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  1. 1. Mandarins 2. Cadets 3. BD 4. Bluecoats 5. Phantom
  2. Not sure if they added it just at the end of their season (I didn't remember them doing it earlier), but they held up the tiny trumpet player like Rafiki holding up baby Simba. I CACKLED.
  3. I believe they added those extra measures at NightBEAT (which made me VERY happy). But I was definitely expecting some extra layer to be added for Allentown or Indy. Safe travels home to your son!
  4. @Chief Guns I got to thinking—I thought I recalled you saying that your son mentioned there was still “more to come” beyond the spinnerman addition, but (surprisingly) there wasn’t any significant change to the ending at Allentown or Indy. It made me wonder if they tried something out but it didn’t work as planned so they scrapped it. Any chance of getting an inside scoop? 😁
  5. This one's pretty close: https://www.amazon.com/Gossifan-Fedora-Panama-Classic-Belt-B/dp/B08TQQTLB6/ref=cs_sr_dp_3?crid=6ZQN3S6NQ09D&keywords=fedora+hats+for+men+red&qid=1692159878&sprefix=fedora+hats+for+men+red%2Caps%2C142&sr=8-8
  6. This is true. I did NOT have that in my 2023 Predictions.
  7. He was extremely close for finals! Ended with “howt” which is minor compared to previous attempts where Brandt added extras syllables at the end. 😂
  8. I'm fairly certain that somebody from Mandarins must've told Brandt how to properly say the title of the Mandarins' show (along with how to correctly pronounce one of the DM's names). For Finals, Brandt nailed the pronunciation for both.
  9. @Chief Guns Great shot of your son on screen during the broadcast of retreat! This should start right at the correct time.
  10. Completely agree. Whatever the judges decide, the corps can certainly say they did their best. So proud of them all!
  11. Are you basing that on Flo or are you there? The audience isn't very loud in the Flo mix, making it sound dead. I have no doubt they've been roaring all night.
  12. They announced he's retiring. That's why they did a tribute.
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