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  1. What a great night! Awesome shows across the board! Indy will be fun....
  2. Anyone have an extra for sale?
  3. Great review! Thanks for all the positive thoughts about the many great shows this summer!
  4. Awesome pics and details! It's fun to follow your trip!
  5. Just saw the scores on DCI too. Guessing somebody's screwing
  6. Great review, and great additional comments from others too! My thoughts of a couple of other things: Pacific Crest was my surprise of the night. A really well designed show, lots of great musical and visual impacts, and like Jon said, at this rate they'll be a finalist soon. I've liked their shows before, but tonight was a huge step up for them! Keep it going PC! I loved Phantom's show, but the pre-show synthesized sound effects were SO loud that the first horn impact seemed soft by comparison. To me it really took away from their great opening. And yes, Bluecoats horns and drums were definitely on fire, but like you stated, the final bodysuit 'word' effect wasn't very visible. What a great, responsive crowd as usual here. It's nice to see lots of standing O's (and well-deserved ones!)!!!
  7. From a friend at the show: Cadets- 93.80 Phantom- 93.75 Bluecoats- 91.95 Boston- 87.10 BK- 86.05 Academy- 79.45 Pacific- 78.40 Pioneer- 69.20
  8. There's also a "DCI Scores" app (at least for iPhones) that is pretty cool
  9. Scores are already up on DCI site: World Class 1 Bluecoats 78.650 2 Madison Scouts 75.150 3 Spirit of Atlanta 74.150 4 The Cavaliers 73.550 5 Blue Stars 71.400 6 Glassmen 69.500 7 Pioneer 56.800 Open Class 1 Legends 64.550 Read more:
  10. Loved the cinema broadcast! It was really well done! Nice work, DCI!
  11. Just a quick note. Heard Bluecoats perform their show tonight, and the best word I can use is.... "WOW"! The corps sounds incredible! I can't wait to see it on the move on Saturday. It looks like it's going to be a great summer for the corps!