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  1. hey was doing a u tube search for dci 2007 and came accross this. the performances are done indoor with no lines. and staging is more front to back then long ways. The reason i posted is the performances are quite good and worth checking out. Also to make a point, if DCI is truely international, why aren't these corps getting exposure? There is more to Drum Corps then then North America and Europe.
  2. i'm not going to mention the corps as this person is no longer envolved. but we were practicing in downtown philadelphia, we of course had been given the speech about representing the corps well. then came the last practice run through before that evenings show. then at the end over the loud speaker we get the recap from the program coordinator. Brass needs to watch this and that, same for percussion, and finally GUARD!!!!! for tonight do you think you might be able to hold on to the f%$king equipment!!!!! Guard can you hold on to the f#@king equipment became my favorite staff quote of the
  3. guys the last kid out made a mistake, maybe didn't relize they were the last person out. nothing happened, after all we have all forgot to lock the door. The host for the kids ask them to be more careful and i'm sure they will. Can we now drop the kids nodays are so irresponsible act and deciding how we should have punished them? Oh, and good God, how is the corps responsible for the door being open? a mistake was made and corrected guys, get a grip and move on. this was already corrected and should have never been kept alive by making a discussion of it. this is just going to discourage
  4. Why is that such a surprise, bluecoats have been known for their brass sections for years. until the recent surge in percussion, bluecoats brass is what gave them their name and respect in the DCI organization
  5. dude, come on. lets be realistic, the bluecoats cant even break top 10, let alone top 3. they should just go back to the minors. hmmmmm, interesting karl. have you missed the past 20 years of your life??????? 1987 11th 1988 11th 1989 8th 1990 8th 1991 11th 1992 11th 1993 9th 1994 9th 1995 7th 1996 7th 1997 11th 1998 10th 1999 13th 2000 12th 2001 8th 2002 7th 2003 7th 2004 6th 2005 5th 2006 4th lets do the math shall we? cracked top ten 13 times and 11-13 7 times only a non finalist once in the past 20 years.
  6. i think it is going to be a year of shake ups. 1. Phantom Regiment 2. cavaliers 3. bluecoats 4. blue devils 5. santa clara 6. crown 7. cadets 8. blue knights 9. glassmen 10. blue stars 11. colts 12. spirit 13. boston 14. madison 15. crossmen 16. troopers 17. academy 18 manderines 19. southwind 20. cascades 21. crest 22. pioneer I know some of my predictions look odd, but its just for fun anyway.
  7. don't forget about how entacted the bluecoats staff still is, these people have been together for some time and have made a lot of strides.
  8. Ok Things to consider, West coast scores are most always inflated early. Bluecoats are now taking captions from Cavies and have beaten phantom. Madison has yet to break 70 being the headliner in the shows they have competed in, Cadets are unaccounted for, and Crown is always a Dark horse. So hear goes, if everyone competed against eachother tommorow. 1. Cavaliers 2. Blue Devils 3. Cadets 4. Bluecoats 5. Phantom 6. Crown 7. Glassmen 8. Santa Clara 9 Madison 10. Blue Knights 11. Colts 12. Boston I could be completely wrong, but its fun to try.
  9. Bluecoats are now taking captions from cavaliers and beat Phantom tonight. Congrats to Madison on their improved score tonight, but what does this mean for Madison? They haven't broke 70 yet and they have been the headliner in both shows. Even Santa Clara is over 70 at this point. What will happen when Madison sees Cavies, Phantom, Bluecoats, Blue Devils and Santa Clara not to mention Crown isn't even out yet.
  10. Way to go Blue Question? What does this mean for Madison at this point? They haven't broke 70 yet and they have been the headliner of the shows they have competed in.
  11. the shows are much more demanding musically and visually now then they were in the past, also the corps are not getting their color guard members during spring and winter due to WGI. When the corps only rehearse about one weekend a month until move in it is unreallistic to have a total package on the feild the first shows of june with the quality that we expect from division 1. If you don't want to see an incomplete book, go to later shows but don't boo, that is just rude.
