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  1. Putting on my Program Coordinator hat for a moment: Chevron - considering the previous set pretty much telegraphs what's coming next, not working. Uniform changes - not working. Swaying in the middle of the field - not working. Prop integration - not working. Sounds like I'm down on the corps/show? No! I'm down on the design elements that (IMO) were not given enough thought/attention. Then again, I'm not being paid to come up with the design elements so, what do I know?
  2. #1 Agreed #2 Agreed (they would have been better off NOT using them at all, they added nothing to the storyline).
  3. Perhaps the real question is, who SHOULD change the ending of their show?
  4. I would like to agree, but the reality is, design wise, this show is not even really top 12. It and they have gotten better, but there are better designed shows certainly everyone above them and even a few below, have put more thought into the overall design. I'm not saying I like them, I'm saying that they are more in line with the direction of the activity than Regiment (Spirit, Colts, Academy).
  5. I've only seen this show on video. I just don't get it. I don't like the costumes, it is more than a 'little' weird.
  6. Perhaps one of these days we'll do a breakdown of how many scatter Vs actual drill moves are in a given corps show.
  7. Ummm, I'm going out on a limb here but, don't think this Joan is going to get 'torched'. At some point it will be revealed that the drum major IS Joan!
  8. This has been my contention for quite a few years. While other corps are advancing the activity (not that I like all of it), the Regiment has lagged behind in the innovation area. They are doing just enough (barely) to try and stay in the top 12. However, this show (design wise IMO) is a vast improvement over 2016-18. However, it still is not 'all in' the way the top corps are. It may be 'all in' for Regiment, but that is relative to past productions. Props, as much as I loath them, are a necessary evil. If you aren't going to effectively utilize them (which they aren't, IMO), then why have them at all? Perhaps that is something coming around the corner but, that corner is coming up fast! There are some visual design elements that bother me as well, such as when a large section of the brass line runs to a prop, hangs out there, then runs to another formation. WHY? Then there's the section where you have some of the members 'swaying' in the middle of the field. WHY? To me, these are big design flaws that need to be fixed. And don't get me started on the end of the show!
  9. I'm just not a fan I guess. How is anything they are doing portraying 'I Remember Everything'? Whereas, it is much easier to follow Subterra.
  10. Saw them in Pasadena, they should have beaten Blue Knights. Their show is tons better than BK (IMO). Not sure why they aren't getting the scores.
  11. I have a feeling that Mandarins will be looking more between 8 - 10 than 10-12. The show is just that much better than the 10-12 shows.