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  1. A little fun fact re 04 Dream. That little Playboy bunnyhead jewelry I was wearing around my neck? I later gave it to Miss August 1987, the late Sharry Konopski, when I gave her a fencing lesson in her wheelchair a year or so later. Why Sharry? She had briefly been in the color guard of the Longview Mauraders (although her father pulled her from the corps for financial reasons before tour)...85 or 86, IIRC.
  2. On behalf of the other 61 brass blasters in that line, thanks!
  3. 2008 Bellflower show...last one for BDB and C. I warned the folks around me i was gonna do it...and I can put out the sound. Lady in front of me afterwards..."Well...you DID warn us!"
  4. And, in fact...here it is. You do the "are you ready: at 0:21. Around 0:58 when I finally called the corps to attention. My salute made you chuckle a little!
  5. Because sometimes they're not. At 04 DCA prelims, we (SoCal Dream) were having issues with one of the keyboard stands in the pit....so when Fran Haring asked if we were ready, I shook my head "no." About 30 seconds later I called the corps to attention and saluted that we were ready. It's not just a formality...it's a legit question.
  6. That affects the medals as well. For the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Summer Games, fencing did not get medals for all the events. The six individuals did (foil, epee, and sabre...both genders), but they dropped 2 team events (one per gender) each cycle. It wasn't until 2016 that ALL the medals got awarded and ALL the teams competed. Sucked for the head coach at my club during the runup to Beijing in 2008. He was ranking high enough to take the alternate slot for men's team foil (although he would not officially be an olympian unless he actually competed....nor would he have gotten a medal if the team did, but he did not actually hit the strip), but when the IOC dropped mens team foil from the event list, he just stopped, because he was not going to make the individuals.
  7. I can just see BD's visual scores....19.8, 19.7....and a THREE from the Russian judge! (remember those days in the 70s?)
  8. A three-peat will have to wait until 2021....remember that SCV took the title in 2018. They've been close to a three-peat 5 times...in all cases when they lost the third one, they won the following year. The streaks were broken by SCV twice, Cadets twice, and Bloo once. Going against BD is always a tough fight.
  9. 2016-17. RCC 2018-19. BD Intl 2020
  10. Too bad they didn't do a GG show when his son was the synth driver.
  11. You have my condolences...I'm from San Diego and had the Chargers and Padres (except for the too-brief glory of the Air Coryell years). However...there IS a drum corps connection with the Lions. Former center Travis Swanson I(2014-17) is the son of BD alum Todd Swanson (82 euph, 83 DM, 84-85 vizh staff....also a Trooper 76-79 and 81)
  12. 1990 was Float's last year with BD, in fact.
  13. A shame they couldn't find a way to move the show to my old AF base in town (Griffiss), but it's an operating regional airport now.