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  1. I received an email in April from a corps saying to expect ticket sales as well as actual locations of shows around June 1.
  2. There are many people still in hysteria and buying the hype. You cannot force them to come out of the basement and do something before they feel totally safe. Some people think that they would be endangering their children's lives letting them travel anytime in the next few years.
  3. This was put out by a corps. I think this echoes a lot of the sediment here, we are not against having a season but there are still many variables out there We are cautiously optimistic about real, live drum corps this summer. However, please know that the best source of information regarding official really great Drum Corps events is the official really great Drum Corps website. While speculative dates may have been announced, many of these dates are NOT confirmed by the participating organizations and could be moved. We, too, are anxious to gather together - safely. But don’t go buyin
  4. I figured the Bluecoats wrong, thought they were doing the midwest thing, but looks like they were persuaded to go East.
  5. I do some occasional part time work with an events company and we just had a conference scheduled for Sept canceled, And our attendees stay in hotels, not high school gyms and don't spend real long times in crowded busses. Though most would have flown. The events company still has some events tenatively scheduled for July and August but I am not that sure how solid they are. I think that with the money the companies need to lay out for a big meeting they are not all that confident everything will be better by then. And I guess they can do the actual business online they just miss the fun
  6. The district still is restricting rentals and uses of interior spaces “through the start of next school year,” with the exception of groups involved in summer school activities. IE housing
  7. I would be surprised if they were to announce an Allentown DCI event. From what I have seen in corps that have announced their summer intentions most have some idea that they would be regional in the midwest and maybe some type of a texas tour for corps in the southwest. Going to Allentown would be completely out of sync with their previous intentions and entail a great deal more tour planning and expense. Things are changing quickly but in my mind (which is wrong quite often) I don't see an Large Allentown event happening. Maybe BAC and Cadets doing an exhibition, but not a major event.
  8. The last time they went over it was in Sept Oct they did an exhibition at DCE finals then went to Switzerland. So most of the DCI corps was probably back in school. Also one reason the season was cancelled was the bingo hall was closed for a while and they were unsure of their finances, It states in the announcement that they have found other sponsors for this tour, and it is very much not written in stone yet.
  9. Crown would not be in the geographical footprint of that group, I had heard rumors of Bluceoats possibly doing midwest, but not east, and Crown possibly doing Texas though I havn't seen anything lately to suggest that.. I hate to beat on people who are down, but I think GH had a lot to do with crushing many East Coast corps, destroying the old Drum Corps East.
  10. Plan on being with a corps in the food truck, depends on what their housing arrangement is and whether they will need a food truck. Do they set up food trucks in a hotel parking lot ? If I fly up I would like to spend at least 2 weeks working with the corps I am not that sure I would come up for just a 4 day stint and if it is that short a stint they should have too many volunteers
  11. It is a set of Domino's. Before you can really look at housing you need someone who will host the show and a place so the corps know where to go. Normally the show dates are finalized in Jan and Feb so corps can begin filling in housing details. Corps who have been doing similar schedules for the past 20 years have networks of past housing sites and Alumni who work in school bands and often don't need assistance from the show host. This year though I think there is going to be a lot more reliance on the hosts as the Covid has thrown a major wrench into the old system. Until I see show dates
  12. Normally this time of year Volunteers are marking their calendars, finding places where they can join the tour, taking time off work or pleasure so they can help out the corps for a few days or weeks. Volunteer coordinators are filling in the holes making sure they have coverage for the entire tour. Bus companies are making sure that drivers who know the Drum corps daily rhythm are blocked off for the summer. Truck drivers are clearing their schedules to make sure they are available. This late in the year not knowing what kind of a schedule they will have, if any has to be really t
  13. I was watching "Lady and the Dale" on HBO. They had footage from a Christmas parade in LA in 1966, and the clip they show was Monterey Park Girls Drum and Bugle Corps. The name is on the bass drum.
  14. My experience with Regiment is that they have a pretty solid admin team. Hopefully they will put a lot of thought and elbow grease into this and do it right. Personally I don't see the upside outweighing what could go wrong, but I have been wrong quite often
  15. Also those new members will have 2 less years of Marching Band. So some will be starting from ground zero.