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Reading Buccaneers Announce Hall of Fame Class of 2014!

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Please join me and the entire Reading Buccaneers family in congratulating Bobby Jones, Laura Kauffman, Heidi Sarver, Wayne VanOstenbridge, Karen Wildonger and the family of the late Randy Roy, for their 2014 induction into the Buccaneers Hall of Fame! This is an outsanding class of exceptional Buccaneers, and we are happy for each of them for their well-deserved accolades.

Our release is below. Enjoy!



Reading, PA (November 10, 2014) – The Reading Buccaneers Drum & Bugle Corps and the Buccaneer Alumni Association announced today that Bobby Jones, Laura Kauffman, Heidi Sarver, Wayne VanOstenbridge, Karen Wildonger and Randy Roy will be inducted into the Buccaneers Hall of Fame at the corps’ annual year-end banquet on Saturday, November 29, 2014.

“The Buccaneers Hall of Fame was established in 1995,” said Hall of Fame Committee Co-Chairman Louis D. Tierno, Jr., himself inducted in 2001. “This organization has been blessed with so many fine men and women who have given so much of themselves to make the Buccaneers the storied corps it is. Singling out only a small number of people for induction every year is extremely difficult. But just the same it’s a tremendous pleasure for us to announce this year’s class and thank them for the indelible impact they’ve made on the Buccaneers and on the drum corps activity.”

BOBBY JONES actually started his Buccaneers career in 2002 as a member of the color guard staff; a fact that most would easily forget because of his incredible achievements most recently as the corps’ visual designer and program coordinator. In 2005, the corps started a search for a new drill writer. Bobby stepped in as a relative unknown in the drum corps genre, but Bobby’s impact was immediate. He hired an amazing staff and started to put together a winter marching training program that had never been seen previously at the Buccaneers. The membership quickly fell in love with Bobby as he became more than a teacher. Bobby is a leader, someone that the membership follows, not just because he has a title, but because they truly admire and respect his character and confidence. Combine all these qualities together with amazing talent, vision and passion, and you get a motivated, happy membership with a top-notch program and arguably the best visual design program ever seen in DCA. In 2005, his first year as our visual designer, the corps won its first championship in 25 years. Bobby took a brief hiatus from the Buccaneers in 2006 and 2007, but came back to resume his career in 2008 and has been a committed member of the staff since. That’s nine seasons with the corps and an astounding seven championships.

As far as her drum corps career is concerned, LAURA KAUFFMAN is a late-bloomer, but that just makes her achievements all the more impressive. The wife of Buccaneers Hall of Fame member Wayne Kauffman, Laura has been involved in music all her life. Her first year of active drum corps participation came with the Buccaneers Alumni in 1986 as a member of the honor guard. In 1994, she learned to play the soprano in order to help out the Alumni brass line. Her journey began in October of 1994 with a 2-valve horn. The following spring, she decided to try her talents out in the competitive corps. The Buccaneers were struggling at the time, and she wanted to help there, too. She became a “tweener” – marching with both the Buccaneers Alumni and the competing corps. At the age of 44, Laura had her rookie year with the Buccaneers in 1995. Laura also took on the role of Membership Chairperson for the Buccaneers in 1996 and 1997. A small ensemble also formed during this time and soon began to play at local church services. It wasn’t long before Laura was asked to join. She did, and continued playing until the group disbanded. She marched in the soprano line from 1995 to 2000, and was the soprano section leader in 1999. In 2001, she joined the Support Staff and served in that capacity until 2003, coming back again for the 2005 and 2006 seasons. The whole time Laura was involved with the Buccaneers and the ensemble, she continued to march with the Alumni Corps at every opportunity and is still marching there today.

