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DCP-I Season 29 Conversation

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And we're off! Scores are up for the first night of competition!

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Congratulations to the winners of tonight's FANFARE Championships in Wauwatosa, WI!

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Since this forum becomes a ghost town as soon as DCI Finals end, I have opened up the Rules Congress now. Please check the rules congress sub-forum for new posts.

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29.5 Quiksilver
22.0 Kosmos
14.0 Star of Jupiter
12.0 Bellbrook Eagles
11.0 The Knights
10.0 Knights of Power
 9.5 Texas United
 7.5 L'Etoile du Nord
 6.0 Anthem Resound
 6.0 Cobalt Guard
 1.5 #1 Corps
 1.0 Violet Knights
32.5 Tokyo Brass
25.5 Mercury
19.0 Les Blanc Chevaliers
16.0 Star of Hawaii
14.0 Knights of Sound
11.0 Nastalgia
11.0 Sparrow Regiment
 1.0 Texas Zephyrs
36.0 Dragon Corps
33.0 Cape Cod Regiment
20.0 Hg
19.0 Cross
10.0 Knights of Note
 5.0 L'Etoile du Nord B
 4.0 Chicken Scouts
 3.0 Nastalgia Percussion Ensemble


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In South Dakota The Knights for the first time this season beat Knights of Power ever so barely and thus take back the Knight Sword!

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I'm very happy with the progress Kosmos has made this year. When the season started, it was looking like it'd be a rough year but they have turned it around and gotten themselves into contention with several recent show wins including some major events.

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Can I get a score correction?? My visual dropped like 8 points out of nowhere and idk why.. -Texas United

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Wasn't just you. Texas Zephyrs and Thoroughbreds also took a plummet. I'll go see what's wrong.

Edited by hostrauser
Scores are fixed
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