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  1. Wow, I can't wait to see the battle unfold in the 6-8 spots tomorrow.
  2. Wow, great score. They opened up the gap on Boston, and beat SCV's score from last night.
  3. I've been saying it for weeks: if you can't get up for the way the Blue Stars bring home their opener and their closer, you just don't like drum corps
  4. Merged this with the original thread on the Halftime article
  5. I agree. Once your rant is ready, you can post it in the G7 sub-forum then.
  6. As far as I know, the entire state observes Daylight Savings Time. Almost all the state should be on Eastern time. The only exceptions are the counties in the extreme northwest (Gary, Michigan City, etc.) and the extreme southwest (Evansville), which are on Central time.
  7. No, most of Indiana is in Eastern time, so all times posted are in Eastern.
  8. The tick system has been dead for as long as I've been alive.
  9. The scoring system is just fine, it's your understand of the system that is lacking. A 'perfect' score is not meant to indicate a perfect performance. A better term might be 'maximum' score. A 20 simply means that the corps fully met the judging standards. A perfect example is Magic in 2002. They broke a 99 in Division II, but scored in the 80's when they competed in Division I. The 99 they received in Div II didn't mean that the corps was less than a point from perfection, only that the corps was less than a point off of the standards of the judging. There's a ceiling of sorts, and a
  10. I had to read through twice to make sure. You're saying that you haven't seen any of the shows this year, but decided based on DCP that 12-13 would ruin the activity for you? Trust me, this place is not that important. Had you posted this before the show, I would have encouraged you to go out, experience the shows for yourself, get around some fellow drum corps fans, many of whom probably could relate to how you feel and what era you felt was best. Letting DCP make decisions for you never got nobody nowhere </sly stallone>
  11. Interesting. After a couple years there where it seemed every caption lined up pretty close to the overall placements, these ordinals are all over the place. A second place colorguard aside, Bluecoats' visual scores are killing 'em - visual GE included. They actually tied BD for first in Music GE, and just lost the overall Music caption by .15.
  12. Why not?? It's great that the Madison Scouts are playing a straight-forward, classic drum corps repertoire, something designed to bring fans up out of their seats. It's also great that the Blue Devils are playing a show for fans who want something a little more complicated. Diversity is a good thing, and between the twelve shows I'll see on Saturday night I'm bound to find some that I like, even if there are some that I don't. As long as you find enough shows that entertain you, why waste time being hostile toward the shows that don't?
  13. Y'know, everyone says that, but whenever I hear people discussing what they loved about Spartacus it's almost always something visual that gets mentioned first.
  14. Me too. Recaps will be interesting. I'm guessing, though, that we're in for a year like 2007. Cavs will probably close the gap some tomorrow, but see it bounce back out on Saturday. Just my guess.
  15. Some might argue that it takes a hornline like before you could even attempt the show they perform. Even Pioneer's hornline can entertain with a straightforward, vanilla gospel show, but it takes a lot of excellence to effectively communicate abstract jazz. I haven't seen the Blue Devils yet, but from everything I've read it sounds like something that would require a #### fine horn section to ever pull it off.