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  1. Power issue at Stanbury and they couldn't get the unis finished....cut 'em some slack.
  2. Power outage at the factory preventing completion was what I saw on a FB post.
  3. Just saw a note on FB that there was a power outage at the Stanbury facility which prevented completion....
  4. Just to be clear...i was in BD...not SCV.
  5. Thanks! It was a good show....the last 30 seconds have been my cell phone ringtone for years.
  6. 84 Whitewater prelims was no picnic....but after seeing the Suncoast guys dying in double-breasted wool, I felt SO fortunate to wear the classic BD uni...especially since the ruffles in front were just a dicky and not s full shirt like the 88-93 version was. Mars is infamously hot during the day during the practice season, but the WORST day ever was Memorial Day camp at Atwater HS...we'd get bath towels wet and drape them across our shoulders...and then we could watch them dry out during runs...absolutely awful.
  7. If they continue winning, I'd say all the #####ing, pissing, and moaning are irrelevant.
  8. Let's be honest though...as cosplays go, that furry one IS pretty well done.
  9. I don't see something like blood doping helping much....certainly not at the top levels.
  10. That's always the case after the lose they previous year. NO corps is more dangerous when they're ###### off than BD.
  11. There's some warmup vid on their FB page from earlier today. Some TASTY stuff in there!
  12. That's the one they use for parades, I think.
  13. You weren't the only one....a thing of love and beauty.