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  1. I agree we don’t need to separate the group though from time to time I enjoy the historical thread. I always thought the cut off for the historical thread should have been 1978. If you watch 1979, you see more of the roots of what drum corps evolved into, whether you like it or loathe it and it further develops in 1980. For me, 1989 is a great year to begin. Two of my favorite shows are 1989 SCV and 1989 Phantom. I agree with those who say Phantom was robbed and if SCV had placed second, I would have agreed with those who would be saying SCV was robbed. Talk about taking both sides!😀
  2. I actually wondered whether DCI would cancel the tour and thought we might see some corps field shows and have some sort of tour. I also thought it might involve Open Class rather than World Class. The more I wondered about this possibility, the more problems I saw. First is timing. You can’t organize a tour in so short a period of time. A second problem was having enough shows to make any kind of tour worthwhile. Corps rely on revenues from shows. Third, with the exception of some OC corps, drum corps is not regional and if you were to see some sort of reincarnation of DCE or the like, you would need regional corps. I think we will find when the dust settles that the DCI tour could not have happened not so much due to the Covid-19 threat extending longer than expected, a threat of a resurgence in the fall, or fears of housing not being available. The time that has been lost thus far and would have been lost in the months ahead are the real culprits or at least major culprits. Even if we have a best case scenario with things settling down by the end of April, too much time would have been lost. I hate the decision and wanted DCI to wait until mid-April to make a decision, but when it was announced I knew they made the best decision possible even though it was difficult. Could others coordinate a tour? Maybe, but for all it’s faults, the one thing DCI does well is produce shows. Very few of the snafus that happen at shows are the fault of DCI. DCI is organized, creates an atmosphere, and things go relatively well.
  3. So you think this is the only generation that has worked hard and made use of petitions? Seriously, petitions have been around for centuries. People running for public office have had to have petitions signed. Referendum questions on a ballot require petitions. Petitions are not new tools of the young. They are as old as democracy. Keep a few important things in mind. Most of drum corps is dedicated to marching members. All of us who love drum corps are broken hearted about the young people losing the opportunity to march. However, many of the people who make drum corps a reality for young people have lost their jobs. Michael Boo is a beloved and dedicated member of the drum corps community. If you are able, read Michael Boo’s Facebook page and you’ll see another side of the reality of the loss of a drum corps season, his livelihood. Let’s let the dust settle first. As a nation we are all worked up, and staying in place has given us time to fill. The most important priority for drum corps now is survival.
  4. It’s already been done and it was announced in the statement regarding cancellation of the season. DCI does not need petitions of this sort since they already made the correct move. They also don’t need clutter when they are facing such shortfalls and the reality of laying off some good and dedicated folks.
  5. Interesting link. For years I have gone to Allentown but it’s easy to forget that for a good number of us, it is a weekend event that is held at night which means hotels and a good amount of free time which most likely includes spending money. It may not a be a huge blow in all places, but in a city like Allentown which struggles, every little bit helps and any loss hurts.
  6. I won’t be seeing Terri and Jim or the others I have met, and something sad has dawned on me. In the section where I sit there are many seniors, some of whom are familiar names who have given so much to the activity. This past fall was tough for more than a few of them with the typical issues that arise in the “Golden Years.” They have been a fun group to be with, a great source of stories, and even those who miss the old days still loved what was on the field. A few have said 2020 would be their last trip to finals. I’m hoping to see them in 2021 but let’s face it, even for the young in great health, three non stop days in a football stadium requires energy and stamina.
  7. My guess is educational entities would be schools, after school programs, GED and adult literacy programs, and perhaps job training programs. We see drum corps as educational, which it is, and instructors often use the word teach, which they do, and educate/education is probably in mission statements, but my guess is that drum corps would be seen as a youth activity or an arts program. However, you never know. Anyone who has ever written a grant can tell you is a great deal depends on how you define things. I would think corps that have programs that reach the young people in the local community might qualify as educational entities. If it’s not a matching grant, that could help the corps.
  8. I think the question might be “What did the statement not answer?” It linked people to DCI and stated what they intend to do.
  9. I’m not a lawyer, but my guess would be that performance rights would probably be fine. It seems as if it’s the broadcasting rights that either change or are problematic. It could also depend on the music. I know in the 90’s Broadway had a revival of “Guys and Dolls.” Prior to the revival, performance rights for high school drama programs and community theaters were reasonable and lower than standards such as “Sound of Music” and “West Side Story.” After the revival, rights became pricier and difficult to attain.
  10. I agree the corps need our support, and there are corps I support and will continue to support. Right now the corps have a great deal on their plates, but when the dust settles, corps need to explain why they need donations when they are not fielding a corps in 2020. There are a number of legitimate costs to keeping a corps alive at a time like this, but people do not necessarily know these costs. Keep something Else in mind too. For many of us, this is the biggest news of the day, but as I am writing this post, the number of unemployment claims is the highest it has been since 1982 which is the biggest item in the news. People may not have as much to give next year, and lots of charitable causes will be asking for donations, so corps need to spell out exact expenses.
  11. Probably depends on the corps and the show. My thinking is that so many corps enjoy keeping things secret, and a cancelled season could lead to lose lips about what a corps planned to do, new concept will probably be developed by most corps.
  12. It depends on how many age outs take advantage of marching in 2021. Many will have jobs, student loans will be due (assuming they’re have graduated college). I think the number could be small.
  13. I do think it is important that age outs have one more year in 2021. There should be stipulations. An age out either has to have had a contract prior to today, or marched in 2019. In reality, many age outs may not be able to march next year, especially if they have graduated from college. Hopefully they will be in the working world and chances are their employers will not give them a 3-4 month leave. There is also a negative possibility. If the economy does not rebound fast enough, they may not be employed but would not be able to afford it.
