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  1. Back in the fall there was quite a bit of discussion on here about the guidelines that DCI set for corps being approved for World Class and Open Class. A lot of that was in response to the situation with Pioneer but many of those ideas if put in place would help out the corps in a situation like this. One was a financial reserve I think it was 50k for World class corps. I don't think they were thinking of this happening but those that had that are better off now. It also said that corps should make efforts to ensure they have non tour or dues revenue I think the # was 40%. I know that a lot of this was theoretical, I mean who doesn't want outside revenue, However I think that there they recognized that that old models of running corps needed to change. Hopefully corps listened to what DCI (made of their own leaders) put out and will be able to weather this storm.
  2. In my event planning days 90 days out was usually the last chance to cancel things without incurring penalties. These days arn't normal days, bus companies and staduims may be glad to have any business this summer, Same with facilities rent but if they (DCI) cancel June 1st they might get stuck paying quite a bit to Lucas Oil Stadium but now they could probably get out of any lease agreement. The longer they wait the greater the cost of canceling will be. Most of the established corps will be able to cover the day to day cost with regular Maroon and Gold Club or alumni donations or the 56 club. Unfortunatly summer staff would lose out getting paid and it might really hurt the part time drum line instructors and substitute school music teachers who needed the extra summer check to make ends meet. It will take a hit on the newer corps who don't have strong Alumni networks and depend on tuition, however that is why DCI has been putting out Guidelines highly encouraging them to find a lot of non tuition or non seasonal performance revenue.
  3. I think about 20 years ago there was some deal where Disney was going to take over as a primary sponsor of DCI, moving several DCI champs to Orlando, I think that Disney owning ESPN would have help get it on TV there. I was out of the US at the time so I did not follow closely at the time. I think one thing that many corps objected to was that DCI week would have been a permanent thing between Gay Days and Right to Life week in Orlando. ( actually this may have become the idea to stay in Indy for a while). I think the corps were not willing to give Disney control and I thought that was when the relationship with Disney soured and ESPN being part of Disney is not anxious to deal with DCI again. This is all second hand rumors I heard long after the events, But what is DCP without crazy and controversial rumors, (Maybe we could add something about GH to make this conversation more controversial).
  4. DCA may actually be better off than DCI in this. They don't need to get a college that won't let the football team have spring practice to open up for a corps to have spring training, Also most DCA corps don't need weekend housing. With their Labor day champs they could still put together show even if virus fears don't subside until July. The corps that have become more DCI like with housing and such might have a tougher time
  5. One other thing that could make cancellation of the season happen is that events scheduled for now may be postponed and rescheduled for dates during the tour. I know my theater group and my Audubon chapter have rescheduled events to times that I had planned on volunteering with a corps on the road. I have to make a choice which I will do now and the other events I am a commitee member and an important cog in making it happen, Drum Corps I am just a worker Bee. I can imagine some groups will try to have a prom mid summer before the kids all go off to college, maybe some postponed graduations. Also my experience is that a large portion of the volunteers with the long established corps tend to be older falling into the high risk catagory for Covid-19, While MMs are in good shape and at someone low risk of becoming critically Ill and may be able to spend a summer on a bus and sharing a gym floor these long serving volunteers might not be able to work on a tour while there is still any possiblity of the virus being there. It takes a hug volunteer effort to get a corps on the road. My Theater Company had to cancel its last 2 shows of the season plus the last week of our current productions. We had already brought in Actors for out next production, leased housing for them and they spent over a week rehearsing. Now we have to eat those costs and lose probably 300k in revenue that the shows would have made. If DCI waits for more camps to happen they could get to a point where it would be too late to cancel bus contracts, kids might not be able to refund their plane tickets , bulk food purchases nwould have to be disposed of. By cancelling earlier they could save a lot of money and a lot of stress on the MM and the staff.
  6. Well the news conference just said we could be under emergency measures until July, Which would mean no 2020 DCI season
  7. Once a week or so get out my grill and cook for 150 neighborhood kids, and remind them to drink lots of water. Just for kicks show up at a high school that I have never been to, in a random state at 6am and try to find where the bathroom is without waking up anyone sleeping inside, then try to find an ice machine that we are allowed to use,
  8. I think the corps spend most of their money on tour, so if it were cancelled before the tour began I would think most well established corps could weather it, no need to pay someone to write a new show for next year. Also they could just not hire staff for the summer.Where it would really hurt is the kids who have flown to some practices, given up summer job opportunities, and ser high expectations for eh summer. I don't know how many would go back and start again next winter if there is a possibility something like that (Virus) could happen again.
  9. DCI posted on their site that Carolina Gold would be evaluated in March.
  10. I am sure the kids will lineup to carry a marching timpani,
  11. I think their thinking is that they are approved by DCI for all age, so therefore they should not have to got through the entire application and evaluation process that is required for new corps attempting to join open class. However DCI has been burned by corps going on tour and finding out that their finances are not in order midway through the tour. I can't imagine DCI approving a corps for open class without a thorough financial review. Over the past 2 years at least 1 corps had to barrow money from the Blue Devils so that they could get home from finals. DCI does not want this to become a regular occurrence so they want to make sure everyone is in decent shape before they hit the road.
  12. They are not listed for DCI finals, or open class finals yet. They are still listed with DCA, and they are not listed with DCI open class corps yet. They signed up for the shows that they are listed in as an all age corps.
  13. I had a lot of conversations with some people in the upper echelons of DCI this summer. Most of it was about logistics for an open class corps however one thing that was mentioned was getting housing sites, and they said we might have a better shot finding housing for 100 than 150. Most facilities, a gym can do 150 and more stretches it, there are some big gyms, but the larger the corps the harder to find housing sites. Also food trailers built for a corps of 128 is stretched right now feeding 150. Going to 200 would require many corps to get new food trailers with more ovens and more freezer space. I never discussed increasing the size directly but if that were a thing I think they may have at least given me a clue.
  14. I would have to disagree with that. I would rather see the 12th place Open Calss Corps than the 5th place A class corps. Usually maybe the top 2 class A are equal to or better than #11 but the 3rd and forth generally don't match up. especially years when there were 14 and 15 open class corps. Sometimes a corps has 70ish people and would have been 2nd in class A but instead finished in 12th and could not go to finals.