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  1. A shame they couldn't find a way to move the show to my old AF base in town (Griffiss), but it's an operating regional airport now.
  2. 27th in 84 was similar...11th place corps, 2nd place drum line. I'd also go with 84 Cadets...1st place corps, 7th place drums (the lowest placing caption for a championship corps).
  3. Presenting their 2020 program, "Flat pack...where's the &^#%ing Allen wrench?" Drum Corps International is proud to present....the Blue Stars! hey...it's a logical sequel to the Carpenter's show...
  4. Even $3K fees at BD in 1984 wouldn't've covered the budget for that year by itself.
  5. I know...but every time this kind of thread starts, someone starts claiming that Gail WAS cheating and just got caught....I thought I'd head that one off at the pass.
  6. In the case of 89 SCV, it was fraud by the overage members...forged documents that fooled everyone (including US authorities). As soon as Gail found out, they were gone.
  7. I'm sorry....what was this thread about again? Maybe this one should be closed and a new one started up.
  8. I mean his father, Jack Meehan....that's why I spelled it J-AC-K. What do you think of "A New Beginning," BD's 83 closer?
  9. Then I guess you don't like Suncoast 85 or 88. As for Wayne and Jack....can you name an original composition by them for corps? i can.
  10. Robert Smith would like a word with you.... Wayne Downey and Jack Meehan as well.
  11. So....with Denise B in the driver's seat, might we see a small 27th tribute at some point?