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  1. 84BDsop

    “Failure to Protect”

    It was not a drama queen reaction....you #####ed about straps on the drum in the pic and used the "someone got cut" line. Both that reaction and Garfield's trivialize the nature of the article. The unfriend button's right over there, Brian...feel free to use it.
  2. 84BDsop

    Corps as Movies

    Academy...The Harry Potter series. Old VK....torn between Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, and Young Frankenstein.
  3. Mein Führer...I can march!!
  4. So....the tacky Hawaiian shirt block????
  5. 84BDsop

    Help me out here!

    72 Kmen, 76 Bridgemen, 83 Garfield, 85 Suncoast, 93 Star, 14 Bloo??
  6. Wasn't it 1987 when Jerome Kimbrough (sp? RIP) won with Cadets and then went to Bush right after DCI fnials?
  7. Were YOU trying to breastfeed her?
  8. Having gone through "the only one year to put it together" with the 50th BD one, I agree. It was fun, but I have to rate it at the bottom of ALL the alum corps of it's type. 27th set the standard....BD unfortunately did not live up to it. Maybe for the 75th.... but it depends on whio's in charge...Gibbs wasn't really enthusiastic about it, and it showed.
  9. An SCV alum, actually....marched against him.
  10. And they absolutely MUST have people yelling "WHATTA MANUVAH!"
  11. As the Brain said to Pinky "if I could reach you, i would hurt you."