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  1. The drum major who normally does that was unfortunately out of the show today.
  2. I hope SCV’s performers will be safe on their vertical props in all that wind.
  3. There were 6 corps. How could it take this long to input them into the system for tabulation?
  4. OMG, I don't think I have the strength to try to listen to scores with this guy's in-and-out PA. I'm just gonna keep hitting refresh on's scores page.
  5. If it's like what was used for Mandarins' uniforms last year, it just has the appearance of pleather but is actually quite light and breathable.
  6. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I kind of resent that Madison choreographed a mid-show standing ovation into their program by having their DM turn around to the audience during their false ending and then even bow after the release. Their show is entertaining enough that they'll get the ovation they want and deserve without having to resort to that.
  7. Yes, but not the edges, which are the parts that tend to get upturned or bunched up, causing tripping/falling.
  8. Fun show so far. Brass volume seems noticeably lower than Genesis.
  9. I think he's deliberately speaking slowly to catch himself if the mic cuts out. But it's not really working.
  10. It's as if the announcer is talking to us on his cell phone and he's going through a tunnel.