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There's a drum corps at a high school in Pittsburgh, Penn-syl-van-

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I'm waiting for people to vent about the huge parking problem at this show. Not sure why the stadium was only about 2/3 full. Maybe the outrageous ticket prices (plus fees), no parking at the school, threatening rain or all of the above. Only us diehards would park somewhere else and take shuttle busses. And they were not luxury busses, either...ha ha.

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1 Phantom Regiment90.750

Looks like Allentown wasn't a mistake, all the changes in Phantom's show are starting to really clean up I suppose. Everyone says Boston's weakness is Visual, yet they won it tonight. Blue Stars guard continues to dominate the lower 6 corps.


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Heard some grumbling about the $40+ ticket prices for good seats at this show. Was reading the thread about Buffalo ToC and someone mentioned $40+ for good seats at there. No disrespect to any corps intended but why are ticket prices the same for a non ToC show as they are for a ToC show? Just curious.

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Just got back. It's a 2.5 hr. drive from Cleveland, and I had to pick-up / drop-off a friend in Akron. DCI's show page for this event didn't indicate that the Commandant's Own would be performing before the listed 7 p.m. show time, so we missed them entirely.

I see Boston made Box 5 for the first time in Visual Proficiency, albeit barely, and due to content not achievement. They had fence props along the front sidelines, which I think are new, although I don't believe they did anything with them. I thought they'd be about a half-point higher. BK seemed the best to me; Phantom seemed the best to my friend, who'd seen none of this year's shows yet. Phantom had either terrible feedback or an overcranked synth repeatedly during their show. Painful to hear and it should have hurt their score, in my opinion.

My first time this year seeing Colts live. There are some plot holes in their story, in my opinion. Has anyone considered the implications of their ending?

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