  14. Since Flo offers more than drum corps, it may be harder to get a refund. That being said, good will by Flo at this time may go a long way since so many were dissatisfied last year. A year also gives DCI an opportunity to find a different provider, so good will could be a good strategic move as well. If Flo gives refunds, DCI could be less likely to look at other vendors.
  15. Do you mean the birthday wishes, the “Done!” post, or the post that as I am writing has 242 comments?
  16. I think whether or not tickets are refunded depends on the show and sponsor. With shows sponsored by DCI itself (Indy, Atlanta, DCI East, Tour Premier etc) I think you’ll be offered either a refund or a guarantee of the same seats for 2021 which I think could turn out to be a good deal since ticket prices could very well increase in 2021.
  17. At this point I would be satisfied if DCI wanted to hold off until making a decision if DCI did the following: I would like them to announce a date when a final decision would be made, I would say no later than mid-April. I would also think that an announcement allowing those veterans who have already been issued contracts and have signed them and would age out this year permission to march next year would be helpful. I would also want corps to be required to honor contracts issued for 2020 in 2021. Given the reality of student loans and what will probably be a tight job market, we may not be talking about huge numbers of would be age outs who will take advantage of one more year of eligibility. For ticket holders, DCI should announce that if the season in cancelled, tickets for shows it sponsors will be refunded or honored in 2021.
  18. Forcing people from New York and New Jersey to self quarantine is probably against interstate travel laws, but it would be a long time before it could be challenged in court. We also can’t forget the great job he did with the Spring Breakers not too long ago.
  19. I like Hockey Dad's intention for this thread. I have decided to use unexpected and unwanted free time I have to organize my books, files, and photos. I came across a book called "A Little Bit of Healing" by Brian D'Arcy. I'd like to share a feel good piece I posted on my Facebook page which has nothing to do with drum corps but I hope you enjoy it anyway. I love the stories Fr. Brian D’Arcy used to share. Fr. D’Arcy was a popular priest in Ireland who died about a year ago. He was known for his writings which were featured in Irish newspapers. In one of his columns, he mentioned an email he received at Christmas. Many years back he had helped a woman with small children. Her abusive and alcoholic husband had left her, she had bills to pay, and Fr. D’Arcy decided to give her a helping hand. His generosity took place twenty five years earlier and since that time, she rebuilt her life and got a job with a newspaper. She also shared something else with him. One day she was walking and found a five pound note. She needed it desperately at the time. When she had the chance, she decided she was going to put aside fifty pounds per month and drop five pound notes randomly in the poorest sections of Dublin, praying that the person who finds it needs it and it will help them out of a jam. The woman said to Fr. Brian “You changed my life though you didn’t know it, and I hope my crazy way of scattering money will be a God send to those who find it.” Right now, people are scared, not just about Covid-19 though that is more than a reasonable concern, but the unknown. We may have a chance to reach out, if not financially, but as a listening ear, a compassionate friend, or someone who can assist in other ways. Remember too when we help others, we may be changing their lives even though we do not know it.
  20. My thoughts of why drum corps is resume worthy: Many marching members go into education, and if we read some of the bios of marching members, we are not talking only music education. In subject areas, grades speak for themselves, but there are the intangibles grades do not provide such as team work, working together, perseverance, dedication, etc., and drum corps can teach these skills. Regarding why one year may be of value as let’s say three years, that depends on the individual. Drum corps can be a great resume worthy activity, but so too is the right internship, job experience in the field, and the like. It really depends on the individual.
  21. It sounds as if DCI is at least somewhat hopeful something can be salvaged though it also understands that may not be possible. Experts are saying that we will see a larger number of cases this week but that will be due to the availability of testing and may not be helpful for predictions. Next week seems to be the critical week number wise. One doctor interviewed on I believe Good Morning America, though I channel hop so I may be wrong, said longer days may be helpful because flu viruses tend to die as the days get longer, and spoke of the virus itself not being very strong, but as soon as he said this he pointed out two other not so great facts, namely it is still a pretty prolific virus and it is a newly discovered virus so there is a great deal we do not know. I know a professional organization of summer camps has told members to wait before cancelling their season, but to prepare for the worst.Colleges with summer schools are still going forward though one I heard of is not guaranteeing housing. DCI planning for a season, even if modified is not unreasonable at this point. If there is a season, I would not expect it to begin until after a July 4th. They will probably want to hit as many areas as possible, which will mean cancellations. You will probably still have Atlanta and Allentown and a Texas stop. We’ll just have to wait and see.
  22. I agree, but they did a great job at making nuclear waste entertaining in I think, 2016. I do find Guardians to be a pretty creative corps and I’m sure they will come up with another idea.
  23. According to Guardians Facebook page, “we have made the decision to change our show and remove all previous content for the original show.” I find this to be very responsible and thoughtful on the part of the corps.
  24. I think DCI has until mid April to make a decision. Right now would seem too reactionary, at least to me. Yes we heard from the White House that it may be July or August, but the CDC says we’ll know more in 8 weeks. However whenever we have discussions about what DCI should or should not do, we are reminded DCI is actually the member corps. We may need to see individual corps cancel their season before DCI makes a move, and judging from corps FB posts and emails I have seen, along with FB posts from instructors, the only corps that has said anything I know of regarding the summer is Guardians who are changing portions of their show. This may be anecdotal and perhaps I’ve missed something. Social media is pretty busy right now. Many corps are being responsible by having April camps online, so I do believe they will make the best decisions regarding the summer.