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  1. Thanks everyone. What I am hoping to incorporate is, for example, sub-caption from say the three previous performances and then have the model attempt to predict the next score for each caption.
  2. Perhaps, but how do you write the formulas?
  3. I'm looking for software for a research project where I can enter data (sub-caption scores) over a period of time to determine if final scores & predictive outcomes are even close. While I understand there are many variables that play into a units performance on any given nigh, since I have nothing to do for two weeks, I figured I might as well try something! Any help would be appreciated.
  4. While touring may be out of the question, this does give the corps the opportunity to do local shows where the could bus out and back. Just a thought!
  5. In your opinion! Nothing I said was in support of the post no matter how you try to spin it. I was pointing out what I believe is the hypocrisy of those that were offended by it but failed to note that such blatant sexualization of members has been ongoing for some time.
  6. I never said I supported the request and I'm not okay with it, but to think that it hasn't been happening is wishful thinking. BD - Felliniesque comes to mind.
  7. The only thing funnier is, you people get all bent out of shape when the reality is, this has been happening for quite a few years now! Open your eyes!
  8. It would be nicer if anything that failed to pass could not be brought up again for 5 years!
  9. OMG! I have wanted them to do Alpine Symphony for, I don't know, two decades! Unfortunately, it would seem too much like what Blue Stars did last year.
  10. Dave: I have a few Regiment VHS that I would LOVE to convert to DVD. How are you able to assist? I'll gather the list & let you know what they are. JD
  11. Obviously I don't. In researching the IRS 990 forms available, their level of income has been fairly consistent. I just don't want them sitting in the stands Saturday night. MERRY CHRISTMAS! out!
  12. DB: Unless the individuals on staff have access to, lets just say, discounted resources, I'm not sure how they would magically now have the funds ensure adequate prop standards.