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  1. For me, a huge difference between BAC at Allentown and prelims and the 2016 semi’s performance was “the fire in the belly” of the marching members. They sold that show and had a gusto I hadn’t seen all season. It reminded me of Crossmen in 2012 when they edged out Blue Stars. Interesting note of semi’s in 2016. Some of the folks I sit with in Indy are Madison alums, one was a board member. In the concession stand line I ran into some familiar Boston Crusaders alums. BAC folks were not nervous about Madison. Madison folks were not nervous about BAC. Troopers had an amazing performance that afternoon too. Boston was the talk at semi’s in 2016. Though word of personnel changes for 2017 surfaced as early as Atlanta, some claim San Antonio, at semi’s actual names were attached. Finals is always a great show, no question. I love seeing everyone at prelims, but I find semi’s often has the most powerful shows of the season, if not score wise, at least emotionally.
  2. I’m surprised there is no Tour Premiere. I’m not surprised it is not being broadcast at movie theaters. Each year it seemed like fewer theaters were participating and attendance was down last year though that could have been Covid related. Movie theaters are still struggling. Last night was the first time I can remember not having to wait in line to see a movie on Thanksgiving weekend and it had nothing to do with electronic tickets. The theaters were empty.
  3. I haven’t seen an advertisement for Blast! in years. I appreciate the legacy of Star of Indiana and Bill Cook was forward thinking, no question. Blast! was great entertainment but Blast! did not, at least in my opinion, lead to much of anything that started a trend.
  4. I don’t think a return of a show to a venue is a new location, especially a place like Lawrence that has hosted shows dating back to the 50’s.
  5. I think you’re correct. With the exception of shows sponsored by corps that can guarantee an audience, once a show is gone, it’s gone. 1984 was the last CYO Nationals sponsored by the Office of Youth Ministry of the Archdiocese of Boston. With North Star, Defenders, and Alliance gone, that took away a chunk of competitors. There were no corps in the wings to replace them. You still had 27th and BAC, and Garfield and Bridgemen loved the show, but there was no way you could bring eight or ten other competitors to Boston. The donor of the prize money was no longer a sponsor and I believe that both BC and Harvard Stadiums were unavailable in 1985. There would be a one year hiatus. The staff at the Office for Youth Ministry changed and I’m thinking there was a DCE issue, but that was the end of the show. Boston Crusaders does hold a CYO Nationals Tribute show, but it’s more in honor of the show.
  6. Most years I hear about potential dates for local shows in late September, potential lineups in mid October and when the schedule is announced the show dates are usually accurate, the lineups are somewhat accurate, there my be a corps that will not be competing and another takes its place. This is not too secret info. You usually hear around Allentown, perhaps as early as San Antonio or Atlanta of corps doing something different the following year such as an East or Midwest corps going west or the West coast corps heading East. This past year I did hear potential dates, I did not hear lineups until the schedule was released. What I did hear about a week ago prior to the release was that more corps would be staying put for longer periods. It was not for more practice time or safety issues, though both no doubt played a part, but the potential of the economy tanking and higher fuel prices. It’s also my understanding that a few shows not in the schedule could not get competitors but I don’t know specific shows or locations. We’ll probably see a few tweaks and changes, but it will probably not be anything all that drastic.
  7. They’ve been in Boston a few times in the past.
  8. If you had to wait to get into a show in Texas in July, you have my sympathy! It must have been brutal if it happened on any of the days the temps were in the three digits. I did give DCI the benefit of the doubt for a few reasons. Usually things go off without any issues, at least in Indy. Also, ticket handlers had difficulties with scanning the tickets and my bigger gripe, the concession stand lines.
  9. Legends was smaller last year. It was also seemed to be a challenging year, at least from appearances. I’m sure not fielding in 2020 and 2021 played a huge role, but in the past Legends had some talented members. The same could be said for Louisiana Stars and 7th Regiment, both of which seemed smaller and hurt by the hiatus. I wonder how much of a role larger corps size and recruiting challenges in WC played a role.
  10. I’m thinking that there may be more to the story of educators being in jail for grooming. For one thing, grooming without the inappropriate contact is difficult to prove. Perpetrators often use normal behaviors to groom. Grooming is also gradual. I don’t know how you could legally codify grooming. I believe they could be in jail but my guess is there is more to the story. Regarding band directors paying drum corps tuition, many schools have policies regarding teachers giving gifts to individual students. A friend of mine who teaches English is always giving books to students. If it is a book she purchased, she has to get the approval of an administrator first. It’s often through booster organizations that athletes get scholarships for AAU programs.
