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  1. Like a Martin Luther thing? So someone could post their 95 Theses about DCI?
  2. Our rivalry (Royal Coachmen) was with Lakeview Shoreliners and later Imperial Regiment. Was no big deal and I think we got along quite well. I hated losing to them and finally beat IR a few times in 1976. St. Johnsburg Blue Sabers had a rivalry with us but we never thought to much of it since we only saw them in parades. When they went on the field one year they were not so good.
  3. Yep! The SRT team had a jurisdiction of the Continental US so we were armed to the teeth with everything! Yes whatever you think it was bigger
  4. I was an MP from 1978-81 and a K9 Handler. My last 2 years I was stationed at Seneca Army Depot on SRT and RF. 1985-88 I was a chaplain's assistant and the only thing I got to do was protect the chaplain from doing dumb things LOL
  5. Canadians....I hope you wore your poppy's! DC
  6. I have to chuckle at Social Media and especially DCP! A person says that they are leaving the activity because of issues in drum corps (DCI) and soon after (93 plus pages) it has changed to marching band and WW. LOL
  7. Any word from DCA yet? Asking for a friend!
  8. New Sit Com...."Whatabout George?" The further adventures of disgraced drum corps director.
  9. Must have been bored with no trick or treaters coming to their home!
  10. Happened to me too! My 13 year old reply was, "How can it ruin my embouchure if I use the same mouthpiece?" I then got yelled at but no answer to my question!
  11. The day I see Madison Scouts play "Rhapsody in Blue" with a clarinet soloist....I'm outta here! I love drum corps today but adding WW will change the whole complexion of an activity that we fell in love with! DCI might as well merge with BOA and become BOW (Bands of the World). Drum Corps has always been different and so now the talk is adding WW. Here's one thing you won't see....the flash from the brass instruments when they go up! I'm okay with most of the changes that have happened since 1970 but adding WW's? Nope!
  12. Oh yes I remember them very well. First saw them in 1972 and they were great! Saw them practicing behind my high school in North Tonawanda, NY in 1974 or 1975 and they were fantastic!
  13. So did the OP leave and if so why are we changing the path of this post? LOL SMH
  14. V R B ahhhh the old days! Brass Getzen soprano for me. Didn't get an Olds Soprano until 1972.
  15. Does this REALLY make sense? Numbers are why there is a spread and placement! So numbers ARE relevant!
  16. I also saw a fight or the start of a fight with another corps
  17. 1990 DCA was brought up earlier...... Wow! 1st through 7th were 4.7 apart! Empire was .1 behind Bush! 5th place was only 2.9 from the top. Incredible year!
  18. I truly hope that the activity can pick up again and there will be 4 to 6 corps who would be in the running for the #1 spot BUT...........What 4 or 5 corps will it be? When was the last time Hawthorne won? Bush? etc
  19. I was thinking Charioteers maybe? Academie Musicale? Any others?