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BD:  Amazing moments. Great individuals. Lacks emotion after ballad. Ending  s_ _ _ s.

SCV: 2017 Champs. They have all captions on fire. Show is nearly seamless.

      BD cannot say the same. Hurts to admit.

Crown: Really strong. Ballad singing is still out of tune and lack luster. Lacks emotion overall.

      Ending still not right.

Bluecoats: Great corps. Some of 2017’s greatest moments. Ballad does not work. Details missing.

Cavies:  Sorry fans, I just don’t like this one. I always find stuff to like with everyone. Guard is awesome. Drums good too.

BAC: Well written. Currently maxed out.  Sale emotion to stay in 6th.

Cadets: Unique compared to all others. Some segments really awesome. Horn talent and

       their drill an issue. Ending is meh.

BK: Think it is musically amazing. Top 3.  Visually, not so much.

PR: Award for most improved. Please stick with this creative staff. Emotion starting to show.

     Like them much better than Cavies, and mildly better than BAC.

Blue Stars: Bravo in all regards. Not getting the credit in a hit-you-over-the-head year by other groups.

Crossmen: See Cavies review. Been this way for me the past couple of years. Just doesn't hold my attention. 

Scouts: LOTS OF LOUD FOR A LONG TIME! Lots of testosterone. Story is lost.

Mandarins: Glad to see again despite thin horn book. Great visual package. 

The Academy: Getting better with design. Probably a bit too late. Good talent. 

Colts: Came together a bit too late maybe. Good effort for sure.

Troop: Too many good groups and not your best design.  Nessun hit is great.

SOA: Seems like you are doing old Crossmen. Cool in spots. Long in others.

Crusaders: Lots of musical risk. Good corps. Should be higher.

Crest: I am over the meaning of life shows. Seem to have good talent. 

Genesis: Bravo on WC year one. Some solid moments. Should be higher.

Cascades: GREAT arrangements! Getting better. Great vocalist.

Surf: Some potential for some cool feels. Drumline placement hurts a lot.

Pio: Gutsy at times.

The Company: WELCOME TO THE USA!  Really enjoyed your smartly designed show. 

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Enjoyed this. Short, to the point, and you summarize your big take away from each group very well without insulting -- just being honest. 

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