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  1. craiga

    Callback camps

    I have a couple thoughts on this topic. First, the camp fees most corps charge are designed to offset the cost of the actual camp....the meals (remember, 300-400 folks inc staff), the facilities, flying in that staff, etc. I cannot imagine any drum corps looking at camp fees as an actual source of revenue. Yikes! As for the call need to remember that the larger corps conduct "round 1" and sometimes "round 2" auditions in as many as 6 or 7 different locations across the country, specifically to make it easier for kids to attend, along with the video audition process. At some point, however, they do need to assemble everyone who MIGHT be a fit at the same place at the same time in order to assess the talent. As for vets being guaranteed a spot in the upcoming years. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have personal knowledge of multiple veteran corps members who were recently not offered a contract due to their lack of preparation. This, I would imagine is particularly the case when a group is on the rise. Finally, and I say this as someone who has taught drum corps, band, and indoor guard/percussion since 1978. If you want to field a full unit, you need to assemble and train 150% of whatever that maximum number is because sure as sh1t some kids are going to change their minds, get a summer job, fall in love, get injured, have parents lose a job or whatever. This natural attrition is real and happens at all levels. Drum corps is a highly competitive activity where not every child is a winner. And THAT is where the drum corps experience begins to prepare kids for life in a real sense, rather than everyone getting a trophy for having a pulse.
  2. Dear God! Why on earth would you compare Roman Blenski's egregious behavior with Boston's recent financial and competitive success???? One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. And, for the record, Boston's BOD has been very proactive in sharing its "best practices" with the boards of several other corps over the last few years, and in one case even loaning another corps a substantial amount of $$ so they could finish their season. This is quite possibly the most ignorant post on DCP.
  3. craiga

    Pioneer Member Rant

    What on earth does this mean?
  4. craiga

    Your 2018 Top 6

    In order: Boston Cadets SCV Blue Devils Mandarins 7th Regiment
  5. craiga

    Crowd Love at Finals

    It still baffles me that a few people on here continue to whine about staff moving from corps to corps. Whether it be for money, staff chemistry, creative freedom (all three in the case of some of the BAC staff), this has been going on for years. Star of Indiana, anyone? Also, as I said in another thread somewhere recently, Boston's payroll is still less than BD. Are our friends from Concord "buying" success as well? For literally decades, BAC lost staff and members to other corps. Everyone was fine was that. Like all Boston staff in the 80s, I taught the corps without pay of any kind for 6 years. It was what we alumni did (gladly) to maintain the corps' survivability. Now, many of those 80's kids have become extremely successful, both professionally and financially, and are applying their talents to giving back in a different way...raising funds for the current and future members. You make it sound like poor Crown is destitute and has no means at their disposal to staff their corps. Really? Dude, get over it.
  6. Boston made finals for the first time in 1999 and came in 9th. Their score was 88.6 and they came in 5th in 2000.
  7. craiga

    Pioneer What Next?

    I have no dog in this hunt, and I don't care if Pioneer comes in 30th ten years in a row. HOWEVER, the current "Best Practices" standard in DCI World class is having both and MD and an RN as well as at least one Physical Trainer on tour and the members being fed 4 times per day. We have heard stories of no medical personnel on tour with them, kids not "being allowed" to seek medical attention while on tour, "no food for 12 hours" and the expectation of kids eating daily at fast food restaurants. If any of these are based in fact, then DCI needs to pull the plug on them and send them to DCA. The legal liabilities put both Pioneer and DCI in great legal jeopardy, never mind what that experience is like for the members.
  8. craiga

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    DCI drum corps must follow the laws of the state in which they are incorporated. If their home state requires for example, finger printing and criminal background checks then that is what they must do. They are also free to devise any employment application they like, which may include having the applicant answer questions about criminal history, substance abuse and the like. In addition, all employees these days are on legally binding contracts which may also include codes of conduct, etc. Said employees are free to enter into the contract or not.
  9. I will restate my belief that in terms of visual design as it relates to actual drill, The Cadets and Boston Crusaders move more than anyone else..and move extremely well. Are we seeing an emergence of an "East Coast" visual style? In terms of "staging" instead of real visual design, BD, SCV, and Bloo all do this to the extreme. But, notice who occupy the top 3 spots right DCI, that which is rewarded is perpetuated. As a visual design/drill writer of four decades, I fear I am becoming obsolete. I give myself 5 more years.... :(
  10. craiga

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Great job, Boston! Don't let up! WALDO IS ON FIRE!! DEVORATE EOS, BOSTONIA! !!-!-!!!
  11. Based on what I saw in person in Allentown and the prelims in the theatre last night, I now believe that the Cadets should be over the Cavies, BAC should be over Crown (based on Boston's Visual/Guard/GE), and both BD and SCV should be 3 points ahead of Bloo visually....the Jazz Club thing is cool , but I am still horrified by the complete visual shutdown that Bloo goes into frequently throughout the show. Where's the beef? My favorite corps last night: 1. Boston (no surprise there) 2. Cadets (Like BAC, they move alot, and well) 3. Blue Devils ( I love the drive-in portrait and I can't get past SCV's terrible fitting costumes)
  12. craiga

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    The "$100,000 prop" was an invention by somebody over in the Carolina Crown thread. I tried to set the record straight but I failed....the real question, what's up with Mike W and Jim C spending all morning at the airport renting a fleet of helicopters? And what on earth would anyone do with the 1:20 Scale Titanic replica seen passing through Bloomington early this morning on a flatbed?? And, bribing the Lucas Oil Facilties people to open the dome tomorrow night? I have no direct knowledge of these things, you understand.... Oh and btw the way, Waldo intends to Feast on the Beast before the week is out.
  13. Or, it is a visual representation of Area 51 in the ancient Aramaic language passed down to the Knights Templar.
  14. Wow! Some of you guys are WAY over thinking this. The dots and loud notes are the quarter notes from the Conquest "hits"....the source material for this long-played Boston music is Captain from Castile, a 1947 movie from starring Tyrone Power. The corps has played various versions and snippets of this since the 1960s. It is not Morse code. In fact, many of the BAC members (past and present) have tattoos of these notes. As for the extra "note" at the end, it is there in the original Alfred Newman soundtrack as the first note of the next musical phrase.