nguyen. 🤣
  9. Brandt is iconic and does a great job (and I love how he introduced Troopers and Colts last night, much like how he introduced Mandarins in 2018). But somebody PLEASE help that guy correctly pronounce the DMs’ names. That was pretty hard to hear each night. Maybe corps can include phonetic spellings in the future (this honestly would help most announcers).
  10. It was VERY clear during DCI week that the multi-cam shots were VERY deliberately chosen. Audio was better than regular season but still not ideal (they tended to mix the pit speaker mics too heavily, IMO, which misrepresented what corps’ mix sounded like in person). I did find it odd that the high camera resolution seemed POORER than that of the regular season shows. It had more of a broadcast quality look to it, but the clarity was poorer. But overall, I can’t really complain about the job Flo did for DCI week.
  11. I think if you do your research you'll find that it's never happened before tonight. In fact, rarely does 9th place score 90 or above. In 2019 Mandarins set a new record high score for 10th place in DCI finals with 89.300. Edit: From a friend of mine: "Since 1984, when scoring resulted in 7 or more corps achieving a 90, the most frequent lowest placement with a 90 was 8th, followed by 7th. Only 3 times did a 9th place corps achieve a 90."
  12. I hope they let Raiders and Colt Cadets perform exhibitions tomorrow. That would suck to ONLY cut 2 corps from finals like that.
  13. GREAT performance, Stampede! So I didn't realize International Class included any instruments (I thought it just had to do with having members outside the DCI age range or something). So what exactly IS International Class? Otherwise, what's to stop just any marching band from competing in the International Class (besides being in between school years)?
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