HEIDI SARVER began her career with the Buccaneers as a member of the brass line in 1983 and continued as a soloist until 1987. From 1988 until 1990 she followed her mentor, George Parks, on the podium as lead drum major and Heidi finished her career as a brass instructor in the winter of 1997/1998. Though her active time with the Buccaneers totaled seven years, her time spent as a supporter and educator has lasted over 20 years. Heidi is currently Associate Professor of Music at the University of Delaware where, among other things, she is the director of the University of Delaware Marching Band. She is also a lead clinician at the George M. Parks Drum Major Academy. When asked what the Buccaneers have meant to her, Heidi said, “Reading defined me as a young college student. It helped shape who I was to become. It taught me discipline, commitment, responsibility and dedication. The corps made me a better person, period. Each year at the UDMB’s band camp I have a “history night” with the members of my program who are also Buccaneers. I love that night—it allows me to selfishly reminisce while ensuring that my students (and fellow Bucs) know where they came from. I believe in my heart that you need to know what came before you in order to know where you are going. . . I encourage my students to go to Membership Day. Reading is still, in my mind at least, the most educationally sound drum corps in the area—inclusive of junior corps. That alone is one of the proudest memories I have of being part of the Buccaneers.” Over the years there has been a steady stream of enthusiastic musicians that have participated in her programs and have joined the ranks of the Reading Buccaneers as a result of her influence.

WAYNE VANOSTENBRIDGE’s first exposure to the Reading Buccaneers came as a brass player in 1984 and 1985, after he had finished competing both seasons in DCI with the Crossmen. Wayne marched his first full seasons with the Bucs in 1986 and 1987. After the 1987 season, Wayne left the drum corps activity; but as he would eventually learn, you never really leave the Buccaneers. Wayne re-joined his family in Blue in 1998 and 1999, again as a member of the brass section. In 2000, Wayne took a new drum corps challenge by moving into the administrative ranks as the corps’ Business Manager. But Wayne was not finished marching. Wayne marched in the brass line and admirably performed his administrative duties from 2000 to 2003. In 2004, Wayne decided that he was finally finished with marching (not really) and continued as Business Manager. That “not marching thing” lasted all of one season. In 2005, Wayne again marched and again held down his Business Manager responsibilities. Wayne was an integral part of the committee that helped bring the corps to its current prominence in DCA. After the 2005 season, Wayne left to corps to get married and start a family, but stayed involved by assisting with audio-visual projects and other tasks. In summary: twelve years of service; 6 as a brass player, one as the business manager and five as both.

KAREN WILDONGER has been a Buccaneer for fifteen years. During her tenure, she was a member of the brass line for 4 four years and served diligently on the administrative staff as the Membership Chairperson for ten years, support staff, and has been a volunteer in many other capacities. Her dedication has been recognized with two Director’s Awards and a Most Improved Brass award. Karen’s work with the corps is characterized by her many years of service, diligence and hard work, her genuine, caring style, and her approachable manner. Her dedicated efforts as Membership Chairperson produced a steady stream of talented and committeed performers that were instrumental in the corps’ recent competitive success. Karen’s passion for the Reading Buccaneers is immeasurable and undeniable, her “Karing” attitude and motherly love are contagious. She is the epitome of a true blue Buccaneer.

To help commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Drum Corps Associates, the Buccaneers are proud to bestow a posthumous induction to Buccaneer RANDY ROY, who played a key role in DCA’s formation. On August 25, 1963 a meeting was held in Scranton, PA to address issues experienced by competing corps and show sponsors alike. The meeting was hosted by Dr Almo Sebastianelli, sponsor of the Parade of Champions show, which continues to this day. The corps represented included the New York Skyliners, the Archer-Epler Musketeers, the Baltimore Yankee Rebels and the Reading Buccaneers. The August meeting was followed by another in September where the Drum Corps Associates was born. At this September meeting officers were elected and Randy Roy of the Reading Buccaneers was elected to the critical position of DCA Treasurer. Randy joined the Buccaneers shortly after the corps’ inception in 1957 and served as Business Manager from 1960 thru 1966. Randy died in 2004 at the age of 77.

