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  1. Action Wipes all natural wet wipes is doing a sale for the new year, 20% off with code "FEST2015" This product is really useful for members and spectators all year round, for after rehearsals or at shows. Wet wipes that use all natural ingredients and can be repurposed later on after wash, smell great and don't leave a sticky residue like most baby wipes. Wish I had these when I was marching.
  2. no synths. I think the recording was available for some time on the BD website at the end of the season.
  3. Listen if you're a bioengineering major and you're coming from out of state you should just go to UCSD whether there is a marching band program nearby or not. If you are thinking of going to UCR you might as well save some money and go to a state school instead. RCC is only 1.5 hours from San Diego (I did it for 3 years for the winter drumline, it's not so bad) and Pacific Crest is about 2 hours away in Diamond Bar.
  4. yeah that Capital Regiment Everest show in 2002 was really really good. 2nd place in div 2 finals then made Div 1 semifinals later that week [back when div 2 corps could do that].
  5. They offer gigs to members of both the winterline and marching band in order to recieve credits towards their member fees. I believe this particular gig included some from both and the company even hired some "drummers" from outside of RCC.
  6. Ahh yes I remember those Boring shirts... or "putting the Bb in Boring." Do they still sell those?
  7. Loved this show! First year I saw the Glassmen in person, I loved the music and their style.
  8. Congratulations Blue Devils and Carolina Crown, two amazing corps, two amazing shows. I'm a proud alumni tonight.
  9. 1. 07 - triple crown. so lucky to be a part of this special year. i will never get tired of this show. wow. 2. 05 - angelus. can listen to this show over and over!! love the music here. 3. 06 - love that hornline. 4. 04 - bohemia. will always remember watching this live, awesome show. 5. 09 - grass. have only seen it a few times, they are AMAZING, but i just don't feel any connection to this show? i need to see it live. but i will be a VERY proud alumni this weekend, no matter where they place. 6. 03 - bells. the first year i really got into crown. grrrrrea
  10. 1. 2004 - this show made me want to become a blue devil. love the energy 2. 2008 - has a special place in my heart for obvious reasons, loved being a part of this show. 3. 2006 - great show, really entertaining 4. 2000 - pit! 5. 2009 - diggin it 6. 2002 - the first BD show i ever saw live, loved the music 7. 2007 8. 2003 9. 2005 10. 2001
  11. Some up close shots of the new uni from Crown's FB page.