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  1. Huh....hadn't looked at the staff listing in a while. Both brothers are involved. Marched with both of them in 84. Dave was snarelinem Shawn was pit (in the 85 yearbook, he has a HUGE pic of him...during La Fiesta, I think)
  2. And a certain former parking lot lizard has a flashback to Tim decking him.
  3. This is the track from Tony Stark's funeral scene...that soaring French horn gets me every single time. Maybe not as a show piece, but as a warmup....BD or Crown are the obvious choices.
  4. Best memory of the quarters broadcast: Ms. Allen to Cavies tenor: "So how does one become a Bond girl?" Tenor: "I'll show you later." I think they heard our theater HOWLING with laughter out in the street!
  5. I don't think Varsity is going to have quite that much control over DCI.
  6. I doubt they were crying while playing....they wouldn't be ABLE to play then. One thing you have to do is NOT put a lot of weight on individual show runs...you HAVE to treat finals night like any other show. Of course, the fact that it IS finals night means you turn it on anyway...especially if a title is in reach. But when you're out there, you have a job to -- doesn't matter if it's finals or the first show of the year...you focus on THAT, and nothing else. You can cry later.
  7. Because there already HAVE been staff changes??
  8. Being part of other captions isn't the same as having one of your own like brass and drums.
  9. No....BD took guard in 84 (not that it helped us....guard didn't have their own points then). I think Mad was 83 for the guard?
  10. We didn't change our show a hell of a lot either, except for the very end...we were doing a reprise of the end of the opener until Modesto, the first show on 2nd tour.
  11. True...but watching BD360 from almost any season, you can see that THEY do...probably because Chandler takes the time to explain it to them. That's giving the kids the tools they need to bring the staff's ideas to life. It's really not very different from an actor writing out a back story for the character he's playing.
  12. Which illustrates a point....sometimes the excessive detail isn't for the judges or the audience so much as it's for the performers. If THEY understand those deep meanings, it influences their performance.
  13. A point I make every time this thread comes up.