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  1. would be fun to see if that Kiwi fellow could track one of these down for a video! https://www.youtube.com/c/TrentHamilton/videos
  2. Jack Mehar? Was he an instructor? the recordings of 1989 on youtube are really remarkable -- that midrange section was LOUD!!!
  3. down a youtube rabbit hole watching 89 Devs - What was the name of the mid ranges they used back then?
  4. Please give me one example of art where the removal of competition leads to continued growth of that art form and the continued striving for excellence. The only reason we call for eliminating competition is to protect against hurt feelings when we don't win and to build up a false belief that we are just as good as that other organization. Competition is the life blood of achievement.
  5. enjoyed just hearing the snares throw down instead of the synthy dweeby crap
  6. When Bluecoats choose to march they march really well -- wish they would get back to a drill based show instead of running between moving props
  7. 2021 and we have the ability to do screen within screens again -- wow --
  8. Crowd response for Cavies bass solo was so great!!! Highlight of the night -- Crowd favorite -- loved the trombone soloists self deprecating reference to live vocals!
  9. sorry wrong night - Saturday nights - Dan is wearing a Bluecoats ring - is he an alum?
  10. Beautiful show BK! Loved What a Wonderful World Really strong hornline - probably their fullest, richest ever!
  11. Frank forgot to run system updates on the mac this morning...
  12. why is Dan Potter wearing a Bluecoats championship ring?
  13. Pretty darn remarkable that Wizard of Oz still resonates with designers today! Thanks for a really fun show Genesis!
  14. I really miss the days of carefully crafted show announcements that would at least give the audience a bit of a clue as to what the show of the next unit was about -- Music City -- good show -- but what was that about? Show title: Circuloso --
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