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    BAC 99-00
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    Boston Crusaders
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    97 Blue Devils
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  1. NavyCrusader

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Can't wait to hear the corps!
  2. NavyCrusader

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Alright... I need to know how it went! Any reviews??
  3. NavyCrusader

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    "I am the captain now!"
  4. NavyCrusader

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Off course... I'll be in Anna Maria Island the day before camps start...
  5. NavyCrusader

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Going to drop in on Sunday to see the corps this upcoming March camp... Anybody going to be there? I see it's a Brass only camp but it works for me since it's the only shot I have to see them.
  6. NavyCrusader

    Does BAC overtake Cadets by San Antonio?

    I enjoyed both shows in Jupiter... I wish the best for both and love the excitement of competition as of late... As a marching member, Cadets always was a corps you looked at in awe... Just happy that there is a similar level of product and performance. Honestly I think the Cadets/ Cavies spread is a little suspect.
  7. NavyCrusader

    2017 Boston Crusaders

    Is anyone going to the community show tonight?
  8. NavyCrusader

    2017 Boston Crusaders

    It was great getting a chance to put faces to names this morning... Corps sounded great and was missing a few members from what I heard. Walking around the sectionals I don't think I've heard or seen(that really doesn't say much) such focus on the quality of sound at higher volumes. As for music, details aren't allowed on here from what I understand so all I can say is get to the April camp and enjoy! I wish the best for the corps and thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend!
  9. NavyCrusader

    2017 Boston Crusaders

    I'm planning on passing by the March camp since it's the only exposure I will have this season other than the computer and was wondering if the corps was fine with alum attending. Also, is anyone on the thread going to be there? Ben
  10. NavyCrusader

    Boston Crusaders 2015 - 75th

    Been lurking all summer but just wanted to check in and wish the corps I love good luck throughout the summer. Ben 99-00
  11. NavyCrusader

    Boston Crusaders 2010

    In! Eat emmm up Boston!
  12. NavyCrusader

    Boston Crusaders 2010

    Glenn! Sup buddy.. Good luck to the corps and I hope this year rocks! Eat emmm up! Back to my cave...
  13. NavyCrusader

    Tme for an "educated" guess?

    And a lot of people had Boston 13th or lower... Kudos Troopers though!
  14. NavyCrusader

    Drums along the Waterfront - Buffalo

    "Is that rain??? Ohh no it's a swarm of mayflies!!!! run for your life!!!"- '99 at the "ball park" in Buffalo.. Also.. "Hey Ben, Your last set for the ballad is on the pitchers mound so be careful!"... BTW Mayflies suck! Found them in Port Huron a few days later.... Back to your regularly scheduled program!