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  1. I watch about 4 NHL games per week and I've been noticing with MN Wild there is a really nice sounding battery laying down some nice beats during breaks in the play - I'm not sure how large the line is - it sounds like 2 or 3 snares and a tenor -- Have other sports fans noticed this recent drumline trend? I've seen it for Vikings games too --
  2. this would be haunting! the section at 2:55 where each voice just sustains and the choir creates this single mass of stacked notes and then finally resolves is genius!
  3. January 24th and we're at 165 pages -- no one does a distance urination contest like Cadets fans can!
  4. I agree - the past 4 years of drum corps have been a living example of The Emperor Has No Clothes - Devils and Bluecoats realized that because the sound basically sucks inside Lucas Stadium, the only solution is sound reinforcement - Without actually stating this as the justification, all the corps entered a sound system war to the extent that the actual sound of a drum corps is now so completely messed up, it only sounds good on flo marching through your home AV system -- Critics of these innovations are shamed or threatened into silence by the enlightened elite who silence any diversity of opinion by branding their opponents as dinosaurs or craven anti (creative)evolutionists. Corps who should have known better and sided with the traditionalists were too afraid of not being cool and made their own weak attempts at entering into the electronics war. So now we are at a point where rules need to be formed to set a fair playing field. I'm particularly ticked off because I can't enjoy seeing a show live any longer unless you are sitting high - if you are low on either side, the sound is entirely the speaker stack nearest to your seats -- this is crap and the designers know it. One idea might be to limit amplification for indoor venues where the sound reinforcement is actually helpful - outdoor venues do not need amplification - The electronics race has lead to the design mindset that this is an indoor activity or a performance intended to be recorded and viewed online - is that really the direction the elite want the activity to go? Seriously, Bluecoats, Blue Devils -- is this what you want?
  5. any leaks on repertoire or show design features?
  6. very interesting! could this lead to sweeping changes at PR?
  7. Great idea! doing a blog of this would be kind of cool too!
  8. You are right -- now that I think about it, I realize that I was projecting what I wish they had done instead of what they did -- I want the narrative to be a story about how a group tanked, put it in the ditch, came on hard times and then came to themselves, reached out for help and rose from the ashes and returned with a vengeance to be a contender and prove all the nay sayers wrong -- kind of like a Bad News Bears story but with latin jazz instead.... I'm choosing to believe my narrative over the current story instead - Madison just needs to admit that they were going to fold if they didn't start letting anyone/everyone in and then they come back stronger (and preferably in cool old school uni's) -- do this, follow this narrative - and I think we'll have the feel good story of 2020!
  9. I thought they were very open and transparent last summer when they made the announcement that they were going coed because they couldn't attract enough members -- I'm pretty sure that's what they said -- I hope Madison is strong in 2020 too! I don't think they'll make finals - Carolina Crown didn't make top 12 until their 6th season - so we need to be patient with this new World Class corps --
  10. I know.... Ventures were a great corps - so many young men missed out on marching with a great corps back in the 80s -- I guess they all went to Allegiance Elite
  11. That tenor feature was impressive - but did they really get rewarded for it...? 🥴