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  1. This is their 'attempt' at 'playing the game'. Unfortunately, prior attempts at doing so resulted in them not know what the 'game' was. We shall see!
  2. Save yourself some time and $$$. San Antonio has everyone you'd see if you went to all 4 shows in one show. Then you can spend some time taking in the culture of the town/state.
  3. But, they are in the Philippines. Pretty sure nothing here applies there.
  4. Has anyone actually seen the entire repertoire? It isn't posted anywhere that I can find. FOEG, at this point, is just a rumor.
  5. Regiment 2014 would have been better off titled 'The Swan' than Swan Lake. Again, Swan Lake had preconceived notions and possibly comparison issues.
  6. Completely agree which is why I was hoping for something more along the line of an 'original thought'. However, one could say that Voice of Promise, Phantasm, and This New World were all 'original', they were just bad original ideas. Joan may have some preconceived notions that, if not lived up to, could be an even bigger failure than the three noted above. Again, not a member issue.
  7. The point is, IMO, it points to a lack of original ideas/thoughts.
  8. Les Mis Cadets - 1989, SCV - 2013 Bartok Star of Indiana - 1993, Cadets - 2013 Joan of Arc Pioneer - 2016, Regiment - 2019 I think you get my point here. It is the lack of original thought / programming that concerns me. I sure hope it will be different from Pioneer, but recent history suggests that it might not be all that good.
  9. What we do know is, Pioneer did it already. This is just another example of Regiment design staff not having an original thought.
  10. 1. BD - Why? Because they didn't win last year and are ######! 2. SCV - Why" Because they won last year and BD is ######! 3. Boston - Why? Because they easily had a better show than at least 2 of the corps that finished ahead of them. 4. Bluecoats - Why? Because they have a better percussion line than.... 5. Crown - Why? Because last year they were lucky to finish where they did. 6. Cadets - Why? Because they're on the rebound. 7. Cavaliers - Why? Because I just didn't care for the last 3rd of their show. 8. Blue Stars - Why? Because this is just where they are. 9. Mandarins - Why? Because slow and steady wins the race. 10. Academy - Why? Because design and execution come together again. 11. Spirit - Why? Because they probably should have been in last year. 12. Troopers - Why? Because someone has to finish 12th. 13. Madison - Why? Because they are stuck in the past. 14. Regiment - Why? See above. 15. Colts. Why? Because they won't let Madison or Regiment fall that far.
  11. There are so many good themes to be designed and the last 3 for the Regiment have been disappointing and I'm not sure 2019 will be any better. Hope I'm wrong, think I'm not. Then again, they don't consult me any longer.
  12. The talent issue with the Regiment (IMO) is not with the members. (I think you know where I'm going with this.) They can only perform what they are given. What's the saying, 'you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig.' The overall design was NOT top 12 material (again IMO). There were several better designed shows between 13 -15. It could be suggested that 'reputation' kept them (barely) in the top 12. I know I'm burning bridges here, and will probably never be welcomed back in Rockford, but I don't care. It is wholly unacceptable for the organization to be in this position. That they can't seem to keep, attract, or develop top level design talent is distressing to me.
  13. Let's say Regiment had the best talent of anyone out there last year and still put out last years production. Do you really think that would even have finished in the top 6? I don't! Whomever is coming up with the concept and design of these shows (I won't even go down the musical arrangements road because we know who is doing those) is doing a disservice to the corps, the members, alumni, and the activity. I said it before and I'll say it again, they are turning into the Pioneer of the (for now) top 12. They don't do anything that offends you, but nothing all that memorable either.