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  1. Suncoast's strength was always the brass...and Rob Smith's charts. The 83 opener....yikes!!
  2. The original "Wall" was in the 1984 show...and that was the same year Suncoast played the ballad, "Requiem," while actually standing ON TOP of the actual memorial in DC. Here's a reddit thread on it. Pic's at the top (My comment as Purple Fencer)
  3. So that means we can get Courtney Coulston and Adam Tan over for Finals week, yes???
  4. I got 2 PPPs. One was already forgiven, but the 2nd I haven't heard on re applying for said forgiveness. My amounts were less than $2000 each, tho.
  5. You, Madam, are an absolute legend! Thank you for your 88 performance....it was wonderful, as was the show itself.
  6. 84 was a good year all around music-wise. And btw....the Wipeout did not cost Garfield the show that night...since the M&M judges missed it (remember, they got a perfect ensemble vizh subcap score)...SCV legit won the show.
  7. The part we're ALL looking for is at 13:29...and you can JUST hear the crowd response.
  8. Michael Boo sighting at 5:26. Nice that they reproduced the reentry drill from 1980 for "Softly," including the pause from 1982 during the stepover.
  9. I could make it worse and cast you as the Japanese at the MUCH more recent Battle off Samar in 1944....same date in October as Agincourt, and another battle where the victor had no business getting into a fight.
  10. Then should we hire Brian Blessed to treat you with "Scorn and defiance, slight regard, contempt, And any thing that may not misbecome The mighty sender, doth he prize you at. Thus says my king." ??
  11. BD does not have a HOF that I know of.
  12. https://www.dci.org/news/two-to-be-inducted-into-dci-hall-of-fame-class-of-2021 It's a #### shame that Boo didn't live to see this.
  13. And the old. 2003 SoCal Dream....our first marching show. Staff early on wanted is to do a jazz run....they were immediately and firmly told en masse that the answer was no.