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  1. Tonight several DCA Corps kick off their 2019 seasons (partly because of rain in PA last week, Tonight Atlanta CV, Southern Knights and the defending Class A Champions Carolina Gold will be competing at the DCI open class show in Millbrook AL. I think they get a DCI score which is good for self improvement but not directly relatable to a DCA Score Tomorrow, Sunday the 14th they will be at a DCI/DCA show in Wookstock GA where they will receive a DCA score. As someone who work helps out at Carolina Gold I am pretty excited about this years show. Last year was a rebuilding year and this year we actually have a clue about what we are doing . I hope the show on the field is good but however the scores turn out Gold has been a fun corps this year and the kids have improved greatly over the past 2 months. The lids are happy and I think it will show ias they present a fun and entertaining show
  2. CV did not do the MD parades, they will not be on flo until the DCI Southeastern champs on July 27. unless they filming something special for them.
  3. This is one time that I am really glad that my prediction was wrong, also looking forward to getting the DVD. I think we will have a great show this year, we already have the full show down and we are going to really good by Labor Day, and I can't wait to be able to get a high quality video to watch after we get home from Williamsport.
  4. I think with Flo, DCA overestimated the viewers that they would bring, even if the numbers were OK DCA had given some crazy estimate as to how many would watch a stream. DCA.s estimates of economic impact are crazy and while any money spent in a town helps it, when you say you will being 10 million and wind up with 20% of that it hurts your future prospects for getting a good deal whether town, venue or streaming service
  5. Have to chide Flo on this, Inland Empire was at the Rosel Bowl. Gold is in Opening class, they may have an overly aggressive autocorrect like my FB has.
  6. This is a prediction which I hope does not come true, This year there will be no video or live stream of DCA champs. I have heard nothing from box 5 or DCA regarding streams or vids.
  7. Huge improvement from last week, maybe they should start the tour a week later. I think a sloppy first showing hurts them for the rest of the season.
  8. I think the uniforms are a take on 40's and 50's Boy Scout Uniforms that a lot of corps wore back in those days. I just wish they didn't come out so sloppy on a show that isn't done at 100 MPH.
  9. That is something I cook a lot, though usually we use meatballs instead of chicken, and chicken is breasts cut into small pieces, diced, with lots of pepper and Italian seasoning baked on it. Then the pasta sauce we add lots of finely chopped peppers, onions and mushroom to the sauce. It is pretty good. Taco Bar was always good, I have done Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes which goes over big, A fresh fruit salad with apples oranges is bannannas is also popular. PB&J is always a good standby
  10. Based on how DCA is doing they are probably trying to find a smaller stadium that is willing to have them. I am not sure that DCA delivered on what they sold Williamsport on. This year there will be quite a few less hotel rooms, I think people may be waiting to see how attendance is to see what getting DCA is worth to a host city.
  11. I think Jurassic Park would be great to get them used to dealing with old Alumni, and so they could really understand what it was like " Back in the Day"
  12. When I retired from the Army I contacted a corps in April about volunteering over the summer. I was ready to go a month straight but had some doctor appointments and a few events I had to attend in July, The infamous Director of that corps told me that they only wanted to people who were loyal and could commit for the entire season. However in Mid June that same Corps was begging for people to come out and help for a week or two even offering plane tickets or gas money, I guess it would be idea to have the same crew all summer, but I know they lost me and probably a lot of others by trying to get a perfect volunteer,