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  1. Interesting that ALL the musicians have the capes for the 1st 4 minutes...including the drumline. That HAS to be a bear to do proper sticking and mallet transitions with. Crossmen in 1981 had similar cloaks, but only in the brass.
  2. Heh...I used to love it when someone would tell me fencing was easy and took no skill....then they hit the strip against me in sabre and I showed them just how wrong they were!
  3. Correction....the ONLY time BD finished 5th. The only placements BD has ever had are 23, 9, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1
  4. So...in theory...a completely new group of people -- let's say, just for argument's sake, a bunch of Suncoast Sound alums -- could start a corps in Garfield, PA (east of Pittsburgh) and call themselves the Garfield Cadets?
  5. A Chapter 11 BK is a reorganization. I believe they filed Chapter 7....liquidation.
  6. Yep...the echo chamber that was the venue was bad even on audio. Fortunately for SCV, the tear was after the gun, so no negative score impact
  7. It wasn't just the tic that changed....it was also judged timing. Starting in 1984, shows were judged in their entirety....no more saving the riskiest stuff for after the 11:30 mark. No more dropping a rifle and not having it affect the score (80 BD). No more ensemble tear of the gods not affecting the score (82 SCV) Now judging from beginning to end. This also led to the end of every corps repeating large chunks of the prior year (much easier to clean when you already knew it)...83 BD was 3/5th of the 82 show....and the repeated charts were in the same places. 84 was the first year BD did not repeat at least one chart from the prior year (not counting the NY Fantasy tag ending). By 88 -- I think -- you rarely saw corps repeating charts in successive years as a matter of course.
  8. Co-designed with music producer Jame Mason...OUR James Mason?? Star's director??
  9. Came up on Facebook...was the Scottish snare in Musica Bohemia on a kevlar or mylar head? I believe pipe bands used kevlars before DCI did, but am not sure about 84 SCV,
  10. *sigh* As has been said NUMEROUS TIMES over the YEARS this has been going on, they are NOT all full timers. They drift in and out a the season progresses. You might see 2 plate techs if their schedules overlap, but for the most part they are NOT all there at the same time.
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