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  1. I think it looks silly and it's distracting. Ok, now why is that? Because in our society, dresses are not appropriate dress for men. So unless they are trying to make a specfic point about how we shouldn't have that particular standard in our society, they are taking away from the effect of their program by creating a distraction. If the show were based on the movie "Some Like it Hot" then it would be appropriate to have male members in dresses because it would contribute positively to the point of the program. About Academy - my sister and I discussed whether they were using a certain cult
  2. It's not an "either-or". It can be both (and I believe that it is).
  3. This is probably the best argument.... but you have: Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Diving, Skiiing (some types), Snowboarding... all of which are considered sports and all have subjective judging.
  4. BTW - for those of you who say that drumcorps is not a sport. Can you specify what it is about drumcorps that disqualifies it from being a sport?
  5. By every definition I could find, drumcorps is a sport. Generally, a sport is an activity requiring some physical skill in the form of some competition. Drumcorps fits well within this. American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language: Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Macmillan Dictionary: an activity in which players or teams compete against each other, usually an activity that involves physical effort. Cambridge International Dictionary of English: a game, competition or activity needing physical effort and skill t
  6. Haha - that is funny. Trust me - we had many moments like that. Like I said - can you imagine the dumbfounded look on people's faces when we're playing some crazy psychodelic arrangement of Eleanor Rigby for 4th of July? We took in stride - we all understood that the audience didn't get it - because we didn't get it ourselves.
  7. Awww... of course I'm biased, but I thought Camelot was an ok show. I thought we had a pretty cool drum-feature/closer. We got alot of positive feedback from fans anyway.
  8. Bluecoats 92 - "Jazzaphonic" - Beatles When I first heard that Bluecoats were going to do play Beatles I thought that would be awesome (I've heard some really great jazz versions of some of their songs). First time playing through the show with the corps at rehearsal in early June - it was like - WTF was that?! Then imagine playing our opener - a seemingly (possibly actually) drug influenced arrangement of Eleanor Rigby for a July 4th parade. I guess no one saw the big FAIL sign on that one. Yet - as crazy as that show arrangement was - I still enjoy listening to it.
  9. I guess I'm just wierd because apparently I'm the only person that liked Phantom's 2009 show.
  10. I was on tour with them for the last two weeks of tour and while I was initially really disappointed that they fell so far finals week. But that disappointment was short-lived and I am really proud that they performed probably better than any Bluecoats corps before them despitethe placement. I also realized the competition was so close that the 4 through 7 group could have landed in any order that night. The other groups just happened to have a slight edge that night. When the competition is that close - a slight edge can cause a drastic change in placement, but that's ok. In my mind (and ho
  11. Best of luck to Crown dealing with the snare line issue. That's tough to lose two in the line (temporarily hopefully), especially when one is the center snare. Keep up the good work! We need to keep the new blood at the top!
  12. When has any drumcorps not changed their ending by the end of the season? It's used as a tactic by most corps now. They purposely design a sort of sub-par ending to start the season with so that two or three weeks before the end of the season they can change it to something more GEish to get a boost in their scores.
  13. When I marched Sky Ryders in 90 and 91, our base was DeSoto High School in Texas outside of Dallas. Their stadium was turf but we didn't usually practice on it during the midday practice block because of the heat. But when we did, I can tell you it was boiling hot. We had a member who's feet were burning through her shoes and had to leave to get better shoes. The bottoms of the ones she was wearing were literally melted. We also had to take a break about every 10 minutes or so. We kind of hyped on facing the adversity of the heat though. At one point, we ran a section of the show that we ha
  14. How many times does one have to say that it's their personal taste and their personal opinion before they don't get crap from someone?
  15. In my mind, the 07 show is the best Bluecoats have ever done - which seems strange considering the placement is only sort of "average" for the corps over the last several years.
  16. Well - that's 3 points higher than the average contra line so you guys were doing good! (I keed, I keed).
  17. Granted, but to put things into perspective as far as placement, the 4th through 7th place corps were all within a point of each other. Being that close, the placement of those 4 spots could have landed anywhere. Unfortunately for Bluecoats, they ended up at the bottom of that pile. I like to think of it as the best 7th place corps ever.
  18. It was cool how he got the girl on finals night!
  19. First - a person should have the freedom to choose to go where they want regardless of where they've been in the past. You may agree with their choices or not, but it's ultimately their decision (there should not be rules to restrict movement between corps). Second - I used to put more stock in "corps loyalty", but after awhile I realized that alot of corps are willing to dump a vet for a more talented rookie. So if there's no loyalty from the corps to the members, why should there be loyalty from members to the corps?
  20. The grainy look is due to digital compression. I assume this is done because of the amount of data they need to get on the discs. The problem becomes more pronounced on a bigger screen. Hopefully the BR Discs won't have this problem.
  21. How's that? The tickets bought from individuals have already been bought from TM or DCI or a corps. So they get their money no matter what. The "scalper" scene is basically just people selling tickets that they bought but then can't use. I've never paid more than face value for a ticket and I've gotten most from individuals.
  22. You're comparing mass market DVDs to niche market dics. There's no way DCI can afford to produce BR discs at mass market prices. I'm actually pleasently surprised with the $99-$119 price. I figured it would be much higher. With such a limited run, I'll bet they're just breaking even on costs and using this as a market testcase.
  23. It's great that they're producing the BR discs so soon. I thought it would be a few years. I'm kindof annoyed though that they let us buy the SD version and then offer the Blu version later. Well at least they offered a discount. I guess they're using the 09 limited run discs to test the market. Thing is though that people like me who have the SD version I'm guessing will just pass on the 09s and start going Blu with 2010. Now something that I would really like to see is if they go back and do all of the past years in Blu. That would be cool because the quality of the DVDs are pretty cru