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former WCU band director James Wells and brother give record donation


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The former band director of West Chester University's famed marching band, Dr. James Wells, along with his brother Richard, also a fine music educator, recently donated a record 3 million dollars to the newly re-named Wells School of Music.  The alumni list of the School of Music. and alumni of the band, (including many from Wells' era) that have had and continue to have a huge impact on the drum corps activity, including arrangers, instructors, and members, is unmatched.  Wells revolutionized the concept of student leadership within the college band.   Wells' approach propelled the band into one of the finest in the country.  He also created an eventual national student marching band conference/workshop, which allowed high school students to learn the basics from talented clinicians, and for band directors to also hone their skills.  A DCI contest was a frequent part of clinic week.  Dr. Wells had time for everyone, and had a great influence on thousands of future music educators, including some who are now also legends in the drum corps world.   Dr. James Wells  is an individual who was a pioneer and living legend in the marching music world.

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A great way to honor both the contribution of these two great gentlemen as well as continue WCUs ascent as a national leader in music education and instrumental music. The Wind Ensemble will be making their first appearance at the College Band Directors National Association conference in early 2019. An invitation to perform is a stamp of approval for any collegiate ensemble. The current band continues the contributions to DCI/DCA with several students as marching members across world class corps and many staff members involved as well. And you can't throw a stone in PA, DE or NJ without hitting a high school instrumental music teacher that came through this program. The Wells School of Music is certainly on the move.

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