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  1. Sorry - can't allow the requesting or posting of previously copyrighted material - that could get DCP shut down... Mike
  2. We will move topics here as necessary, and only topics specific to this forum (eg. 1988 Finals) will be moved here. "Best of all time" discussions and whatnot will still be in the general discussions forum. Basically, just like it was before the forum redesign! :) Mike
  3. As part of the DCP forum redesign for this summer, we had decided to eliminate the Historical Perspectives forum, feeling that the General Discussions forum covered the same topics. However, quite a number of users came forward with their support for a separate place where they could talk about and more easily find topics from years past. Thus - the Historical Drum Corps Discussions forum has been added back! :) (See, user input *does* make a difference!) We have decided to make the "cutoff" for this forum at 10 years, and that will change each year. So, if the subject is more than 10 years old (as of right now, prior to 1993) then it goes here! Happy posting! Mike New
  4. Thanks for the Pac Crest review - I sooooo wish they were coming to San Antonio this year... :( Mike
  5. Thanks for the pictures as well as the review! Mike
  6. Tom et al: What was the crowd response like when Phantom came on in the white? Any bigger than would be expected? Mike
  7. They don't do drill first. They do drill at the same time (2001 Green Machine Newsletter). :) Thanks for the review! Mike
  8. <moved to DCP Marketplace...mn>
  9. I wonder if it might be geared more towards instructors and teachers? That would explain the higher price point. Dunno. I'm just a drummer in the wrong forum. :) Mike
  10. If you've been wanting to check out corps across the ocean, go to: http://www.drumcorps.org.uk/ Under "Media" they've got videos - pretty cool. Mike
  11. I have managed to luck into an "amateur" copy of Te Deum Laudamus - the Oklahoma City College Wind Philharmonic played it in March, and their director is going to send me a copy of it after I begged. :) The only professional recording remains the USAF CD, however. (sheesh - I think Cavies win the award for the most obscure / hard to find piece ever played by a corps, now...) Mike
  12. (moved to DCP marketplace... -Mike)
  13. Moved to DCP Marketplace forum. Mike
  14. How big are most of the groups? What kind of horns do they use? (G or Bb) What are the typical songs that corps play? How long are the shows? Do they tour? :) Mike
  15. Drum corps in Germany seems to have a growing presence, and has sponsored the European legs of several US drum corps tours. It's been brought to our attention (by posters who will be using this forum) that we have DCUK and a Netherlands forum, but not Germany. So, now we do have a place for these discussions and announcements as well! Mike
  16. (Moved to DCUK forum, but there's still a link to it from the In the Stands forum - Mike) For me personally, I think that the piece is silly. It's not music, no matter what people try to say about it. In corps context, though, it's a neat break for silent drill. :) So it could still work. Mike
  17. Moved to DCP Marketplace forum. Mike
  18. I need to get (if anyone has an extra or one to sell) the T clip that attaches to Premier HTS drums so they can be put on a flip-up carrier. I can get one from the store, but it's going to take quite a while. If anyone does have one they can part with, please PM or e-mail me. Thanks! Mike
  19. Found some recordings of them, and first - holy cow, they're good! I was looking for more detail, though. What kind of instruments do they use? How big are they usually? I saw that there's a UK and European championships, are these well followed? Enlightenment is needed! Thanks, Mike
  20. Following DCP's established policy, this topic will be cosed and further linked to corpsreps.com and their sponsor boards. Corpsreps.com has been providing a sponsor board for marching members for quite some time we certainly appreciate their efforts. DCP fully supports the intentions of both the advertisers and the efforts of corpsreps.com and wishes all involved the best of luck. Corpsreps Sponsor Board: http://www.corpsreps.com/corpsreps.cfm?vie...iew=sponsorship Mike New
  21. i heard that he got high, before the show or played the show while high, i don't remember exactly. Thats what i meant. I wanted to know whether it was true or not. I don't think that's the kind of thing we should be speculating about on here. Topic closed. Mike
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