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  1. To be honest, the REAL low bass sound (not enhanced) has been missing ever since the move to Bb. I don't know if it's a byproduct of the move or arrangers simply don't arrange in a way that produces the low bass sound.
  2. How could you not include the ever so successful merger of the Sharpsburg Cadets and the Sharpsville Blue Sabers in 1975? 😁
  3. Well, when 90 to 95% of your corps has to fly in for camp, that's probably a good idea. I got stuck in a snowbank on the way back from camp in 78. But, the camp went on!
  4. So, to all the corps that have gone Bluecoats (not announcing until the season starts). Do you really think this silly game has any impact on your show? It doesn't, in fact, the majority of the time these announcements only serve to have people go, 'wha'? THAT'S IT! That's why you don't do it because you know how people are likely to react, and it generally isn't favorable!
  5. I actually have a recording of BOTH performance. The gun went off towards the end of Journey to the Center of the Earth.
  6. Watched some of Unholy. Do not be surprised if the Madison production is a fairly close rip-off of the video, including singing and hoochiness.
  7. I was hoping to actually see more DCI / DCA corps together. Only the Reading show seems to have that option.
  8. Obviously they would have to re-work transportation agreements. If something isn't done to curb this expense, either more corps will go SCV 2023, or tour fees would have to increase substantially. Yes, non-local membership has increased the cost of the activity dramatically. This just means that drastic measures need to be taken to remain viable. If you can only travel 3 hours from home, that's what you do. The bottom line is, we can't continue the current trend of ever-increasing expenses and hope the money is there to pay for it.
  9. Obviously, one of the biggest expenses is transportation and housing. It may be time to consider scheduling shows that allow the corps to return to home base for a day or two before heading out to the next show. This would mean more regional shows and more than likely, no one would be going across county to compete in CA (which hasn't really happened in a while).
  10. Why did I think you marched there?
  11. If anyone has the preliminary and final scores for Class A, it would be appreciated.
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