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  1. Only up to Whitewater. We were VERY glad that SCV took that show over Garfield if we didn't take it...but it also lit a large fire under our butts, which was a large factor in us coming on stronger in the last couple of weeks.
  2. Hadda feel for the dozen or more SCVers who moved to BD after 83...they STILL never won the PP show! We were on a mission after Whitewater...we were REALLY tired of losing....#### near pulled it out.
  3. Not gonna go through 11 pages...but did anyone mention 84 BD? Asking for 127 friends.
  4. 84BDsop

    Music corps should NOT do

    Pussyeiggle Stomp by Don Ellis.....fun chart, but the title would never fly.
  5. 84BDsop

    Music corps should NOT do

    Just for fun... Starting around 6:45 Also... a bit of a Blast! tribute near the end. https://www.vidoevo.com/video/cGRLVFhfcWuRpQnVEMHc/ambassadors-of-harmony-man-of-la-mancha
  6. 84BDsop

    Music corps should NOT do

    Not so sure about barbershop...might work for a small corps with limited brass numbers, since you can cover all the parts. And besides...how about this? Btw....drum corps connection. One of the members played tenors or BD in 1980...you'll definitely see a corps influence at 3:11
  7. If you called either of those 2 by their nickname to their face, tho, you'd be sleeping with the fishes fast.
  8. Sounds like a Mafia crew...
  9. 84 BD Spaz (me, actually), Stymie, Pocomo, Zoomie, Suds, Peaches, Smirt, Bubbles (he hated that one!), Hackmaster, Manson. 86 Dagenham Crusaders Token Yank (me again) 87 Empire Crash 03=06 SoCal Dream Shrek
  10. Heh...I know Strange Dan (Dan Holm). He was a clubmate at my fencing club for years. He stopped a while back, tho. I always had a hard time with him...I hate fencing lefties in foil.
  11. 84BDsop

    Music corps should NOT do

    Y'know...the longer this thread goes on, the more this really SHOULD be a corps' program...
  12. 84BDsop

    Music corps should NOT do

    2016 Academy and 2018 BAC would like a word with you.
  13. 84BDsop

    Music corps should NOT do

    1712 Overture would seem to work well. The source music is so well known, the jokes might translate easily. Here's what I sent Ryan Turner about it years ago: Hokay...here’s my PDQ Bach show...keep in mind this has been in my head for a number of years and may not fit when you’ve done with the HS band. There are probably musical references in the work that I don’t recognize that could influence gags other than the ones I list here. Particularly those you could aim at other corps if a corps ever does the piece. Opening music...the opening strains of...NOT 1712, but "A Bach Portrait." Visually, think of the opening of 87 Garfield, with all the ballet movements...same thoughts here...and on the opening hit, the corps poses in 1st position, just like Garfield. If you’ve never heard the work, think – like most of PDQ’s stuff – "Lincoln Portrait" on crack... (Time check: 0:00 to 2:13....Obviously this is WAY too long of an intro and would have to be cut down, but it gives the idea...the only problem is, the opening of 1712 is also a bit slow...may drag it down...but the Yankee Doodle quote needs to be there to foreshadow the piece) Next, onto 1712...this is pretty much straight through...starting with the Yankee Doodle quote. There should be a partition of some sort people can hide behind to make some of the gags more effective. Opening..play it straight...I’ll have to just list the gags and hope it makes sense when you get the time checks. At 1:47 is a western-type theme that I’m not recognizing...could be fodder for a gag. One reviewed said there was a “Day Tripper” quote, but I’m not hearing it....the most persistent musical quotes are “Pop Goes the Weasel” and “Yankee Doodle” Approaching the Pop Goes the Weasel quote, we start throwing in Napoleonic references....the hand in the shirt, that sort of thing, since it kinda sounds like the French natl anthem. (3:22) 1st soft 1812 reference...(4:44) replicate what Regiment did on the field in drill at the same place in 1812. Now here are a lot of sound references in the source music that can be used for gags...there’s a cuckoo clock sound, then a series of duck calls, in addition to other bird calls. On the duck calls, we see a duck flying back and forth on each call between the partitions. The last call sounds like it got shot, so on the last call in this part of the show, a hunter stands up from a duck blind, calls “PULL” and fakes shooting the duck out of the sky (5:15) (it can have a piece of fishing line attached to it so someone can jerk it down) The next musical section is where PDQ’s testing the organ...(5:30) it starts out with a restatement of one of the themes...goes into some arpeggios and scales, and suddenly hits a blues/early rock riff. (6:50) The gag....during the lead-in to the pipe organ section, a cart is wheeled out with a fake pipe organ and a guy playing on it...the brass can be piling up behind him, either in a large group or small ensemble. When it gets to the blues section he can throw on some shades for a quick Ray Charles gag. At the end of this, we go back to a faster 1812 quote (7:07), leading into that one section where the rhythm and intervals keep repeating (after the first series of cannon shots in the original....done on a popped balloon here), but each repeat going down a half step or so...the descending line from Hell.(8:15) The cannon shots here can be done by a slapstick or a single snare rimshot. During the long descending line the drums don’t do anything musically....so start with them backing up...notice that the winds are going on and on and on, look around, and huddle up...the snares start playing cards on their drums ...the basses read a magazine (if it was Dream doing it I’d say a fake Playboy)...a bar wench brings drinks to the tenors and leaves her number with one guy, who starts following her, only to be restrained because we’re coming up on the end of the section and about to enter the big slow push where Yankee Doodle is restated.(8:52) This is company front, Regiment style. At one point there is a cable car sound (9:06)...have a cable car set drive by through the gap between the partitions... Next section has the spot where one note repeats for awhile...but in the PDQ it REALLY repeats, (9:28) then stops and the orchestra takes a HUGE inhalation of breath (obvious gag here). Leads into a traditional company front...no gags, just straight forward loud! This leads into the “we march with Phantom ‘cause we like 4th place” quote...and the cannon shots. (9:53) For the cannon gag, get a line of big balloons and have a guy in the pit pop then with a long pin where the cannon shots are...but have him play it up like he’s saving the day...big motions, over-acting, etc. When this sequence ends, there’s an accelerando that leads into another front...(10:26) and the band/corps only takes 2 steps forward....but those steps are in the style of the front in 87 VK when the banana got peeled...the facing to the side and high stepping one. (The high steps themselves timed to the glissando in the music). Last move or so...fast and expanding...tymp’s slamming away...and that organ cart is coming out again, this time covered up. (11:01) On the rimshot where the music stops the covering is whipped away...revealing the Phantom of the Opera faking playing the last organ lick (small low brass ensemble behind him). Last loud chord and the end of the show.
  14. 84BDsop

    Cadets 1984

    What was Klesch doing in 84? Brass staff? 83 was his ageout, I think. Of course, We had Downey, Float, etc....power players all over the place.
  15. 84BDsop

    Cadets 1984

    Yep....I'd've taken the ring over the brass title.