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1 hour ago, Chief Guns said:

Same with BD 2009 judges percussion tape when they took home the Sanford that year. J.J. Pipitone almost lost his mind on the tape lol. 

Sanford winning Cadets 2013 drum judge tape is a classic as well.

Yes to Cadets 2013. Any tape with Prosperie is good value. 06 Phantom has just been reposted on YouTube and is fantastic not only for the comments but for clarity of sound. In both tapes he talks about compositional choices as well as points out performance nuances which really gives some context to the number given.


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1 hour ago, Musicman1084 said:

If you happen to be from an Oceanic country and can say the phrases "wow, look at that!" and "wow, so cool!" you could make some pretty good money posting those online.

I also need to buy the worst mic I can find and just scream into it like that one percussion tape (Cavaliers 2000? I think) where there's a massive drum break and the dude's just screaming like he's being stabbed

edit: found it. part i was referencing is at 7:30 timestamp

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