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  1. Greece Cadets General Butler Vagabonds Wausau Story Charioteers Seneca Princemen Rochester Patriots Spartans Ventures Canadian Knights Many more so add them
  2. Remember, today we have "EXPERTS" in everything in Social Media!
  3. Royal Coachmen (North Tonawanda, NY) were originally called The Aristocrats. Not sure why they changed to the Royal Coachmen.
  4. How did corps get their name? Like Charioteers, Precisionaires, Audobon Bon Bons, and other corps etc?
  5. "Where did all the All-Girls go? Long time passing...."
  6. Man, Poppycock is not feeling well! 4 or 5 pages and after 3 or 4 posts the intent of the OP is gone!
  7. Top of the list....Blue Devils "Legend of the One - Eyed Sailor" Cavaliers "Once Upon a Time/Somewhere Over The Rainbow" 27th "Danny Boy" Madison Scouts, "MacArthur Park" and "Rhapsody in Blue"
  8. All good but (I think 1976 maybe).....Russian Christmas Music, Love in them Thar Hills and Once Upon a Time/Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I may have missed a tune or two. Oh and the cool drum solo
  9. Although I liked St. Johns Girls my favorite all-girl corps was The Capitol Aires! I guess they looked the prettiest to this young teenager.
  10. What do you think? 1970's.............Santa Clara Vanguards and Blue Devils. 1980's ............Garfield Cadets and Blue Devils 1990's............Star of Indiana, Cadets and Blue Devils
  11. I hope that they thrive and are back up to #1 again soon!
  12. Here's my story, what is yours? Back in 1968 I was out riding my bike when I heard drums and then music. I raced over a busy road and traveled through the neighborhood to locate this music. Marching down Leah Avenue (near Rescue Fire Co.5 in North Tonawanda, NY) I saw a man carrying three very large drums and another carrying two drums. I watched as they marched down the street. I remember thinking I wanted to do that! In 1969 we moved into a new area of our city and in 1970 at a park a block away, two drum and bugle corps were putting on an exhibition. I saw the Getzville Suburban Knights and the Royal Coachmen perform. I wanted to do that! In June 1971 my father and I went to the Sweeney Hose Field Day parade and we talked to the corps director and drum major about joining. The next Tuesday I attended my first rehearsal and that was it for me. My parents tried to get me to quit from 1974 to 1976 but I stayed at it and became a soloist. My vacations were traveling to Canada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois. Even though I am not on staff of a corps anymore I miss those days and the friends I had.
  13. I also remember Argonne Rebels had many females in the horn line back in the 1970's. I always enjoyed the All-Girl Corps....their playing too! LOL
  14. Santa Clara Vanguard....Do "Dark Orchid" by Sammy Nestico again
  15. Drum corps is STILL ALIVE!!!! It may not be the same as when you marched but that was when we were kids. Today's kids still call it drum corps! Funny how this was started 12 years ago and corps play even better than back then.
  16. For a while we had quite a few....Bon Bons, St. Ignatius, St. Johns Girls, Mello Dears, Ventures, Fire-ettes, C.D. of A, Joan-ettes, Jean-ettes, Nee-Hi's, Bandettes, CapitolAires, etc. Then somewhere in time they quickly vanished. Why?
  17. Reading through these and I start to think...."Wow! All these old experts on here and are just NOT with the times!" Seriously, maybe the music is cool enough to attract kids to join. Maybe the designers have some cool approach to the 2020 season. Maybe WE should stop living in the past and move on to the future! Face it ladies and gentlemen, the times they are a'changin" and all we are is spectators! We are like old veterans who say, "Back in my day......" Well drum corps has changed significantly and by now you should realize that the old days are gone! Tradition is not what it was!!!
  18. For us who marched in the 1970's.....Remember getting a winter copy of either Drum Corps World or, if you are older like me, Drum Corps News and maybe the corps posted their repertoire for the season. There was never talk of "the state of _________ corps!" The corps came out for the first competition in May or June or even July and then you see and hear. Today we wait (not patiently) for good or bad news from each corps or the DCI meetings so then we have something to whine about during the winter season. Today we even get to see what happens with bad corps directors on social media. BITD (yep I used that), directors and staff got away with anything and everything, which is sad! Today, you could get caught picking your nose with the wrong finger and you'll be outed on social media! Today we can't wait patiently for news from the few remaining corps left. We have to know what's going on with the Cadets, SCV, BD, Madison, and a few others. Maybe once in a while we hear about Blue Knights. The few remaining Open Corps are never in the spotlight and if they are then it's for a brief moment. Any change that happens in DCI is a chance for most to complain how drum corps is dying and how they want to go back to the old days of 2000, 1990's, 1980's, 1970's or to the days of REAL bugles with a valve and a slide. The people who are positive about these changes are shot down and are considered dumb, stupid, morons and idiots! How DARE drum corps try to get better! How dare corps around the country try to stay ahead of the game and put on a show that is musically and visually pleasing! John Doe who marched in 1970 and never performed again is still whining, "In my day we had a concert and a color presentation! We had inspections and marched in squad movements!" I thought about this on several occasions and I thought, Thank God DCI came along!!! RAMD (can I say that word?) came along and thus started the b#tching and whining. People became RAMD stars! We had "awards" that even I may have won! I never saw a plaque or certificate. I remember I commented on something and someone decided my opinion was not right and as I was waiting to go on at an indoor show I heard someone say to me, "So and so wants to kick your a$$ tonight!" I said (as a 290 lb ex Army MP), "ok, where and when?" He never showed. Then came DCP. Good idea! It was run pretty well and still is today. I did leave the DCP FB page because, well, there were to many people more intelligent than me and I was a moron and an idiot. You,know I can only take so much and thought since I was older....why bother. I have loved drum corps since 1970! I remember from 1973 till 2004 hearing my parents "why do you do that crap?" Today I have that made me the person I am today. It showed me you can have passion in something! The people, for the most part are pretty cool too! I could go through of ton of people I marched with, taught with, am friends with, but thats alot and I'll forget someone. Thanks Drum Corps!