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  1. I had predicted at one point earlier in the season that the Cadets would be top 5 within the next 3 years -- I might have been a bit over ambitious - Cadets are in serious trouble. They need a complete overhaul in design. Music people only should be planning shows - no visual people. Period. Visual people need to focus on getting back to drill, marching, breakneck speeds provided by the musical people. Guard is the frosting on the cake not the entire cake. MMs will be in the cadet uniform with shakos and 16" plumes. No more dancing battery or hornline members. Guard will be elite sabers/rifles dancers - like they used to be. Get back to being a serious drum corps again. Of course all of this is based on having competent desingers and staff -- if the money is not there to bring in good people, welcome to Phantom-land, Cadets - enjoy placing 8 - 12.
  2. great night of drum corps - flo was sub par tonight from my location - I didn't think top 3 had good runs tonight - Very happy for Blue Stars - BAC battery is a box of rocks Vanguard show is very unpleasing HATE the visual package with the tarps Devils: come on - you're going to quote past shows and you overlook 86? for that alone you will not win.
  3. 😞 yeah - IOS and vizio are not very friendly - vizio is designed for the android ecosystem - an android tablet like a samsung tab would be able to use the casting functionality of the Viz --
  4. how about starting by working with a local hs band? you might find that meets your dream or sends you in a new direction -
  5. Curious about what uplink is used in this type of event -- Satellite? Wifi? Cellular data hot spot? Ethernet? Complaints about streaming quality are all related to the amount of network bandwidth at the show site --
  6. all old school Madison fans are now triggered -- especially insulting with the Scouts following
  7. I didn't use the old service - but I recall there being tonnes of complaints about streaming problems with the old service - the technology has improved a lot since those early days - it all comes down to how much bandwidth the streaming service has access to at the site --
  8. I have a sneaking feeling that DCI felt obligated to broadcast some of the shows where smaller corps were the main attraction -- either that or there was a typo between Belton/Denton -- 🤷‍♀️ It could happen!
  9. both BAC and Cadets' batteries are gnarly - unfortunate about BAC being down one or two -- I wonder what the story is -- Cadets battery has just been rock solid the past several years!
  10. Bluecoats' show is just so seamless and smooth -- I really believe it's the best design this year -- it just flows -- the current ending is good - but I think if they added one more push it might just cause Lucas to implode --