  11. The long lines, bad on Friday, far worse on Saturday, were a blemish on DCI. We never heard a satisfactory answer to whether it was poor planning on the part of DCI or understaffing at Lucas Oil. Looking back now and considering the concession stand issues, I’m thinking it is more a Lucas Oil issue. That being said, a good number of people who attend DCI finals also go to Grand Nationals. My guess, if it is a LOS issue, the folks at DCI called their neighbors and colleagues at BOA and both put the pressure on LOS to do a better job. If it was a DCI issue, BOA probably learned from their mistakes.
  12. First, I should probably state I taught elementary and middle school social studies, language arts, and religion. I never had 50-200 students in front of me with instruments in their hands, with abilities ranging from gifted to “their hearts are in the right place but……” You want people to go into teaching, regardless of what they are teaching, because they love what they are teaching and want to impart that love to others. By far, most people I know who teach fall in this category. Where problematic areas come into play can vary. Inexperience is a big factor. Maturity can be another. These usually fade over time which is why mentors and good administrators are key. Insecurity can be a factor. “I’ll prove I’m tough by belittling you.” It can be ego. A teacher who taught when I was in high school thought she was a comedian. She made jokes at the expense of other students, usually behind their backs, usually disabled students. Students loved her until they were no longer in high school and realized how she got a laugh. the comments of the original poster spoke of a band director which I put in the category of a professional educator. Unless a color guard instructor, drill instructor, designer, caption heads, etc. are classroom teachers by day, they may not be professional educators credential wise. The same can hold true with athletic coaches. It is no accident that in many schools, coaches are often teachers at the school but that doesn’t guarantee problem free programs. In drum corps, I speak only as an observer, but I think you run into some folks who are may be talented but are pretty insecure and also ego driven. That leads to immature behavior. Success also can feed bad behavior. Some of the geniuses of the activity who have produced some of my favorite shows beloved by judges and audiences alike were equally famous for eccentric behavior, cruel rants, and hot tempers. Could you get away with it if your corps placed 35th at prelims? Probably not. If your in medal contention? That’s a different story.
  13. My high school band director was a great musician, gifted with jazz band and class room instruction, but not so much with full band. He knew very little about marching and let those of us who knew drum corps, which would be those I could load into my family’s Olds Cutlass Supreme station wagon when I was attending a competition (probably got 1 mile per gallon!🙂) design the show. How did we do.? This would have been when Zingali was at 27th. Let’s just say he didn’t leave Revere and make the 30 mile trek south to my hometown for tips and pointers. Under the band director’s tenure the band became stagnant. He wanted to spend more time in the classroom and a new director took his job. The only thing he continued from the previous director was treating students with dignity. He was tough and demanding, but he could be fun too. The band never became a competitive force, but the quality of the music was great. There is nothing wrong with teachers having standards. Band directors are teachers and in the states that have reciprocal certification with Massachusetts, all teachers are required to take methods courses which include trusting and measurement, curriculum, classroom management, etc. or the equivalent. There is no excuse for belittling students.
  14. Good idea. I see lots of Facebook posts from alums, BAC fans, and a board member at Fenway and Gillette. Tonight a few posted photos from the Garden so you better add Celtics and for good measure the Bruins too.
  15. I’m not sure if this has been posted already, but Scott Litzenberg announced on his Facebook page that he’s been hired by Boston Crusaders as Administrative Coordinator. The link is to the corps website so it must be official. He also announced it took him five tries to solve Wordle today, but that’s not all that pertinent.🙂
  16. I agree you will not see finals leave Indy anytime too soon due to both contract and the ongoing relationship. Indy is not an August destination area so DCI would be a boost for Downtown Indy. My understanding is it’s a great fit for BOA too. I have never been to Grand Nationals but people who have said it’s family oriented and lots of parents and siblings attend. They don’t stay at LOS after their kids perform except for finals and often do touristy things. We may have our critiques of DCI but my guess is they’d be an ideal group to work with from year to year. There is a good audience, the crowd is manageable and with the exception of a few fisticuffs incidents not all that rowdy. I think you’re correct about New York shows. I’m hearing rumblings about another New England show, but the former Bristol later Cranston show has been rumored to return and it hasn’t and the same is true for the BAC show prior to Allentown, so an additional show may be wishful thinking. A Buffalo show after Allentown could work. Last year there was a Pittsburg show on the way to Indy. Pittsburg is a great 5 1/2 hour trip, Buffalo a 6 3/4which is not a huge time difference. That being said, DCI does not consult me on the tour schedule.
