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    My son marched Oregon Crusaders 2010 - 2014, lead euphonium
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    Oregon Crusaders, Phantom Regiment, Carolina Crown
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    Spartacus, Downside Up, Dreaming In Color
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    I have an extensive music background. Retired music educator. Now I golf a lot and when I can get to a warm climate, love SCUBA.
  1. Oregon Crusaders 2018

    Yeah I went back to the shop site and realized the show theme logo isn't a shirt..... yet!
  2. Oregon Crusaders 2018

    Redrum preseason merch has already arrived!
  3. Well, I don't see it here so here is OC's response. I am just REELING from this news... haven't been paying much attention to DCI as of late and saw some postings on facebook about it just a few minutes ago. Holy crap.
  4. Mandarins 2018

    I am really excited for this corps. Mandarins & The Academy are where the action is, where the movement is, where the large scale improvement is, and it is exciting to watch. I can't say enough about how compelling Inside the Ink was. Just a stunning break-through show. When I think about last year - Ink stands out along with Metamorph & Wicked Games. (But if I'm truly honest I have to say I'm sad Snyder left OC for Mandies. Just sayin...) Gonna be a great year!
  5. Oregon Crusaders 2018

    This is possibly the best teaser ever. Rife with mystery! Aside from OC18's show, I must convey my enthusiasm for the lineup slated for OC's one and only DCI event - Drums of Fire. Best ever. (Cadets, Vanguard, Academy, Blue Knights, Pac Crest, Troopers, OC & Scades - WHAT?) New venue though, and not even in Oregon but hey, we are so hungry for drum corps here in Oregon that we'll even cross the mighty Columbia River for it.
  6. Moving to a top 4 corp

    My son stuck with his home corps for five years and though he was proud of his loyalty - he still regrets not going for his dream corps. It isn't always easy for kids to step out of their comfort zone, cross state lines, and go for what they really want but if it is at all doable, I would encourage your son to go for it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity - a bucket list kind of thing. Don't hold back!
  7. Moving to a top 4 corp

    no brainer
  8. What you want for 2018

    I could not agree more. The measure of a corps should NOT be how many sub-woofers they can afford to string in front of the pit. I took special notice of this last year and it wasn't even close. I'll give your three guesses which corps win in this regard. Not saying I didn't also love their shows - but it is just getting out of control.
  9. Seattle Cascades 2018

    My issue with Spartans has always been in visual. Their drill never does much for me. I know their guard has always been excellent but I'm talking marching. I know Scade's guard hurt them and without looking at the sheets, that was probably the difference.
  10. All time shows: Seattle Cascades

    Favorite was O. Least favorite was Shinto. Never saw the 2002 show. I have very much liked every show Cascades have fielded since their uni change.
  11. News from Allentown

    Yeah I plan to! Will be a trip my son and I take together. He says he'd rather go there than Indy.
  12. If it MUST be done, there is no one I'd rather see do it than Spielberg though. Just sayin... Just PLEASE cast leads who can actually sing.
  13. News from Allentown

    This is a bucket list venue for me. Not good news. :(
  14. I'm like - what happened to Mike Stevens? Out of the loop I guess.
  15. Really fun thread. One of the things that made BD's 2017 show SO spectacular is the beginning nod to old school drum corps. It worked REALLY well and was as energetic and exciting an opening as I can remember in a show since I became a fan in 2010. But then BD contrasted THAT opening drill with all that came later in the activity and brilliantly showed why drum corps is and will always be an evolving activity. In other words, the OP's idea is really an apples to oranges kind of comparison. But that doesn't mean that older styles can't be tastefully injected into current shows. It is always appreciated!