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  1. DVDs are back in the store! Go to the DCI store to see.
  2. DVDs are back! Go to the DCI store to see it.
  3. I wonder if the reason why DCI is not communicating well about this is because they are under some kind of gag order from their lawyers. And they don't have enough experience with a situation like this to help them communicate appropriately. I am worried this is going to diminish DCI quite a bit if this stays as is.
  4. yes, I remember hearing the voice over "is that wrong?" live at Massillon and on FN. Its a processed voiceover, with some distortion, not straight voice recording, so its hard to distinguish.
  5. I found it very interesting, the contrast between the beauty of the music (lyrical, romantic, hymn-like, pulls you in), versus the lyric content (big data analysis of your online presence, loss of anonymity, consumerism trying to pull you in to their product - "now we possess you", etc.).
  6. caveats: (1) huge Bluecoats fan (2) if repeated elsewhere, sorry, admins please merge, etc. I was curious about the meaning of lyrics to the Hymn of Acxiom, and found the following links that explain it. That caused a huge "tilt" for me - stunning gorgeous music, backed by a meaning that gives creepy chills (to me anyway). Just another way that Blooo brought a "tilt" to the music. I still love the piece, hauntingly beautiful!
  7. I would like to hear about this too if you find out if its going to be publicly available.
  8. 4 pm report - rain areas seems to be quickly shrinking on the radar, I think the last wave between here and Toledo may dry up before it gets here. looks like its going to be a dry night, at this point!
  9. at 3:15 pm, looks like a line of rain moving toward Massillon from the Toledo area, that should be through the area by showtime based on rate of movement, from my best guess. After that nothing showing on the radar. Cloud layer stretches all the way back to Chicago but looks thinner west of Toledo. All this courtesy of The Weather Channel radar/satellite maps.
  10. Planning to be there, but the weather is not looking good right now (2 pm). Hopefully clears out by showtime. It did for the Akron show, thinking the same good thoughts for this one too!
  11. And a note on the stadium -- awesome place! I was in the premium seats, well worth it! They fed us a buffet of food, high quality, air conditioned clubhouse area, seats were backed with armrests, and the view and sound were awesome. This is a championship or regional quality stadium. DCI needs to take note of it and move one of those here!
  12. I was at the show, and I can tell you Bluecoats were on fire tonight -- I saw them at Dublin and they were better tonight. I think it was a deserved bump up. The crowd was on fire for them too, and it think it kicked them into gear. The key for them is to sustain that when they are not in the home town!
  13. Ooo that's good to hear, I was worried about that... never know with these new stadiums if they would put in proper drainage or not to keep the roof open -- oops, wrong stadium....
  14. yeah, its really gonna depend on show sponsors, corps, etc -- the front looks like it could make it through by show time -- a time delay on the show could possibly work if everyone involved in deciding this agrees. Lets all think happy thoughts and hope this happens!
  15. Most corps directors usually call the show off if the field has any chance of causing injury due to the high velocity drills. This is artificial turf so if its wet I doubt the shows will be marched, likely a standstill tonight is my guess.