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  1. brassboy

    2018 Corps Reviews

    This misses your point, but just wanted to say that while there are only six review posts in the actual Show Reviews section of the forums, pretty much every official show thread had one or two folks who posted reviews within that thread. Unfortunately it’s just really hard to find those individual posts within the tens or hundreds of pages.
  2. brassboy

    2019 Predictions!

    BD will be Top Two and DCP will be super salty about it.
  3. brassboy

    Mandarins 2018

    Fruhauf (Mandarins' uniform partner) put together this beautiful short film documenting Mandarins making corps history this past weekend. They captured some awesome moments!
  4. Mandarins had 26. And you're correct that SCV had 47.
  5. I finally caught up reading through this ENTIRE thread (*whew!*). So, this comment will seem waaaaaay out of left field because it's responding to some comments that came up throughout during corps performances but it bugged me so much I needed to respond: Some folks need to remind themselves that a field percussion judge is evaluating the battery AND the pit. I saw several times, "Where's Allan? I guess he planted himself on the front sideline." Ummmm, how about maybe he's doing his job and sampling the pit as well.
  6. brassboy

    Mandarins 2018

    It absolutely is true:
  7. It actually reads "Ouroboros," but the unis came in too late in the season to use them last year.
  8. It'll undoubtedly end up on YouTube.
  9. After the reception Crossmen gave Mandarins exiting the ramp from the stadium after their performance, I'm pretty sure Mandarins don't mind at all.
  10. For when both organizations run into financial difficulties and have to merge to survive.
  11. That standing O lasts for the entire last 1 1/2 minutes of their show. And I'm here for that.
  12. Fingers crossed we'll hear the baris on the broadcast!
  13. Because of the averaging system for caption awards, I think BD is the only one realistically capable of grabbing the Zingali from Boston.
  14. I'm watching high camera, so I'm not able to see the multi-cam shots you're referring to, but the audio on the high-camera is the best it's been all season. I'm also hearing everyone's pit speakers way more than any other show, especially compared to the last two nights. So I'm SUPER hopeful that this means we'll hear SCV's soloists crystal clear tonight.