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  1. Wow! With a faculty & staff of 92 members you've got the start of a nice Div II corps!
  2. To make a hockey analogy current dci season is like a college hockey season - play 2x per week — compared to what used to be an NHL season - lots of games really dampens the iterative vibe
  3. So how is showering going to work on tour now?
  4. just reiterating the point -- we live in a broken, imperfect world bad things happen to good people it will always be this way the bad actions of one individual should not require an organization to be eliminated address this problem, remove the problem learn from the past experience and move forward trying to be better grow and improve it's an iterative process if we only follow our knee jerk instinct to eliminate an organization that has made a mistake or hurt someone, all we're left with is nothing -- because if judged only by the pain of individual victims hurt by bad attitude doctors within an organization ultimately every organization will need to be eliminated because at some point every organization causes pain to someone. yes - be shocked yes - be angry at bad people who hurt others yes - demand change no - eliminate well-intentioned organizations that have ever caused pain to someone in the past preemptive strike - I am not saying that historically evil painful organizations should be allowed to continue to exist
  5. Thanks for doing this - I'm looking forward to seeing the fruit of your labor -- other than the dci web site, is there another website or app that lists the show schedule?
  6. Looks great! I would assume the facilities people know what they are doing - people take college football very seriously in ATL - I'm sure it will be a great venue for DCI too!
  7. @mods - could we please un pin this post now?
  8. check out Trent Hamilton on Youtube - he's a kiwi and he discusses all sorts of strange brass instruments - very funny and informative!
  9. Just saw on YT that Eric Carr the guy behind all of the fantastic youtube videos is leaving the Marine Corps and going full time into Youtube -- If there were a way for streamed drum corps shows to have some sort of in studio or on site commentary it would be a hoot if Eric could get that gig - his is so funny and informative - Good luck in whatever you do in music next Eric!
  10. I'm going to check this out -- I've heard of the show and want to get more familiar with the music!
  11. would be fun to see if that Kiwi fellow could track one of these down for a video! https://www.youtube.com/c/TrentHamilton/videos
  12. Jack Mehar? Was he an instructor? the recordings of 1989 on youtube are really remarkable -- that midrange section was LOUD!!!
  13. down a youtube rabbit hole watching 89 Devs - What was the name of the mid ranges they used back then?
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