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  1. Unfortunately, the corps has a history of hiring or retaining people from within regardless of the potential impact. To be fair, they have also tried going outside with mixed results. However, an end of season survey of corps members might have shed some light on unknown issues that could have been taken into account prior to any hirings or appointments. Just my 2 cents!
  2. I have a couple ideas that won't be considered! Monet and Mozart. Or a show based on the drawings of DaVinci! Of course, I'm still waiting for anyone to play Alpine Symphony!
  3. IMO, while the visual design was lightyears ahead of recent history, it was still at least 5 years or more behind the times. And, I liked what they did this year, it just wasn't the visual program that meets the higher boxes.
  4. Oh, you can go further back and see that there would have been changes in placement WITHOUT the GE scores. Or, at least the scores would have been closer.
  5. Won't be permitted / allowed to happen. BD sets a new scoring record.
  6. If I were program coordinator for a day, this is what I would do for the ending, right after the Chevron build, pause for 2 counts, then move it forward at tempo 4 counts BEFORE splitting out at double tempo. Then, end in the off-center wedgie! If I were program coordinator!
  7. Here are my only two issues with the show. The 'moaning' track seems to be there just because. If you took it away, it wouldn't detract from the show, thus, it really doesn't add anything to the show. It seems like it's one of those, 'we better put something in to make us seem in step with the times' moments. Secondly, the 48-count booty shake in the second number. After 16 counts I was like, "enough already", yet it continued. THAT has to change. Add drill, add music, I don't care, just get past this as quickly as possible. Think anyone at PR is reading this? Probably not!
  8. That's because the visual program is way ahead of what they had been doing.
  9. How I wish. Sadly, the BEST they can do might be 9th. But that is a darn sight better than 12th (2019). The overall design will likely keep them out of the top 6 which would be (in no particular order) Boston, Devils, Crown, Coats, Vanguard, Cavaliers / Cadets. Which of those 6-7 do you see Regiment passing by DCI?
  10. Then I hope you can be okay with finishing 10th through 12th every year! Frankly, I'm a little tired of it!
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