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  1. Me at 2004 DCA prelims with SoCal Dream and somehow surviving Gulf Coast Sound's podium....scariest thing I'd ever been on. 03 or 04 (forget which year) and Renegades with "Niner-Two"...forget her name (everyone called her "Trinity" because her uni looked like that of the character fro "The Matrix") and differing rhythm patterns on EACH HAND. Freaked me out whenever i saw her do it! 2016 Academy...just for being SUCH a showman and a #### fine conductor!
  2. One of the rare times DCI has actually put it's foot down. USA Fencing HAS banned a number of people -- mostly for sexual issues -- https://www.usafencing.org/ineligible-suspended-list DCI needs to stop protecting it's own when they cross the line.
  3. Sadly, we have this issue in fencing as well.
  4. Happy to report that the campaign has surpassed the target amount!
  5. Wow....looked like I've been banned from the drum corps subreddit....for posting this fundraiser. Seriously? I've never posted anything there that garnered even a warning, and I get banned over a fundraiser for Tom Float's WIDOW? Who's moderating over there...Catherine Burr?? I regret nothing.
  6. Don't know if this is allowed here....don't care. https://gofund.me/2850dcc4
  7. You guys are missing the obvious chart...."Catching the Sun" by Spyro Gyra (VK 85 closer).
  8. It was also about test-driving venues for 07 championships. I loved that DCI was being held a 20 minute drive from home...but I feel that Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego (ALWAYS The Murph....none of this Qualcomm #### for a native San Diegan. RIP Murph) would've been a better venue than the Rose Bowl.
  9. Paradox was 82-83. 86 wasn't a separate feature, but part of Channel One Suite. All were arranged by Tom (although the 86 feature was heavily influenced by the 76 version, which predated him)
  10. His wife, Catherine, just posted in Facebook that Tom has passed. Had no idea he was ill. No other details at this time.
  11. BDC is smaller and has ALWAYS been a regional-only corps. The only reason they went to DCI in 07 was because it was in Pasdena. As for BDB...remember that they started in 1977, didn't go to DCI until 1991, and even that was an every other year thing. They didn't start going every year until 2006. SCVC very similar, starting in 1982, every other year to DCI starting in 1991,every year stafting in 2011.
  12. To be fair....EVERYONE was trying something new in 85!
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