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  1. Just found this thread, and found some irony regarding GH and the YEA financial debacle. When GH pushed the G7 foolishness, he tried to promote 7 Elite corps (two of which now find themselves in the bottom half of the top 12 btw) with double pay, double votes, etc. Even when G7 morphed into Tour of Champions afterward, when Boston finished 8th it is still denied access to said elite group. Despite Boston's "non-elite" status however, , GH repeatedly askes BAC/Inspire for money to pay down debt. Boston declines. In 2016 when the post season staff emigration happens, GH contacts DCI now claiming Boston has no money and it is all a ruse. Dan A flies to Boston, examines the books, and finds that BAC/Inspire does in fact have the financial resources it is rumored to have. Then the #METOO movement happens and everything blows up. While I do not hold Cadets members or staff responsible for any of this, it is revisionist history to suggest that all was well in that organization prior to those accusations. One other thing...does anybody else here remember when GH blogged about high diesel prices and having so little money that the Cadets would no longer serve milk to the members on tour? I do. That organization has been a financial wreck for years. I wish the very best to the new leadership to right the ship. The kids deserve better.
  2. The last several Boston Crusaders auditions I went to had 7th Regiment music and visual staff (inc the director) on site as well. They even had a mannequin set up wearing a 7th uni and shako and had recent videos playing on a monitor. This has been going on for a few years. In fact one of my hs trumpet players got cut by BAC and was literally introduced to the 7th folks and in fact DID march the whole season (2018) and had a great experience.
  3. I'm not going to suggest that every drum corps kid is an angel. However, today's activity is a far cry from when I marched in the early 80s, when some corps would load cases of beer onto the buses after a show, kids would smoke cigarettes before and after rehearsal, and I even remember watching a certain corps from New Jersey unloading their truck before a show while passing around a joint. The activity has evolved.
  4. Every corps has a membership contract which is quite specific regarding things like bullying, harassment, poor behavior, hazing, controlled substances, etc. Even though the dreaded reefer is now legal in places like here in Maine, Massachusetts, etc it is still against federal law. Add to this the dimension of corps travelling through the night after each show and crossing through multiple jurisdictions, nobody could fault the organizations for having zero tolerance. As for alcohol, it is not a comparable situation because the drinking age in all 50 states is 21, so if a legal-age member wanted to have a beer on a free night that should pose no liability to the corps as long as there is no stupid behavior which results from it. I'm not a lawyer, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express one night.
  5. BAC just announced that ALL winter camps starting in January 2020 will be in Texas instead of Florida. I wonder if that means we'll hear a chorus of "Texas Crusaders" this year instead of "Florida Crusaders". :)
  6. Jim Mazgalis passed away at his home in Dallas in mid September. I actually had never met him in person, but he was a funny, extremely articulate man who had a passion for the Boston Crusaders. I think he may have marched somewhere in the early or mid 70s. He was an RN at a large hospital there in Dallas. I have absolutely no info on how he passed, or if he had been ill, or anything like that. I just felt compelled to share the news of his passing, and pay some small tribute to his passion for the activity in general and BAC in particular. GODSPEED, Jim!
  7. You can tell that it is probably a decent high school band which has been directed to do stupid things by some commercial director. Jardiance works well for me, btw with no side effects (except a 33 pound weight loss).
  8. Actually, although a good number of guard members joined Boston in 2017 (I seem to remember it being 14), the same was not true for brass and percussion. With Gino and Colin coming to BAC, there was substantially more interest in auditioning in general, but I only know of two prior Cadets who marched Boston in 2017, and they both came from Cadets2. With the corps leaping from 12th to 6th in 17, that is what resulted in huge audtion numbers in all sections with the 2019 audition cohort being the all time record for Boston. There were some talented guard members who switched to BAC in 2017 to be sure, but they were only 14 out of 44.
  9. As someone who has been associated with Boston since 1979, I am still wondering where all the outrage was when BAC was hemorrhaging staff and kids all those years to other corps. Nobody seemed to give it a thought. As I've said numerous times on here, many fans would probably be shocked to discover how many staff including caption heads came through the Boston Crusaders at some point...including during the late 70s and early 80s when there were FIVE World Class corps in the Boston area alone. (BAC, 27th Lancers, NorthStar, Defenders, Alliance). What a difference a couple decades make....
  10. This. Especially when you consider that he didn't come in until after July 4th. Complicating things was the fact that like most top corps, once on the road BAC doesn't rehearse drill set to set...usually just larger ensemble chunks unless there is a drill change. I can't even imagine trying to work a new kid in with that kind of rehearsal pace. Austin, along with BAC's talented percussion staff performed a miracle in my mind. He actually was in for all 200+ sets by the last week. Congrats to all!
  11. I am anticipating (and hoping for) no staff changes at BAC. I think the design team just concluded the third year of their 5 year contracts but in speaking with them this summer, I think they would stay even if those contracts didn't exist. Everyone seems really happy. Although the non-designers aren't bound for five years, most of them are tethered to their caption heads (by choice) and it would seem that there wouldn't be any movement there either. I hope. It is a great team, to be sure!
  12. Mr. Prosperie is an excellent judge. He had Boston in 7th at finals. Although I wish his number had been higher, he is still an excellent judge and he called it the way he saw it. End of story.