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With all that has transpired the past year...Is it possible, to save the activity, to go back to the way contests were done in the 1970's? Local/regional shows from June to end of July and then a 10-14 day tour leading up to DCI Championships. 

Is there still a DCI East/West/MidWest/etc? Maybe that would help


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Yes, I think when there is a resumption it will look something like what you describe. There may be a bit of a silver lining given that travel costs will be reduced. That may serve to level the field a bit for units with moderate resources.

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My memory is still pretty good and I have been thinking of what our schedule was like in the 1970's. In the summer we did two days of rehearsal (Tuesday and Thursday). Saturday morning we would meet at the parking lot (where we practiced) load up the buses and go to the show. These shows were either in NY, PA, Ontario (Canada) sometimes OH.  We'd get to the show and maybe rehearse at a field. Get dressed and do the show and then return home. It worked back then. NOw I know there were more corps and shows so today it's different.


The NHL has teams put in three regions...maybe DCI and DCA can do something similar. I think the bigger issue is WHO can put on a show these days?



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On 3/2/2021 at 1:40 PM, KeithHall said:


I think the bigger issue is WHO can put on a show these days?



In general, shows do not make money for an organization anymore. I know of one show that still makes money from its program book. Corps that host shows still can make a profit from shows but that is from hitting up the alumni rather than ticket sales. I know that for many years CYO Nationals was the most important fundraiser for the Archdiocese of Boston’s youth programs. The last years (1983 and 84) it barely broke even. It used to be that two local corps competed in circuit shows for two open spots and the other 8-10 competitors would be DCI finalists from the previous year or up and coming corps to watch. There were difficulties at the end assembling such a show. It probably didn’t help that that the CYO director who lived for drum corps, bands, drill teams and color guards retired.


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