Random Comments re: Blue Devil Family Day

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Random Comments re: Blue Devil Family Day

Music: "Soak up the Sun" by Cheryl Crow

1. Renegades' Rehearsal, Treasure Island: PRO: Pleasant warm day, with nice ocean breeze. Free donuts and a hydraulic lift. Awe-inspiring run-through by all sections leads to staff applause and cheering. CON: Missing members due to family holidays, vacations, personal emergencies, injury, weddings and dog sled competition.

2. Warm-up errr... hot-up .... at Diablo Valley College. PRO: Evil Drumline plays well. Corps alumni show up. Horns are hyped. New guard uniforms are stunning. CON: You know those rare summer days when you get into your car, and it's so incredibly hot that you burn your hands on the steering wheel? That's how hot I wish it was when I pulled up at 3:03 PM. It was actually 17 degrees hotter than that. Technically, Africa-hot. Last time it was this hot, Renegade guard member LisaLisa ended up speaking Apache on her way to the hospital. Yep. Africa-hot.

3. BD Family Day Announcer: PRO: A guy who obviously cares and knows a lot about drum corps ... who said some very touching things about family and drum corps. CON: None.

4. Blue Devil C Corps sings National Anthem. PRO: Little girl from C corps stuns sudience with her amazing acapella rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. CON: Reminder that I have exactly zero singing talent. Zero.

5. Blue Devil C Corps PRO: 2002 Defending Seven Award Champions. A part of the Blue Devil organization that Renegades bonded with over the last year ... BDC made their 2003 debut at LOUD Music Symposium 4, and two Renegades even have sons in the C Corps. Little 3' tall guard members launching sabers really high in the air and catching them ... what's up with that??? Wow! CON: I miss the Flinstones.

6. Massed Blue Devil A, B, and C Corps (a) Horn Line; and then (B) drum line. PRO: A cool moment for all corps members ... and the kid who wrote the C Corps drum music. Defines family. CON: Maybe a little on the long side for some fans.

7. Seven.

8. 2003 San Francisco Renegades. PRO: 200 light years better than this time last year. The horn sound in Tears in Heaven is amazing, and a poignant selection on Father's Day. Matrix is genius, and out-of-nowhere colorguard and Jay Murphy drill have potential to put corps on fast track to high visual at DCA. Scott Johnson stunned when he sees Matrix drum set player is former-Blue Devil SOPRANO soloist Rich Duarte. CON: Start-time miscalculation leads to corps sitting around in the Africa-heat for over an hour. Luckily, our uniforms are not black. Heh. Missing members due to family holidays, vacations, personal emergencies, injury, weddings, dog sled competition and not having yet learned all the drill.


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Wear sunscreen. This message brought to you by Christina Mavaroudis.


9. Blue Devil B Corps: PRO: First Circle sounds great, horn line looks bigger, and drum line plays extremely well. CON: Time to clean.

10. Diablo Valley Wind Symphony: PRO: Forgot that this group was part of Blue Devils. The announcer said they were going to tour Scandanavia, and for some strange reason, that mades me want to see them. Or join them. CON: Allegedly contains woodwinds.

11. Overheard rumor in crowd that Madison beat Phantom Regiment. PRO: Good. CON: Hope they didn't have to sound and look like every other corps to do it. Where's the stripe?

12. Genius Product Placement Award: Group selling water and other cold beverages at the top of the stadium. Without water available in the DVC stadium, this could've been a not-so-fun day for many involved. Gracias.

13. "BD Family Award" -- RUNNER UP: Renegade horn players Mike Andrews and Doug Peterson both have sons in the Blue Devil C Corps.

14. "BD Family Day Award" -- WINNER: The top three Blue Devil A Corps bass drummers are BROTHERS!!!!! Literally. Odello #1, Odello #2 and Odello #3. #4 and #5 were also introduced as Odellos because they have been staying with Odello #1, Odello #2 and Odello #3.

15. BLUE DEVILS. PRO: Show is very, very, very cool, and sounds nothing like the Cadets. Contains the most unique Blue Devil Percussion book since 1994, kept me interested and watching the drum line for the entire 11 minutes. Horns, as always, rock. Guard vocalizations are great. Could this be where we see amplification? CON: Still more drill to learn, last minute of music needs to be tweaked.

16. NEW VIDEO GAME: NFL Blitz 2003. No penalties, fighting, mass chaos and 30 offensive plays, including 29 passes and only one run play. Reminds me of Arena Football. (Speaking of Arena Football, if you haven't seen it, check out the awesome job our web team did with the Renegades @ SaberCats pictorial at http://www.renegades.org)

Thanks for reading,



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5. Blue Devil C Corps PRO: Little 3' tall guard members launching sabers really high in the air and catching them ... what's up with that??? Wow!

the boy's sabre was taller then him! he threw down a totally awesome triple.

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Any pictures yet?

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Any recordings? *drool* :P

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I'm not Trying to ba a jerk but,

Writing a Review of your Own corps like this really makes other corps think less of you!

One Show. who are you to say you're going to Win the High visual award.

Dude, relax

If you know anything about the Renegades you will have noticed that we do self promote, get used to it. Lee could have posted anonomosly as say...."Low Notes" if that would help. And he did not say that we would win visual he said "out-of-nowhere colorguard and Jay Murphy drill have potential to put corps on fast track to high visual at DCA". Funny thing about words like potential, they have meaning.

Now my own review. I think that our staff has written a difficult and fantastic show that’s a kick to perform. Our performance last night was a rough first time in front on an audience show that I wasn't entirely pleased with. We have a whole lot of cleaning ahead of us but this show has real potential. In the end I hope we are able to entertain you cause that’s what it's all about. I'm looking forward to seeing your corps this year too, who ever that might be.


An outlaw; a rebel.

ADJECTIVE: Of, relating to, or resembling a renegade; traitorous.

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