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  1. .....Staff's use to consist of? We had a drum guy, horn guy, drill guy and a guard girl! Some of the older kids would jump in as "assistants." Today you could start a corps with the size of the staff's! Our last year (1976 Royal Coachmen) we had three drum guys (two would come once in a while), one horn guy (from Toronto every so often) and the drill guy would come from Toronto with the horn guy. Guard was done by a former member. That was our staff!
  2. Read carefully....... In the years that you were in corps, there was a certain mix to your staff that worked for your corps. Who were the staff that made your corps successful? This does not mean that only top 12 corps take part in this, it doesn't matter. My corps, The Royal Coachmen (NY) had its best season in 1976 and its last. But throughout the winter leading up to the '76 season our corps director John Hathaway brought together a great group of staff people to lead us to our first successful season. Brass Arranger/Instructor....Ted Key Percussion Arranger............Bill Decker Percussion Instructors.........Doug Kleinhans and Marvin Newton Marching/Drill Design..........Bob Stone Rifles................................. Sue Plummer and Amy Colkitt Guard................................Can't remember her name, was from Canada and never saw her again after Philly. Lets see yours
  3. KeithHall

    Your Corps best staff

    I posted this 13 years ago???? Darn
  4. Is it time for DCI and DCA to merge? The amount of corps as well as the age of many DCA members is close to DCI age. Yes I know there is older veterans but as we lose more corps in both circuits...why not? Discuss and don't be mean!!!
  5. KeithHall

    Just A Thought!

    Maybe if the Non-Northeast areas saw a DCA corps they may like them! MB were pretty good.
  6. KeithHall

    Just A Thought!

    Instead of going to a show with 3 or 4 corps, you could see 7 or 8. Years ago you could see the same 4 corps at a DCA show...Cru, ES, Brigs and Grenadiers. Now have some All-Age corps a few Open (DCI) and a couple World corps. Worth the price of admission. Dci has how many corps now plus 19 DCA corps. The season ends sooner for those DCA college kids too. I'm sure there is more positives than negatives.
  7. KeithHall

    Why 1976?

    Since there isn't much happening on DCP I thought I'd pop on here and talk about why 1976 was such a great year in drum corps. It was the Bicentennial year....1976 and celebrations were happening all over the country. No more war (Garfield's dream came true), 80 plus corps attending DCI Championships in Philadelphia. Blue Devils win their first World Championship and have won many more after that! Open class corps were ALL exciting to watch from Blue Devils to Polish Falcon Cadets. Class "A" corps were also exciting to watch. Who can forget Wausau Story walking away with the 2nd ever DCI "A" Class Championship? St. Ignatius Girls winning their 2nd All Girl Championship too. 2 Canadian corps in the top 10 of Open Class. Kilties drop from 8th in '75 to 28th in '76? Schaumburg Guardsmen were in 31st in '75 and slide into 12th place in '76. Thank you Colonel Sanders? Phantom Regiment hops into the top 4 by beating 27th Lancers by almost 3 points. There were tons of shows all over the US and Canada every weekend. I don't know about you but that was the most fun I had ever had in drum corps that year. My corps won a little championship too...NT Open A Class beating out Peterborough Krescendo and Simplex Minutemen. Marquis won Open Class. Many of you have your own special years BUT if you liked 1976 please comment.
  8. Time means NOTHING! Whether it happened today or 40 years ago. I am sure many corps BITD had "things" happening and NO ONE said a word. Who's fault is it? I know you could say the law wouldn't do anything back then, but here we are and it is being dealt with on social media. It ain't going away!
  9. So even if he does much of the equipment and buses, etc are in RB's name? His stepping down would mean he walks away with everything meaning NO Pioneer. Does RB own the name? I would almost guess that Pioneer is done for good. Sad for the young people BUT better for them to go to an other corps. With that being said, how much better are the other corps? BTW......Why post about a possible rumor if you don't say what it is? Also, why say anything at all until it happens?
  10. Wow! The more info you get the worse it becomes! So with ALL of these problems with managing the corps, now we can see why they have never been successful in DCI (especially in WC). Not sure how DCI can monitor every corps but something needs to be done!
  11. KeithHall

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    Best thing to happen is for Roman to step down/retire. Gut the educational staff and probably the BoD. Start over. HOWEVER, doing that might be the end of Pioneer. Racine Scouts and now Pioneer (possibly gone). I don't think DCA would be the best answer for Pioneer either!
  12. KeithHall

    Pioneer What Next?