Jones, VanOstenbridge, Kauffman, Sarver, Wildonger and Roy join 90 other members of the Buccaneers Hall of Fame. Each of these individuals has made a lasting impact on the Buccaneers and the drum corps activity:

1995 inductees: Norman DeTemple, Bruce Englehart, LaVern Rohrbach, Roy Miller, Ron Gehris, Edward Johnston, John Flowers, George Parks, Ned Baldinger and Frank Ferraro.

1996: John Ferraro, Willard Marcks, Tony Yaklich, Roland Hoffman and Elmer Winzer.

1997: John Derr, Diane Koenig, Michael Vilardo, Joe Jasinski and Donnie Solinger.

1998: Wilson Goodwin, Glenn Rhine, Bruce Young, Gary Koenig and Jack Wells.

1999: Norm Cimerol, Jim Gruber, Lou Werner, Candy Golding and Robert Weidenhammer.

2000: Thomas Brown, Grant Hill, Earl Price, Mike Doherty and Wayne Kauffman.

2001: Bill Battaglia, Louis Tierno, Fred Windish, Gary Smith and Darrell Weyman.

2002: Victor Brown, Mike Luckenbill, Donald Walls, Rich Koenig and Henry Smith.

2003: Ronald Ferraro, Phil Rabenold, Dan Fitzpatrick and John Rozum.

2004: Tom Bitner, Robert Gruber, Bernard Brown and Howard Nagel.

2005: Lois Tierno, Joel Miller, Randy Kerschner and Curt Rissmiller.

2006: Glen Brumbach, Francis Chupick, Matt Krempasky and Amy Snook.

2007: Ron Fisher, George Price, Carl Bagenstose, Roberta Doherty and Rich Hammond.

2008: Ken Honsberger, Ralph Pace, Jay Landis and Randy Mutter.

2009: Josh Decker, Chris Feist, Bill Snook and Lee Umberger

2010: Martie Hetherington, Al Cola, Robbie Robinson and Steve Vincent

2011: Wilson Black, Althea Mazar, Carl Ruocco, and Jerry Ware

2012: Dwight Bomberger, James Gaiewski, Yvonne Landis, and Ernie Shott

2013: Andrea Gwyn, Mary High, Marty Holahan and Dan Wildonger

2014: Bobby Jones, Laura Kauffman, Heidi Sarver, Wayne VanOstenbridge, Karen Wildonger and Randy Roy

The Buccaneers are seeking members in all sections for the 2014 edition of the Balance in Blue. On Sunday, November 30, 2014, the Buccaneers will host Membership Day 2015, at Twin Valley High School, Elverson, PA. Registration begins at 11:00. All persons interested in learning more about membership in the Reading Buccaneers and being part of the 2015 corps are invited to contact Business Manager Angelo Bufalino to indicate their interest. Visit us on Facebook or on for more information or email

Founded in 1957, the mission of the Reading Buccaneers Drum & Bugle Corps is to provide men and women of all ages a unique and enriching educational experience in the performing arts in which they develop as individuals and as performers. The Buccaneers were founding members of Drum Corps Associates and won the first-ever DCA World Championships in 1965 and won twelve additional titles since.

Formed in 1981, the mission of the Buccaneer Alumni Association is to reunite all past members of the Reading Buccaneers Drum & Bugle Corps in camaraderie and fellowship, to engage in the parade drum & bugle corps activity, to encourage the growth of the Reading Buccaneers Drum & Bugle Corps, to maintain the commitment to excellence generally associated with said Corps, and to perpetuate drum & bugle corps in general as an art form and entertainment medium. The Buccaneer Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps was formed in 1987 as a program of the Buccaneer Alumni Association.

For more information, visit

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Nice to see Wayne is there. I met him when I transferred to WCU in the fall of '83 when he got back from the Crossmen tour. I lost track of him after college, but he was always a stand-up all around good guy and I remember him fondly.

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#### good group of people

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Congratulations Heidi!!

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A lot of people on that list who have had a profound impact on my career as both a drum corps participant, and a person. Congrats to all!

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Bobby Jones.....the Bizzle about a well deserved honor. Very happy for you, my friend!

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