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  1. Yeah....The Frack didn't really change anything...Cavies were too far ahead for one player to change the outcome, no matter HOW badly his features were played. Sad thing is, he was nails all season long, but picked THAT performance -- the one that lives forever -- to chow it. If it had been at quarters or semis, it wouldn't be remembered at all.
  2. Oh yeah....I grinned like an idiot when I remembered THAT was coming up.
  3. You didn't have a Hawiian-print parka?? (sent to the right person this time!)
  4. The only advantage to going on 1st in 06 was we still had field lines....they got washes away by the rain by the 3rd or 4th corps.
  5. We were totally dead by the time we got back to our hotel after our run...brutal doesn't begin to describe it. I didn't feel human again for hours.
  6. BD's practice field -- Mars -- would like a word. Mars would also like a word when the subject of hot days or windy days comes up.
  7. I saw a vid on YouTube that was taken from the field just before BD's victory run (I think it was 2019). There's a yell from the stands, and the whole corps reacts joyfully, pointing at the person who yelled....then someone in the corps asks "Was that Ronny?" So yeah....he made an impact on the last 14 years of BD members, ever since he came back for the 07 alum corps. Makes me even more glad I took the chance to propose a 50th anniversary corps to Dave Gibbs, because if it hadn't happened, Ronny would not really have been there for the kids. In a very real way, he's become as lege
  8. 1977 BD baritone Ronny Hirata passed away last night. No other details at this time, but his health had never been good. Since returning to the fold with the 07 BD/SCV alum brass ensemble, Ron was a fixture at BD events. If something was going on, there was a good chance he'd be there, and masny members got to know him and feel his support for the org. He was also a member of the Freelancers alum corps....easy to spot playing in his scooter. Farewell, Ron...you will be missed by many.
  9. Heh...when i was in HS, one of our newer school didn't have a stadium, so they played their home games at OUR school. One time they played us -- as the visiting team -- and their people started that spirit cheer. My band responded "We've got a stadium yes we do! We've got a stadium, how 'bout you?" *Cricket, Cricket, Cricket*
  10. I have never, in almost 40 years in the activity, seen the kind of crowd love Academy got just entering the stadium for finals retreat.
  11. I forget the actual temperature, but it was bitterly cold in Concord for Precision West in 2007. The BD/SCV alum brass group was going to perform before retreat, and all we had on were polo shirts. We were lining up to go on -- waiting for BDA to come out with us -- and standing next to the building they were staying in. Someone found the doors were unlocked and we all dashed inside to get out of the cold. Apologies to the 07 BD crew, but it really WAS miserable out there.
  12. They've had to do that for decades anyway. When I marched, they had the ONLY bingo game in Contra Costa County, which is why they were able to run 7 days a week. But once the local Indian tribes were able to start running bingo, they had to look for alternate funding sources, so this is really nothing new.