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  1. Here's guessing JD Shaw wouldn't have returned if he had to keep arranging Tchaikovsky... It's weird, but we'll get used to it.
  2. Also, reminder in the closer that JD Shaw played mellophone...
  3. Excellent vid - thanks! Few thoughts: - Staging is STELLAR - Love the way they creep the boxes forward. When that gets together, that'll be a tremendous effect. - The little girl is either closing her ears, or she's cupping her ears like a boss. Kudos to the guy who does "Tiger Woods fist" for like a straight minute. - If you're wanting a traditional, emotional Regiment ballad, you'll have to wait until next year. The "slow" movement of Equilibrium will have to suffice. But I like it. - The trombone feature is cool af. - They should rename Rockford "JDShaw, Illinois."
  4. I think you forgot to link. No problem - it happens.
  5. The insta posts show props reminiscent of Babylon. Maybe this is Teenlon.
  6. He passed away, and his works immediately began being performed in DCI. Not sure how his estate judges who can and can't perform it.
  7. They jumped one placement, but they stayed in the same spot, as SCV wasn't touring.
  8. In 2023, they had a tremendously better, more cohesive, more judge-friendly show (which was also a crowd favorite) compared in 2022, yet they finished in the same spot. I wouldn't worry about placement in June. I wouldn't worry about them moving up, or some other corps moving down - maybe it happens, or maybe it doesn't. They'll be competent, and that'll make me happy.
  9. Initial thoughts: 1. I have no doubt that I'll enjoy this show. It seems very much an extension of 2023, which was very much an extension (musically) of SCV 2019. 2. I'm glad that they're opening up the repertoire. But at the same time 3. I wish there was a little more content that was recognizably "classical."
  10. For what it's worth, this is the version of Moonlight Sonata that Regiment linked on its webpage:
  11. That's too bad. I'm not so into the rest of the tune.
  12. I could see it being used for trombone licks, and that's it. A lot like the trombone licks last year.
  13. A few corps have played it before, but I hope Regiment does a version truer to the original.
  14. So is Stained Glass, and it made an awesome closer for SCV in 2000.
  15. You really don't have to be a wet blanket about this.
  16. Pretty sure you're missing the point. I didn't select SCV 04, Cadets 84, or Cadets 87. Other than 93 BD, I don't consider the shows I selected to be iconic where a modernization wouldn't live up to the original. For example, Crown 96 was a 10th place show. "Man, Madison tried to redo the rep from 2001, but it just couldn't live up to the 11th place original."
  17. Looks to be tamed down. Some telescope field props, a couple half sphere shapes that look stationary, and a Saturn-looking prop whose ring looks like a ramp perhaps? I think they look good (though I wasn't bothered by 2023 props).
  18. I've brought some of these up before in various forms: shows that I'd like to see redone today. I liked them well enough back then, but I'd like to see them due to some combination of (i) we have new rules about instrumentation and electronics, (ii) we have far more theatrical show designs, and (iii) the particular corps is performing at higher levels today compared to then. Crown 1996. I LOVE the musical design of Crown 1996, with Elgar and Walton. Take those arrangements, modernized for 2024, with the current hornline. I also loved the props, but corps are so much better at designing for props today. Phantom Regiment 1995. Rachmaninoff is the best, and the selections from Symphonic Dances, Piano Concerto No. 2, Paganini Variations, and Caprice Bohemian worked so well. Great percussion design. All black was perfect. Drill was mostly pretty mediocre. Would love to see this get a JD Shaw treatment circa 2010 (not necessarily the 2023 treatment). Madison Scouts 2001. The Suite for Two Bands source material is incredible. Scouts leadership had kind of given up on the direction of the activity, which is too bad for performance levels and design of the 2001. Madison, get back into the top 12, then redo this! Blue Devils 1993. I just want this entire show done again, note for note in the brass, but with Todd Ryan and Scott Johnson involved.
  19. I would guess several are recorded soundbyte snippets for lyrics.
  20. The Blue Stars are pleased to announce the 2024 production, Universal. STEVEN WILSON - The Harmony Codex YOKO KANNO - Inner Universe JURIS KARLSONS - Oremus and Adoratio TOMAS KACO - Nocturne HOAGY CARMICHAEL - Stardust SZA - Saturn KENDRICK LAMAR - All the Stars ULTRAVOX - I Remember COLDPLAY - Yellow https://bluestars.org/latest-news/2024/blue-stars-present (I tried to find an existing Blue Stars 2024 thread, but the DCP search function absurdly makes us wait 5 minutes to advance to the next page of results)
  21. This show seems a little out of character, given that this design team has had some pretty literal themes since they've been in Boston. I've long wanted to hear G-Spot Tornado on the field, so this is a big plus.
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