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  1. For sure, there is sufficient blame to go around, including DCI. However, I think most of it has to lie with corps management. Someone mentioned living beyond the budget. Heck, that even happened in the, then know as, Class B corps! No matter how noble the idea, to sacrifice the future of the corps for a 'now' moment, is irresponsible. I know for a fact management of the Class B corps I marched in took out a $10,000 - $15,000 loan secured by the corps equipment. As you might have guessed, that loan was never repaid, and the corps folded at the end of the season never to return. Focus on the fi
  2. What is a little frustrating is, we haven't heard anything from DCI on what they are doing to try and have a 2021 season. Reaching out to potential show sponsors, providing guidance on how to host a show in the current environment, etc. The silence is deafening. To me this means DCI has no clue. Guess that's nothing new.
  3. Marquis Squires Pacific Crest (so far) Probably should have last year!
  4. Someone touched briefly on this elsewhere, but I'm more interested in the why (large turnover, etc)? If this has already been addressed, I apologize. 1975 - 7th 1976 - 28th 1977 - 11th 1978 - 12th 1979 - 32nd Thanks!
  5. Personally, if there had been no over age issue, I'm pretty sure they would have finished no lower than 3rd, possibly even 2nd. It seems their marching miraculously went from 20.20 in prelim to 17.85 in finals. The other captions were still fairly close, within 1/2 a point of their preliminary scores. Everyone's M&M score dropped in finals and except for 27th (-.65), the average M&M drop for the other eastern corps (Bmen, Cadets, Crossmen) was 2.88!
  6. Before I started this post, i did a search to see if I could find anything, NADA! They had a great 1974 season and then appear to have just vanished. Can anyone provide information what happened?
  7. Probably, but it would be interesting to hear if there were other reasons!
  8. I guess the question to ask is, why did he leave Blue Stars after such a successful season? The next year, without him, they finished 9th. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. So, you spoke with corps members who told you this? That's interesting! Not sure why they would have information that the rest of the corps did not. Not necessarily disputing your claim, just trying to understand how it was made known to those members and not the rest. Guess I could reach out to them, but that was a while ago! I also don't dispute that it was Regiment that may have made the claim. Not sure how anyone there would have known? That information had to come from somewhere. However, I do dispute your 'hater' claim. If a corps was marching ineligible members regardless of the u
  10. I never saw them live, but seeing this performance on TV and listening to them on the RECORD, convinced me that I wanted to march in that brass line!
  11. I know this is a stretch but, given how good we know the Muchachos were and the 'possibility' that the Kingsmen could be even close to their 1974 level, it is likely the Regiment would have finished in 12th. It's all conjecture now but, that 75 Regiment show was AWESOME (IMO). Sure, they could have used a little more help percussion wise but, that brass line was great!