  17. Overall the weather has been good any time I’ve been in Indy, but there are exceptions. In 2012 there was an unpredicted thunderstorm with high winds that knocked down a stage at the Indiana State Fair (about five miles away) that killed at least one person. in 2013 it rained on Friday and Saturday. in 2016 it rained all day on Saturday though it cleared for the evening.
  18. I think the Martins at Spirit is promising due both to talent and history. Regarding Will Pitts, I do know Spirit alums we’re not thrilled with him during his past stint with the corps, I thought he was better at Phantom than many did, but to be fair, music was not the only problem at Phantom when he was involved. I do think he knows drum corps, he’s probably matured as far as skills are concerned. It could be interesting to see what he’s able to do.
  19. The first year the fife and drums in Williamsburg allowed young women to march, I talked with a marching member who was about 12 and asked her what it felt like to be a trailblazer. As I’m sure you know, going coed was a huge deal. She looked at me and said “my name is Josiah and I am an apprentice to Mr. Foster.” I was feeling terrible that I mixed up a boy for a girl, especially at that age, but she smiled and then I realized she was in character. I’ve been to Old Sturbridge Village, Plimoth/Patuxet (formerly Plimoth Plantation), Mystic Seaport, and a few others. All are good about being in character, but none do it better than Colonial Williamsburg. Regarding being in 1776, you’re correct. One time when I visited, I was in the blacksmith shop and spoke with another visitor who said “I can tell from your accent you’re from Boston” and the blacksmith said “I know Samuel Adams and that is not the way he speaks.”
  20. Over the years I’ve visited Colonial Williamsburg and various Civil Ear battlefields. Colonial Williamsburg has devoted a great deal of time and energy into the history Fife and Drum units. Their Drummer’s Call Tattoo is the fife and drum corps equivalent to DCI and Williamsburg and Yorktown are the fife and drum equivalent of Blue Devils. I’m not sure if I heard this in Williamsburg, Yorktown, or Gettysburg or maybe even at the USS Constitution in Charlestown, MA but in the United States the transition from fifes to bugles was around the War of 1812. A major reason was new technology in warfare. More powerful canons were developed and by the time of the Civil War rifles replaced muskets. With the newer weapons it was more difficult to hear the fifes. It was also easier to create distinct military calls with bugles than with fifes. In 2012 I went to Williamsburg between Allentown and Indy, too long a drive but that’s another story. While in uniform, the members of the fife and drum corps are in character and if you speak with any after the parade, they will answer questions as if they are teens from 1774-76. If you’ve never witnessed it, the parade through the “Revolutionary City” and military reenactment is impressive. Though I did not hear it from one of the members, I did learn that some of the drummers who are alums of Colonial Williamsburg have marched in 21st century drum corps.
  21. I’m not that surprised at this scenario. When I was a teacher and took the train to Boston each day, a well known drum corps personality from the area, and no it was not a Bonfiglio, an Aungst, Tony DiCarlo, anyone associated with BAC or the late George Zingali, who sat next to me pretty frequently and loved talking drum corps. Being a commuter buddy did not translate to friendship when running into him at shows. I can laugh off the self important behavior in the stands, at Shapiro’s or White Castle, Yocco’s, or other public places. My concern is if it impacts how they treat marching members.
  22. 27th did excerpts from “Gaite Parisienne” in 77, 78, and 82 and it worked well. Offenbach’s music would work well in drum corps, especially parts of his opera “Tales of Hoffman”
  23. I thought they were stored in the Disney Vault along with the original never to be seen again “Song of the South” and Walt Disney’s cryogenic frozen corpse.
  24. Not necessarily. I thought when BDB and SCVC would not be competing in Marion in 2019, it would kill any interest in Open Class but it turned out to be one of the more interesting years for Open Class. Spartans were undefeated going into the championships, Gold was pretty strong too, and Legends was nipping at the heals of both. People were paying attention to and talking about Open Class. While it is always interesting to see where BDB and SCVC end up in Indy, their absence an create more excitement for other OC corps. Whether they compete in the OC championships without SCVC remains to be seen. We don’t know how long the hiatus will be for SCVC. If it’s for just a year, maybe not, but if it will be ongoing which could very well be the case, BDB will need to compete in Marion if it wants to attract talent since being in the B corps does not guarantee a spot in Blue Devils. Remember Gold defeated them in all but one meeting and Spartans will be more competitive next year.
  25. I’m not sure any of the Boston high schools have full bands, period. Of the public schools Latin and Latin Academy may have bands. Many of the schools have choirs, jazz bands, and ensembles. Pacific Rim, a charter school used to have an orchestra. BC High and Catholic Memorial have excellent ensembles and choirs, and pep bands for athletic events, but not full bands. In general, instrumental programs in Boston schools end after 8th grade.
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