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  1. Even though I am a lifelong New Englandah, I have never gotten into lobster. This past summer, lobster dinners in Maine were $30-$45. My opinion has always been that they get their taste from the warm melted butter. I agree with fighterkit...I also prefer a nice Texas sirloin.
  2. Looking at their schedule, I noticed that BAC has no February camp. That will obviously save the non-Texan kids a chunk of cash.
  3. In the unlikely event that anyone cares, I think I have fixed my posting problem. Thanks to a 15 year old bass drummer....something to do with clearing cookies and caches on my phone.
  4. Android phone....and I'm having no issues at all with FB or Instagram. I have had it with technology! I give up.
  5. Unlike high school and collegiate sports "stars" drum corps has always been about the group effort. Despite the myriad changes in our activity, this part has not changed. Even the great horn soloists don't generally seek individual adoration like a typical quarterback or pitcher.
  6. Not only is the loaf stale and moldy, but sour grape garnish isn't helping.
  7. So, we obviously cannot speculate on how much better the corps may be over last year's BAC....but we do know that the number of auditionees for Boston this winter was more than TRIPLE the number from one year ago, and many of the cuts found homes in the top corps.
  8. Not only that, but Jim Ancona was on Boston's front ensemble staff in the early 90s, before Crown was even imagined as a drum corps. Sheesh!
  9. I don't know...lately this site has been kinda wonky for me.
  10. Kind of a quiet midwinter day here on the coast of Maine, so I just was having a nice cup of coffee while re-reading this thread from the beginning (####, it is GREAT being retired!) Anyway, Something struck me. Several posters here predicted that Boston will or might possibly win...in a very casual, matter-of-fact manner. And, nobody's heads are exploding. For those of us who have been around the activity since the late 70s, the mere fact that this conversation is even happening is truly incredible! Even if Boston doesn't win, I have to say that for life long BAC supporters, this is a monumental period in history!
  11. BAC is looking to hire additional certified athletic trainers. Info can be found at bostoncrusaders.org.
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