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  1. I agree that 86 was a weak program for PR...but getting food poisoning sure didn't help matters.
  2. Back to DCI....86 was the year Regiment got a bad case of food poisoning after Stillwater...tainted water used in their spaghetti, IIRC. I read about it in Stars & Stripes, the US military newspaper. I have ti think it affected the performance at finals, since people lost a good chunk of rehearsal time in the latter part of the season. The 06 corps redeemed the closer, tho.
  3. It was also the year Dagenham Crusaders won DCUK (ok....Conquest Alliance tied with us) wearing BD-style uniforms and playing "West Side Story"...oh, the irony for me. I remember calling from the UK (I was in the USAF and over there on temporary duty at the time...managed to march Dagenham because I had weekends off) to try and find scores back when there was a score line.
  4. Pay her $50 and it goes to the top of the pile...that's how 08 Reg and 14 Bloo got on her channel.
  5. Dave Dugan-- the original drum major for the Blue Devils (1970-1976) -- suffered a massive stroke last night and passed away less than an hour ago. I'm sure Jerry Seawright was there to welcome him to Heaven. RIP, Dave.
  6. I just emailed her a primer on the show...especially since I don't know if the vid she has is the uncut version.
  7. New info....not sure when she'll put it up, but I have reason to believe 08 Regiment is coming soon.
  8. Here's me at s tourney last May. I won both these bouts and ended up 4th. I'm on the right in all shots.
  9. Heh....the other fights were pretty good as well. These were set in the South post Civil War, as there was a dueling culture down there at the time. None of the wounds would've been survivable in the era anyway. I still have the prop laudanum bottle I made. It was a 3 hr drive home (and the muttonchops came off as soon as I got in the door!), and to keep myself awake, I talked to myself and had an entire backstory for the character I played!
  10. Yeah...I've watched the stage combat team at SwordPlay (my club) work on a fight, and it's amazing the amount of control they have to have at every point. In fact...here's a fight where I was involved in the shoot (not as a fighter, as the doctor in a duel). I'm the one with the mutton chops,,,apologies for the F bomb from Kayla when I charge in. Fun fact...i originally came in after the final blow (one of 5 fights...all my patients died. I was a horrible doctor!), but for one take they told me to come in on the blow prior...and dod not tell me Kayla was going to turn on me! They wanted a real reaction. They got it....but they THOUGHT i was going to back off like Jacob does here...instead, I tried to push through to save my patient! The crew got a good laugh off that....wish I could see that footage. This was the 2nd take.