  12. okay, i'll play for fun 1. Phantom Regiment 2. Cavaliers 3. Cadets 4. Bluecoats 5. Blue Devils 6. Carolina Crown 7. Madison Scouts 8. Santa Clara Vanguard 9. Blue Knights 10. Glassmen 11. Colts 12. Spirit of JSU
  13. most improvement is hard to define,especially at the top when you only have so far to go. But based on improvement or score will be madison, bluecoats, and crown. I think Colts might make it to the big dance this year. By the way, Just because Bluecoats almost beat Blue Devils last year has nothing to do with BD having a down year because they didn't. The top three were just a little bit better this year, that dosen't mean blue devils were down, they were as good as always. So now let's give coats the credit they deserve and admit they had an exceptional year.
  14. first off, I am a Bluecoat allumni and I can garentee how much time goes into proper care off uniforms and equipment. Even if you did see a scuff on a shoe, do you think there is a judge sitting up in the press box with a pair of binoculars looking at everyone's feet saying "hey, lower that visual score! The third mellophone from the right has a scuff on her left shoe!" This is the most utterly ridiculas thing I have heard in a long time. Now let's talk about behavior on and off the field. I have always found the bluecoats to be a class act both in performance and in warm up. As I underst
  15. is it just me or was 2005 the most eclyptic (excuss the spelling it's late) in years. Every corps was truely unique in programing and each corps had a distintive sound. 1. Cadets brought us a very surreal program 2. Cavaliers not only had baseball motiffs but brought us a classic hyme and jazz 3. Phantom brought us fresh new arrangements of Gershwin 4. Blue Devils brought us different dance styles as well as a jam session at the end of the show 5. Bluecoats took us to the middle east 6. Scouts reworked a classic opera and through in some bernstein 7. Crown had religious overton
  16. I think the reason we went to a guard judge and a percussion judge was simply to match the video options.
  17. Aspects of Agriculture I. Home on the range II. Green acres III. Where are you tonight ( from hee haw) IV. Country Roads just kidding......... Couldn't think of any.
  18. I am a corps allumni, a music education major and a high school band director, so based off the above quote I fall under experienced veteran I guess i'm entitled to an opinion. The thing I love most about drum corps planet is all the opinions whether I agree or not. As a teacher and designer I appreciate the fresh views from those who don't fall into those catagories, it gives a good gadge as to what people respond to or what they don't. However, remember drum corps shows are works of art and EVERYONE has the right to form and express an opinion. One thing we all have in comman is our lov
  19. Sometimes rivalries are one sided, I remember being a Bluecoat in 1990 and Glassmen always shooting for us, but we had no anamosity towards them. At that time, they were a fresh young corps (despite being around for a while) they were starting the evolution into the world class organization they are now. Prior to 1990, the glassmen organization seemed to be much more about entertainment and in the 90's started merging entertainment with visual and musical creativity and becoming a truly competitive organization. Just reading this thread brings one question to mind. Did Boston like anybod
  20. i think ESPN gave us a whole new venue of exposure and I hope they continue. However, as far as recruitment, I think it like made a marginal difference at best. If a kid wants to march corps. they would have been familier with the activity already and would have marched anyway. Now, as the activity gets more exposure in the future, then we may so a considerable difference.
  21. So What...... Even if corps do duplicate titles and concepts, the drill, music, and guard work is completely different from show to show. Who really cares if a marching band did it first. Of all the nations marching bands, don't you think things get recycled every year. It really doesn't matter. It's not like the corps are buying the drill, music, and equipment from that high school and doing it exactly the same.
  22. I think the days of bitter rivalys are over. Everyone is so focused into improving their own show. However the rivalry is going to be with the corps scoring closest to you. and on this particular upcoming year, just because of the 5th place finish, everyone is going to be shooting for bluecoats because they have to get through them to get to the top. However, when a season has completed, most all corps members have respect for other corps performances. however, a classic rivilary that hasn't been mentioned yet is Crossmen/Bluecoats 1990.
  23. 1995 Crossmen, the school for scandel show. Was is 18 or 24 mellophones?
  24. 1995 Crossmen, the school for scandel show. Was is 18 or 24 mellophones?
  25. I don't know if it was the loudest, but Bluecoats 1990 was up there.