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  1. Man....Gibbs is never gonna be able to retire....
  2. It doesn't get a lot of love, but 1985 Freelancers Michael Colombier show was actually pretty good musically.
  3. Well....yeah. But also by treating the members right. We were told "you act like professionals, you get treated like professionals." And that was lived up to.
  4. As i said in the Reddit thread...what a bunch of ####### morons. This is NOT the culture at BD, even from us old alums.
  5. Given the nature of the elephant that WILL be in the room....I don't envy him. It could go south fast.
  6. Dude....something from WSS story was done by someone EVERY YEAR since the Rita Morena movie came out for decades.
  7. Nope....read the website and scroll down to the part that says in large letters "Thanks to all our friends for a long run." They're gone.
  8. Don't....that way lies madness.
  9. https://tenor.com/view/harry-potter-dont-speak-his-name-gif-12688511
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