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  1. DCI hires the stadium. DCI is the client. The Stadium (and their subcontractors) are at their service, no? I'd suggest if their contract doesn't specify how many security metal detectors will be open, they sure as hell better add that. Why was this not a problem in the past?
  2. An HOUR to get through ONE security booth into Lucas Oil Stadium for Finals? I'm going to go back to just attending Prelims next year. That's all just absurd. You'd think after this many years in Indy, DCI would have this figured out.
  3. Annapolis High and steep-stands; a proper FOOTBALL stadium. Far, far more impressive telling others you were going to "DCA Championships at Navy–Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis" than... "the soccer stadium in Rochester, NY." Seafood. Seafood. Seafood.
  4. StuStu: Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM
  5. You are welcome. I'll add another 30 or so tonight. My equipment is a bit of an upgrade since "Showdown At Warhawk Stadium" in 1980 with my Canon AE-1 and a cheap 500mm. :)
  6. I'm starting to upload/share my 2016 Prelims photography to a public Facebook folder, if anybody wants to see the view from the front row through a Canon 5D and 400mm. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10209491125862500.1073741912.1456781636&type=1&l=39a7a3f2cc
  7. Ummm... Dan Veerhusen of 1980 Madison Scouts...(epic moments in drum corps) or Jimmy Russo of the Hawthorne Caballeros. That's not "milking" -- that's "connecting with the audience." Dan V. explained to me that his role as DM was to "channel the energy" back and forth between the field and the audience. I like a "personality" DM -- not a robot metronome. Search for one of the threads on "Greatest DMs of all time" or along those lines. A good DM can become "the face" of the drum corps, especially if they last a few seasons in the role (more of a DCA thing than DCI.) It's "showmanship." Drum corps is, after all, ENTERTAINMENT.
  8. "Front side capacity is 4,032 and various reports had it a little over half full." http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/forums/index.php/topic/163322-dca-15-35-corps-great-performances-not-so-great-attendance/
  9. Well, as OP of what was supposed to just be a "joking" post, I think this thread can wander where you all wish. But on the key thing (above)... Well, I know some fine conservatory teachers that can move seamlessly between an Eb alto trombone and Bb trombone in the same concert. I know some guys that will double on Bb flugelhorn and Eb tennorhorn in some of the finest British brass bands. I've seen an outstanding Army Band player double on Tuba and trombone (for the solo) on the SAME PIECE. I've seen Tine Thing Helseth play not only different key trumpets and cornets in the same concert, but an antique KEYED trumpet, to boot. Flawlessly. Drum corps is a (mostly) youth activity performed on a football field with mostly terrible acoustics, trains, planes, and police sirens. If your brain/ear/chops can't make an adjustment to different keys on SAME MOUTHPIECE (say G sop and Bb trumpet)... maybe you're not as good as you think you are. Get over yourselves. I have a whole collection of horns I keep in my office (4 minute walk to work) and go there in the evening after everyone else is gone. BBb tuba. Bb concert euph. G Euph. G Baritone, my sweet baby Willson Bb marching trombone, a 1909 Holton Bb cornet. Bb Getzen MF Trumpet. and a 1970s FE Olds F mellophone (bare brass and custom lead pipe) I play with a massive Wick #1 bottomless tenor mouthpiece. I play whatever I feel like playing that night -- usually three different horns in an hour. I like to play the trumpet in the warehouse/garage. Low brass in the lobby. Cornet at my desk. Before you play the first note, you say to yourself, "This is a mellophone in F" and hear it in your head, and your chops-muscle-memory/ears/brain shift gears. 20 minutes later, you pick up the euphonium, and you go through the same first-breath mental exercise. I had an outstanding teacher in high school that studied under both Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Hurseth. All my teacher seemed to talk about was breathing and hearing the note before you play it and he even had an exercise to deal with doubling (tuba and trombone) about that mental shift-of-gears of how you "manage air" differently per horn, and brain to lock in the chops before that first note. He (my teacher) played euphonium, tuba AND trumpet professionally. He said if you can double, you double your odds of employment. :) [correction. Allison Balsom on keyed trumpet. They look similar (the players)] Search for this on YOUTUBE: "ALISON BALSOM - Sound the Trumpet (Royal Music of Purcell & Handel)" And proof a good player can overcome even a plastic horn... https://youtu.be/NLAHSgZaMU0
  10. (Those that know me know I am pulling legs). But it's a fun thought.
  11. I think I have a cool idea for the electronics/effects/sampling (yes, I actually said that.) I just heard that 1990s Natalie and Nat King Cole "Unforgettable" where she sings with her dad's old recording - remixed - to make it a duet. What if a corps sampled some "classic" show recordings for looped hits, licks or solo fragments -- DJ Style? You COULD have similar "virtual duets" or hybrid ensembles that span decades. You could, technically, have members from those old shows "performing" in the new show. Thoughts of Chris Metzger squealing a "duet" with some 2016 Madison Scout? How about the classic 1980 Blue Devils' "Dindi" sop duet turned into a virtual quartet? With trombones you say? Sure. Whatever. Maybe the only issue is the rules committee working out the technicalities/time-shifted concept of "age out?" Copyright snags?
  12. Good news. Best wishes. What is the musical repertoire for 2015?
  13. "...then why not just form a bowling league." Hahaha. Dan, you must have just seen my Facebook thread: "...out of the bowling alley and off the streets. Productive citizenry."
  14. [EDITED. Because I just realized how little I care anymore.] To this thread: I predict a good time in Rochester for those that go, and most excellent BBQ.
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