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  1. I've always thought Smith's "Gala XXV" would work. Or "Variations on a Theme of Robert Schuman" by Robert Jager
  2. He's not trolling....probably off his meds again.
  3. I've learned to basically ignore what he says at this point.
  4. #### right, Ray Mar should be in there! in all their Div III years when Ray was the director, I never saw any other corps fluctuate in size so much from year to year and still maintain the quality the way Mandarins did.
  5. 84BDsop

    Blue Devils 2019

    You forgot "Fools! I'll show them! I'll show them all!"
  6. 84BDsop

    Blue Devils 2019

    Oh, bull####. 2016 Academy would like a word. Further, so would 2018 SCV. Go to YouTube and put "black dyke band metropolis 1927" into the search bar. Click on the vid posted by Grammercy Music from 3 years ago....tell me SCV butchered the arrangement, when, in fact, they were VERY faithful to the original. Go ahead....I'll wait. Sing a new ####### tune already.
  7. Which VK did in 84....WITH the click of the skip.
  8. I SOOOO wanna see video of that!!!
  9. Yes....the West Side Story show. The "company back" was to "Gee, Officer Krupke."
  10. 84BDsop

    Has Wayne Downey retired?

    Possible...I may have it mixed up.
  11. 84BDsop

    Has Wayne Downey retired?

    Shawn Glyde (84 aux perc) has been doing a large chunk of the writing in recent years.
  12. 84BDsop

    Has Wayne Downey retired?

    I think he;s entitled if he has.
  13. It was awesome....the energy was off the charts!
  14. Nah... "Drum major so- and-so...is your corps ready?" "Where, where are you tonight? Why did you leave me here all alone? I've searched the world over and I thought I found true love. You met another and (*raspberry*) you were gone!"
  15. Reminds me of people freaking out at the sport of fencing being introduced to middle or high schools. They're stabbing/slashing each other with a 3 foot length of steel...DANGEROUS!! Actually...the sport is far FAR safer than football if proper gear is worn and you don't do something stupid. I fence and instruct sabre -- the most aggressive of the three weapons -- and frankly, I've taken more injuries in 2 decades of armory than in 2 decades of fencing.