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  1. Can you imagine if she saw the Stryke show with the plane??
  2. Yeah....God FORBID someone discovers and promotes the activity.
  3. The money part is fairly recent...her 2014 Bluecoats reaction was the first one (which I paid for)...and not all of them are paid ones. She had a ton of vids before '14 Bloo that were just from suggestions in the comments sections. She has 62K subscriber and 503 vids at this time. Her most popular DCI vid is the 2017 BD one, #41 on her list if ordered by # of views. Most of the corps vids are low view counts, relative to the sports or military ones. She's not making tons of money off her channel, if she's even monetized it....she views needed to live off it aren't there,,,,she i
  4. I forgot to tell the story I referenced earlier about my own direct contribution to the BD show design. It was my first day in the area. I moved up in January, and Mike Moxley picked me up at the airport and put me up at his place that night. That evening was the first staff meeting to talk drill -- at Mike's place. I was told i could sit in and watch, but not to get involved (understandable, since i was SUCH a rookie). So they're going over the opener, Bacchinalia, and discussing the first halt in the show (right before what ended up being my camera pass). Remember tha
  5. You two are making me very glad I went Air Force!
  6. The dress bit was tame....the hot sauce crossed a line.....and NOT the equator.
  7. We had the snuggie in BD....the act or forcefully removing the victim's shorts the wrong way. I think I still hold the record with three. I never thought of it as true hazing, tho...I got 2 of them after doing something stupid (interrupting Mike Moxley during an after-show talk, and one other incident I've forgotten), plus one during a camp on my birthday....like IMMEDIATELY after midnight. Happy 20th...now you can sing soprano as well as play it!
  8. Huh....hadn't looked at the staff listing in a while. Both brothers are involved. Marched with both of them in 84. Dave was snarelinem Shawn was pit (in the 85 yearbook, he has a HUGE pic of him...during La Fiesta, I think)
  9. And a certain former parking lot lizard has a flashback to Tim decking him.