People who have influenced you?

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So this may be a little long, because I've been around for a minutes. But here goes.

Jack Dobson, Jackie Lester, Sgt. Frank Pollizzi, Carman Cluna, Eric Perrilloux, Dennis DeLucia, Wes Myers, Mike DiLorenzo, Ronnie Finley, Ritchie Warga, Fr. Dominic Schiraldi.

and last but not least, the person who taught me how to play, the most organized man I've ever met, a man who would tell me to open and close a long roll and told me I hadn't practiced enough before I even started......

The great Earl Sturtze!

Mark Riley

Sandy Hook Fife, Drum and Bugle Corps

Newtown Striders

Ct. Yankees

Bpt. PAL Cadets

Milford Shoreliners

Sr. Rita's Brassmen



Sky Alumni

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Lots of people....

Willie Williams, Eddie Irwin, Bob Gironda, Lenny Kopaz, Bobby Farrell, Al DiCroce, Rusty Mendez, Greg Reddick, Jim Brady, Brian Law, David Sullivan, Bobby Hoffman, Larry Kerchner, Dennis Delucia, Jim Ott, Wayne Downey, Jim Prime, Bobby Jones, Jamey Thompson, Dan Delong, Jim Dugan, JR Bechtel, Jeff Mitchell, Jim Russo, Butch Anderson, Pepe Nataro, Sandra Opie, Gary Oberwanowicz, Robbie Robinson, Eddie Dioguardi, Frank Nash, Frank Dorritie, Tom Pratt, Mike Mercadante, Greg Pych, Chuck Bishop, Roy Chambers, Jay Morlot, Jim Russo, Butch Anderson, George Parks, Paul Harvey, Ken Turner, Jerry Kelsey, Dennis Eschbach, Charlie Siwek, Dave Kapp, Steve Kaczynski, the bari player form Madison 78 who played "God Save The Child", Jerry Noonan, Fabian (sorry, I forgot your last name), 1975 Cabs and Sky, 1977 Matadors, 1979 Guardsmen, 1973 Troopers and Blue Stars, Jeff Kievet, 1976 Blue Devils and Cavaliers, 1980 Santa Clara Vanguard.........

I guess I'm done.....for now.....

oh, and if Dave Linton and Larry Pawlowski can send me their address I can get the check out to youse guys,,,,,,

I love drum corps.


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