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  1. totaleefree

    Sunrisers suspended

    I know nothing about the Sunrisers situation. However several years ago I took a church youth group to an event and we stayed a a 5 star Mariiott Hotel. At those hotels there is a very good breakfast buffet but it is not included with the room (unless you are a super rewards member staying on the club level) . Several of the kids and I think the chaperones went down and had breakfast signed it to the room and said they didn't know they were getting charged $15 other just went down and had breakfast without paying a bill. I got a pretty big bill when I went to check out. This could be something as simple as a bunch of people went to breakfast thought it was free then found out it wasn;t. 20 people at $15 each comes to $300 which would be an issue . I don't know if that is what happened but it could be something like that just a misunderstanding which sadly becomes a much bigger problem.
  2. Highly improbable but interesting scenario that Cadets 2 go open class that would throw a whole new wrinkle and make OC totally wild.
  3. totaleefree

    Class A

    Well it looks like class A did turn out a little tight .06 separating the top 2 with Sky close behind. I missed Govies and Sky so I can't really give a good analysis. However I know that when they told us to sit in the bench up front we did and no one stood up to jump and cheer since we thought it could penalize the score. ANd when you are .06 apart from each other a .1 penalty for the staff doing something would be killer and a horrible thing to do to the kids who are busting their butts out on the field.
  4. totaleefree

    Class A

    Class A at Prelims should be interesting this year. Govies and Carolina Gold are separated by 2 tenths of a point going into Prelims. Cadence with a week to practice full time could also be a wild card, and the Skyliner's playing close to home want a spot in finals too I am sure. With the exception of Skyliners and Highland Regiment this will also be a well traveled bunch. I thought the drive from NC was long, Alabama ever longer, but the Govies drive further and Cadence racked up quite a few frequent flier miles getting there. Govies the self proclaimed Oldest corps in Drum Corps will be up against the youngest corps Carolina Gold has ever marched, probably the youngest there in age. John Mayer will be leading his group of veteran players for the umpteenth time against Gold's DM who still has several years of DCI eligibility. Also we will get a look at 3 corps making their debut DCA Champs appearances. Anyway there are lots of great reasons to show up at 4pm on Sat and see what is up with Class A
  5. totaleefree

    Here come the GOVIES

    Is Lake Wobegone up there near St Peter ?
  6. totaleefree

    Prelims schedule

    I think they had Inspires go on first 16 years ago since they had no score and they surprised the heck out of everyone. However the prelim had them 8th, when they played with their peers on finals they jumped to 6th
  7. totaleefree

    DCA Show In NJ This Weekend

    A quick blurb about the NC show on Sat. The weather in that part of NC has been rain everyday for the past week with severe thunderstorm warning and flash flood warning for most of the area around Goldsboro. However on Saturday the rain held off until after the show. The Show had Columbus Saints, Carolina Gold , doing scored shows first, then the Eastern Wayne band doing an exhibition. Then the 2 Corps each did their shows again but unscored on the 2nd run. It was good to see Columbus Saints on a DCA field. They appeared to be very enthusiastic and well supported by parents and volunteers. The Thursday before the show their founder had a kidney transplant so some members did not make the long drive to NC. Also there were school band conflicts which I think all DCA corps have learned can make the later DCA shows a challenge. They said they were missing 10 regular members. They had 28 marchers take the field and did a show I think called "The Struggle and Freedom" I think some of the missing members had key parts in the show so I cannot give a good critique of what the show will look like in 2 weeks when they have all their members present. The crowd reacted nicely to their show and gave them a good cheer when they left the field. I think they received a good critique and analysis of their show from the judges and I hope they have all their members present and a good idea of what the DCA judges will be looking for at prelims. I thought they had a better run on the 2nd unscored show, maybe they were a little looser and felt more at home on the field. Carolina Gold had all of their show complete I think they had 64 members and 2 DM on the field though 2 horn players had to play seated along the sideline due to ankle injuries. The percussion was cleaner than they had been in Atlanta and the horns were able to finish the show with the same wind they started with. The guard did a good job filling the field and they have some new flags that give the show a more colorful appearance . I like the "Take me On" they do which is a more mellow version of the 80's hit. They have areas to improve on, but again I am sure the judges gave them good Critique and that they will improve in those areas before prelims. Eastern Wayne High School is a High Stepping HBCU style band. They put on a good entertaining show and gave a nice bit of variety to the evening. Their band director said he was happy to have drum corps visit so that his people could also see some different styles of marching. I am sure that everyone appreciated the school allowing Gold to host their show there.
  8. totaleefree

    DCA Show In NJ This Weekend

    I think that the NC show will be the DCA premiere for Columbus Saints. This weekend will also give a good idea of what Class A should look like though Cadence and Highland Regiment will be wild cards until next week.
  9. totaleefree

    Pioneer What Next?

    Looking at the 2015 (last available ) 990 , First off it was not done by a professional. However there is Roman Blinski Jr as Director, then Roman Blenski II as a board member the Susan Blenski Board member/ Treasurer/. Two of the other board members are married then there is one other member. Pretty much says that Roman is the board. It would take a full board replacement for the corps to move on.
  10. totaleefree

    Pioneer What Next?

    I guess I have to think where are the parents in all this. I assume most of the marchers probably are sponsored by their parents. While I am aggravated by Helicopter parents being overly involved too often these days I just wonder what these parents think their money is going to. Several year ago we were warming up for the Georgia Dome shows when Pioneer's busses rolled up and the first thing on my mind was that I would never want to take a more than 2 hour ride in one of those buses, plus the drivers all seemed to be 70 years old. While I admire a group making the most of resources and I am glad to see Senior Citizens contributing to youth activities that just seemed completely unsafe to me. Do the marchers or their parents even take a look at the vehicle their kids will spend all summer riding thousands of miles in. I volunteer with a DCA corps most weekends and I always take pictures of the on the table for each meal just to make sure that if some young marcher's parents say that he only ate peanut butter during all his camp weekends I can show a picture of what was served that weekend. That corps eats very well and parents have told me that camp weekends are the only time their kids get non-junk food. When I was a Battery Commander in the Army (yes drummers join artillery so they can still be in a battery) I had parents call and complain if their 19 year old son who was in the Army ,making a paycheck, missed a meal. I am sure that if Pioneer members missed a meal which they had actually paid money for the parents should be gathering pitchforks and getting ready to burn down Pioneer land. It shouldn't fall to DCI to do something, the parents and members know what is going on and they need to change things. I spoke with someone several years ago who was wearing a Pioneer Jacket he had marched several years before that, he seemed to think that based on recent conversations with Roman that he had altimers or dementia and was not mentally competent and that he was completely different from when he had marched. Someone in the organization has to bring that up and do what they can to replace him. However based on what I have read recently this may be an organization set up similar to YEA where one person has control of the board and everything else.
  11. Everyone knows that the cymbal line is what makes the whole SUV show. I hope they show a lot of them
  12. Not sure if the thunder will compliment this show
  13. Here in the Carolinas we got a massive thunderstorm unleashed outside as Crwn began their show lightning flashes add a great effect with this show
  14. A star to remember Star of Indiana while in Indy.