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  1. yep I think it makes sense! More so today than ever before. Some may not want "regionalization" BUT it makes sense in growing the activity, and corps to save money
  2. Lee Rudniki has a plan for DCI/DCA! I like it!
  3. What corps did you think would crack the top 12 someday but never did? For me....Alliance Royal Brigade, Precisionaires,
  4. Responses could go either way. Positive or negative
  5. Since my first year in 1971 I would see corps and say "Huh! What was that?" or "What did I see?" What corps come to mind through the years where you thought, "what are they doing?"
  6. Whatabout Toledo? Oh and Cornell was really Ithaca right?
  7. Yes DCI can schedule their season but what will the venue rules be? If Drums Along the Waterfront in Buffalo are told the can only sell 2,000 seats, can they even pay to use the stadium? Where do corps practice if school districts decide to not allow outside usage of their facilities? Then where do corps rehearse? I want to think positive too but i think the schools will have to spray down schools before and after and how much will that cost?
  8. But will the school districts just say NO no matter what happens with this? The FEAR has been set in to our society now. I am 99% sure our districts would say NO to next year and probably beyond that.
  9. or the usual show sponsors Contacted school districts to see if they will open up schools next summer for rehearsals/sleeping? I think that they should find out before the season "starts."
  10. I'll add Bills Stadium/New Era/Ralph Wilson/Rich Stadium (Buffalo)
  11. Allentown Rochester (Aquinas) Marion, OH Manning Bowl (Lynn) Add your list
  12. Back in our hey day......1970's.... did you ever say, or hear, "We got screwed!" ? The reason I say this is, I've heard it for years but I noticed that when we would do NY shows we'd get beat but when we went to (say) US Open we would beat those corps that beat us in NY. you think there was politics back then ?
  13. Just to add more to the fire that is happening in drum corps! Add GH and Mandarin and all the other incidents PLUS Covid 19 which all together will further send drum corps into history (which will be erased) and we will never speak of it again.
  14. I do remember Marquis won the NT Open in 1976 2 days before DCI Championships started.
  15. I was playing around with Google Earth and looked at Marion, OH. It appears they moved the stadium. Anyone know?
  16. I don't think school districts (anywhere) will allow corps to stay or rehearse at their schools anymore. To much money to disinfect before, during and after. No housing and no rehearsal sites mean no more drum corps! I know this is not what you want to hear and some will attack me for saying this (I know there are more intelligent people out there) but I think it will cost to much money for the corps AND schools. Just ask some school districts and you'll get your answer.
  17. Two things will happen.....On November 4, 2020 Corona Virus will be eliminated OR......It will get worse and all drum corps, winter guards and marching bands will cease to exist! Schools will not allow groups to enter their property whatsoever o competitions cannot be held in gyms or stadiums (no rehearsals on any school property). Since you can't have fans at any professional sports venues...NO fans at competitions.
  18. I remember going to Lackawanna for Championships, ususally during the Baker Victory Carnival
  19. Us NYer's always hooped Squires would do it after Purple Lancers.
  20. Remember when the Geneseo Knights were beating almost everyone in early season and then didn't make top 12 while the other corps. that they beat, did?
  21. Open class isn't regional as they all travel around the country to compete. Back in the 1970's (for my era) corps stayed in their area. We were from the Buffalo. NY area so we did Upstate NY, Western PA, Ontario and sometimes Cleveland area. That was our region.