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  1. 2007: Bluecoats 2008: Carolina Crown 2009: Santa Clara Vanguard 2010: Santa Clara Vanguard 2011: Phantom Regiment 2012: Santa Clara Vanguard 2013: Santa Clara Vanguard 2014: Blue Devils 2015: Blue Devils 2016: Santa Clara Vanguard 2017: Boston Crusaders
  2. Not a fan of what I'm seeing. Going to bite my tongue and leave it at that.
  3. Beautiful show performed with the Vanguard passion I fell in love with many years ago. Congrats!
  4. Don't hear a .5 gap at all, but I'm not on the field so it's hard to say. Crown does have the sound I prefer from a hornline though. One of the best sounding lines I've ever heard. BD has an insanely hard book on so many levels, and they are nailing it. Although I prefer Crown's sound and their book sounds harder on the surface, I somewhat agree with Catan. It's also a shame the Cadets are somewhat overlooked and under appreciated in this caption. They have an unreal hornline this year.
  5. They warmed up in the wrong area, and could be heard from the stadium. And I'm hearing DCI sent them to this area. This is just what I've heard about it, so not sure if it's 100% correct.
  6. Congrats to Crown. Hope they can pull it off. Actually thought Boston would overtake Crown in percussion tonight, yet Crown beats them by 1.2....Wow.
  7. I'm not even a fan of their show (musically or visually), and I'm still having a hard time believing Crown is even close to them. They are just that good.
  8. Which question though? Here are the questions asked in the OP after this statement: "However, the question remains concerning Santa Clara's use of the French national tricolors as a flash flag which is tossed and spun during Les Mis." "Should there be penalties assessed? Ought not SCV have the same respect??? What if it were, let's say, the Dutch corps or Twaiwanese spinning an actual American flag? Would not sensitivities demand better T&P judging rather than the judge practicing hand signals to the judging box with his grandchild on the track? Professional standards for an international championship? Respect the standards of every nation, no SCV???" Every single question asked was asked based on an assumption. With two regarding SCV showing disrespect. It would of been so much easier just to ask, "Are the tricolor French Flags used in SCV's show regulation flags?" The question would of been answered/discussed, and that would of been the end of it. The only thing I know for sure is that the corps would obviously not mean to show disrespect.
  9. SCV Madison SOA
  10. Wow, I wasn't aware of this. Happy to hear it.