    My time in DCA saw our corps (Rochester Crusaders) feeding our corps VERY well. There may or not had a nurse present but illnesses were taken seriously. Now if I go back to my marching days in the 1970's...we visited fast food daily. I do remember that the corps did start to feed us in 1975 and 1976 so that we weren't eating fast food all the time.
  13. KeithHall

    Pioneer What Next?

    It's the 21st Century! They got a participation certificate and it doesn't matter that they beat 5 corps in all of DCI. They get an experience. It's okay people it's not about the competition. Competition is BAD!!!! Well, until the real world kicks in and you have to compete for a job!
  14. KeithHall

    Flo Guy FIRED for Sexist Remarks

    I didn't watch it, didn't hear it HOWEVER......... Today it is best to not say a darn thing about anything! People find something wrong in everything we say! Can't talk about politics, education and not even drum corps without being attacked, called names or being labeled! God bless us all!
  15. KeithHall

    Alabama Charioteers

    I believe it was Fran! I saw Charioteers at US Open 1972 and was so impressed with them, sound and marching. Years after I wanted to see them grow and be a powerhouse but alas it did not happen. Robert W. Smith was with them back then.
  16. Was just reading a post about KTTSea in Toledo and a poster talked about the Charioteers giving a clinic on how to program and design a show for a small corps. Charioteers, BITD, did just that. Any thoughts?
  17. If one wanted to get recordings from the 1970's and 1980's, who can we contact? I know there are some available through DCW but I also know of some out there that Ken Kobold recorded. I had some years ago but the tapes are no good any more. Help?
  18. ....In the 1970's what was the BEST National Championship Contest? US Open? American-International Open? World Open? And WHY? I will say, in my opinion, Marion, Ohio US Open. Hometown feel. The city made it a special event for everyone. Parade was large. Stands were jammed. Plenty of corps and comraderie!
  19. I only went to Toledo for Key To The Sea in 1982 when I was on staff with Renegades (NY). Brady Rouse, Bruce McCready and I met George Zingali and chatted with him. Nice show too!
  20. So here's a thought.....are all corps in DCI AND DCA taking a look at their staff and management team? If I were a parent I would be calling for that! You can't tell me there are only 2 issues in drum corps! We all know things like this have been happening for years/decades!
  21. Wisdom teeth.....had mine removed when I was in the Army 1980. Didn't use gas just novocaine. Took the tooth out, gave me some Tylenol with Codeine and then, since I was captain of our volleyball team, I went to practice. Practiced hard and then dove for a ball, slid, bumped it and a bloody gauze flies out! LT asked if I got wisdom teeth out and I said yes. He just shook his head and we went back to practice. Tough it out!
  22. KeithHall

    Other than Chops

    Don't you love starting a post and by the 3rd or 4th post they've changed the OP around to talk about something different? LOL SQUIRREL!
  23. As I said somewhere else.....This has just begun! Wait till summer hits.
  24. KeithHall

    Why 1976?

    Thinking back....1976 was really a fun year! Lots of celebrations happening all over the country and being out of the Vietnam fiasco was helpful too. The summer for drum corps was just fun and if you don't agree (that's okay) something was wrong! We started competitions in May in Canton, OH the weekend before Memorial Day and then off to Michigan for 2 shows before heading home to 3 parades. We actually went to competitions in early June. I believe we did one or two shows after DCI finals in Philly.