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  1. We are looking for something that our son can use at college to practice/improve his mallet skills. He played vibes and marimbas in high school, but won't be doing college marching band. We've looked at malletKATs and xylosynths online, but so far haven't been able to actually try one out. We aren't even sure one of these is the right choice for a practice instrument since they don't exactly replicate the design and feel of a vibe or marimba (or so it appears). He obviously can't put a vibe or marimba in his dorm room, so.... any feedback or suggestions you can give us would be GREATLY appreciated! We're hoping to find someone our son can take lessons from when he's at college, but he needs something to practice on. His ultimate goal is to become good enough to make a world class drum corps.
  2. Hello everyone! For those who haven't met me already, I'm Ronnie. Major Jersey Surf fan . It's come to my attention in the past few years of being a Surf fan, that there's a hug lack of corps merch available for them. Now whether or not it's just me not looking hard or not, I can't be sure. My question to you all is, are they only selling merch at shows, on a small scale, and if that isn't the case, where online can I find it? (by the way, if anyone has any Jersey Surf swag they'd like to show off here, like shirts or sweatshirts or anything, do share! I'd love to see them.) Thanks guys!
  3. Dark Blue with chrome hardware…. Tenors 4 - (6"10",12"13"14") quint sets. Bass- 1- 18" 1-20" 1-22" 1-24" 1-26" 1-28” Hardcases and carriers are included. They are only 2 years old. They were used with an independent indoor line that is now affiliated with a university, so they were only used in the winter months. $6,000.00 plus shipping. I can get you photos, if interested. EMAIL ME AT ericsabach@gmail.com
  4. PERCUSSION PEOPLE.... Yamaha drumline for sale.... Habenaro sparkle (it's the orange one - first one in from the right). 8s/4t/5b.... if interested, email me at ericsabach@gmail.com and I will put you in touch with the person to talk to about them.
  5. Hello! Is there a way to get old DCI & DCM, and Division III patches? I'm particularly interested in getting ones from 2001. Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. Hello, my name is Alexis Macy. I have been contracted to march baritone with the Sacramento Mandarins for their 2015 season. This is a major dream come true for me because I have always wanted to march with a corps, but I never though I could because Im primarily a flute player. I had taught myself baritone (I have been playing for about 9 months now) and I never thought I wouldve been good enough. But now I have been contracted and I have the chance to live my dream. However, there are a lot of fees associated with drum corps. My tour fees plus round trip flight for April is $1600. I am in desperate need for help with this fee. My parents are doing all they can, but they also have financial committments, which means it is up to me to try to raise the funds. If you, or anyone you know could possibly help, I have a gofundme account with which you can donate. My gofundme is gofundme.com/mandarinsme. Any donation is greatly appreciated! Please, I really need help. It would be heartbreaking if I couldnt march my dream due to lack of finances. Thank you!
  7. I have been looking for a mouthpiece for a little bit now and was wondering the differences between a DEG 6V and a Kanstul M6, which is what i have and am used to but is damaged and ugly because it's from a school horn. the DEG I've heard is great but i was just wondering the tone differences and if I'd have to get used to it. (please no other recommendations, i am asking about the DEG only, not "but this one's better" type thing).
  8. Complete battery Yamaha Field Corps Series marching percussion $3500.00 New York State - Hudson Valley region (Purchaser will be responsible for removal of items. Purchaser will be responsible for cost of packing and/or shipping of the items if necessary. All drums in good condition - silver finish. 6 - 13" Yamaha snares 5 - Randall May snare harnesses 3 - Quints (6, 8, 10, 12, 13) 3 - Yamaha power lite quint harnesses 2 - Yamaha quint cases 1 - Yamaha 18" bass 1 - Yamaha 20" bass 1 - Yamaha 22" bass 1 - Yamaha 24" bass 1 - Yamaha 26" bass 3 - Yamaha power lite bass harnesses I can send photos of all equipment via email per your request. Selling all equipment listed above as a package. Thanks, Lew 20th Century Limited Drum & Bugle Corps Highland, New York
  9. Does anyone have ONE of these that they are willing to part with? *PLEASE NOTE: DON'T MIND WHAT COLOUR IT IS AND DOESN'T HAVE TO HAVE THE NEW ABS ON IT.* Email me at adamfwilson@icloud.com if you've got one your willing to part with. Thanks
  10. ALL PERCUSSION SOLD AS OF 4/1/2015. Thank you.
  11. Action Wipes all natural wet wipes is doing a sale for the new year, 20% off with code "FEST2015" This product is really useful for members and spectators all year round, for after rehearsals or at shows. Wet wipes that use all natural ingredients and can be repurposed later on after wash, smell great and don't leave a sticky residue like most baby wipes. Wish I had these when I was marching. http://actionwipes.com/
  12. Does anyone have the 2014 DCI World Championship Patchthat they are willing to part with? Willing to pay a fair amount of money for it. Thanks!
  13. I have a Musser M300 Marimba for sale, a Deagan 592, and a xylophone. Older, used, but great practice instruments. Must sale!! 502-822-0438
  14. I have one seat selling at face value for Section 245, Row 7. Phone/text 206.949.2390
  15. Hi, Im new to the site and this is my first post. Im looking for 1982-83 videos, VHS, DVD, of corps that placed 13-25 those years. If anyone has them or knows where I can find them, please let me know. I will pay$$$$ Thank You, Spanky
  16. Looking for a single ticket for finals tonight...preferably 39,40, or 41 sections in the lower levels (ie 141, 239, 340, etc) Please call me and I can meet you 202/321.8739 Thanks!
  17. Looking for ONE DCI Drum Corps International FINALs ticket for Saturday night August 9th. Would love a super seat in a premium section if possible. PM me details etc. Thanks
  18. Please contact me if you have tickets for sale! Thank you, Ted (Madison '97 & '99)
  19. Premium seat. Make me an offer. In indy and ready to sell.
  20. I have several extra tickets for DCI Championships available. These are Friends of DCI tickets in one of the very few spots where sound is very good in Lucas Oil Stadium. Prelims (Thursday): Sec. 140, Row 19, Seats 5-10 and Row 20, Seats 5-10 (12 total) Semifinals (Friday): Sec. 140, Row 19, Seat 5 and Row 20, Seats 5-7 (4 total) Finals (Saturday): Sec. 140, Row 20, Seats 5-7 (3 total) For reference, Sec. 140 is the center section on the lower level. The 50 yard line is between seats 10 and 11. I am asking face value (Prelims - $55; Semifinals - $75; Finals - $125). I accept PayPal. Shawn
  21. THIS IS A SINGLE SEAT. Selling full set only, prelims/semis/finals, Section 140, row 13, 50 yard line. GREAT seat. Face value $255. PM me.
  22. I have the following tickets available for sale at face value: 1 prelims ticket -$55 2 sets of prelims/semis/finals tickets, each to be sold as a set - $255 per set All tickets are in section 240, row 5, near the 50YL! PM me or email me at ed.lujan@att.net
  23. Selling marching drums, 4 snares, 4 basses, one quint Stands, covers and harnesses included All with new heads Asking $5000 Currently in Hamilton Ontario Contact Corey Pearce, 905 979 5650
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