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  1. Ditto. The Blue Devils, until recent years have been one of my favorite corps, but not anymore. I will say this about them. IN my opinion, the element BD has that most corps just don't seem to care to put into their shows is personality. BD has personality. Again, in my opinion, most corps lack "stage presence," charisma, personality. Call it what you wish. If other corps figure out that this is an important element they lack and hire the techs to show corps how to sell they shows to the audience and judges, I believe, the leaderboard will change. Wake up!
  2. I've been a fan of the Blue Devils for 20 years and I am still a BD fan. I've worked for the Blue Devils. But this year, in my opinion, they are being given far too much credit. It seems obvious to me that at this time, they are a fourth place corps and apparently, the DCI Judges are trading on the BD name and history when they should be putting Crown and Cadets ahead of them. Neither Crown or The Cadets are getting the credit they deserve and BD is being given too much. Dear DCI Judges: I've checked it out and believe it or not, it's not illegal to put Blue Devils in fourth place. The world will not come to an end. Blue Devils deserve all the success they've received up until this year. It is obvious to me that BD simply doesn't have a top three show this year. DCI Judges: please be honest and fair and stop letting corps name and history mark your judging sheets for you. It's just not right, in fact, it's a form of cheating. I'm just asking that you have integrity and be fair and honest to ALL corps. It sure doesn't seem at all like that is what is happening in the standings at this point. Do the right thing, DCI Judges. Do your job the way you're supposed to do your job: be impartial and fair to ALL
  3. LOL! Well I didn't think they were going to take arrangements right out of a book from JW Pepper.
  4. "I'm lovin' it." I predict Blue Devils will get the longest and loudest applause from the stands just by the fact that they're playing very accessible music. Thanks BD!!
  5. Thank you the posters that left positive comments about drum corps guards. I realize this is a forum and everyone has the right to their opinion, but by posting this thread, I just wanted to welcome the guards of drum corps back and express my appreciation to them. But for some reason, even a polite, kind thread of appreciation has to have someone to post negative comments about what I consider a very important part of our drum corps unit which is why I rarely bother to post. I realize you certainly didn't do it for me, but thank you anyway to everyone else who saw this thread as an opportunity to say something positive about drum corps.
  6. Welcome Back Guard!! I just wanted to offer a "welcome back" to all guard members as I believe most will be rejoining their corps this weekend at camp. Sometimes, I think "the guard" doesn't get enough credit for what they bring to a drum corps show. I myself wouldn't want to see a drum corps show without them. I enjoy watching their weapon precision, dancing, and both the masculine shows that corps like the Cavaliers and Scouts field and the often more feminine performances from corps like Glassmen, Blue Devils, SCV and others. In my opinion, guards are the "sugar and spice" of any drum corps show and a show would be pretty bland without them. Best of luck to all guards this summer. Thanks for adding the "color" to a drum corps show. I know there's a guard forum, but I ask that the mods keep it here.
  7. Of course, I don't know about your corps, but I've been with six corps and every one of them had a "Walmart Run" a day or two before the actual tour started for members to stock up on what they needed. While I'm not suggesting you wait until then to get everything you need, if you do forget a few things, your corps may very well do the Walmart thing just before the buses put on the first tour miles. I would just like to recap what others have suggested already and add a thing or two: *Socks, socks, socks, and more socks *Small piece of carpet for your bus seat floor (you will find that little things count big on tour) *Suction cup basket for bus window (you WILL use it) *Multi-socket outlet for charging phone, etc. (Multi so others can used it as well) *Mesh laundry bag *Camera *Some kind of sweater or warm pullover and sweat pants. Believe it or not, buses can get pretty **** cold at night *A small keychain flashlight for avoiding stepping on people sleeping on the bus floor when you use the rest areas at 3:30am *Plastic container for under your seat to put snacks in *Sun screen *Flip flops Many locker rooms are, well, frankly, DISGUSTING!! You WILL want flip flops *Hat/cap *Moist towelettes Few might suggest this, but I always felt refreshed when I could wipe the sweat off me as I got on the bus after show
  8. Not at all. I don't care where the corps is ranked, where they're from, or what their history is. If they entertain me, I don't care who likes them or who doesn't. I've been that way all my life. It's like The Beatles. I realize they were HUGE in the music scene and millions bought their music. But that didn't matter at all to me. The Beatles never did much for me at all. I thought they were average at best, regardless of how many people around the world liked them. I never figured out what aspect of the Beatles I was supposed to be so terribly impressed with. And don't try to convince me, because it won't happen. I think for myself. What I like is not dictated by others no matter how many "others" there are.
  9. For me, more "accessible music." Thanks Cavaliers for doing your part. I agree with Jay. Check out The Cadets in 2001 or 2002 performing Bugle Boy. They consistantly received the most applause at all non-finals week shows that year. I was there. This poll, imo, is lacking the most important reason.
  10. Thanks for the intelligent reply. In my opinion, The Cavaliers are highly entertaining and are getting it right! and entaining the crowd at the same time. Yes judges, it can be done Most definitely NOT overrated
  11. Greetings, I just thought it might be interesting to get everyone's opinion on what shows you think seem to be (iyo) both overrated and underrated by the judges. This is not meant to slam any corps, section, or individual. In my opinion, The Cadets and Crown seem a little overrated. I usually enjoy both Crown and Cadets, but this year, in my opinion, both shows are lacking in energy, general effect, wow factor, and overall appeal. I want to like them, but after seeing their shows several times, I walk away from the stadiums with the same dissatisfaction in the entertainment department. One show I believe is quite underrated is Boston Crusaders'. Ironically, Boston has not been among one of my favorite shows throughout the years, but this year, they seem to be, in my opinion, MUCH more entertaining than both Crown and Cadets. I realize judges look for "clean," but if I'm a GE judge, Boston gets my vote far beyond Crown or Cadet this year. I am REALLy enjoying the Cavies this year. I realize eeryone has their own opinion about what a great drum corps show is, but I appreciate the supercharged energy of the Cavalier. I have yet to see The Blue Devils, but are looking forward to them in Atlanta.
  12. 2007 Blue Devils even if it was for just the opener. 2002 Cadets even if it was just for Bugle Boy To me, those are two of the most entertaining moments in drum corps I've seen