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  1. Yes, porgy and bess would be great! Love that music.
  2. Yes, audition information is supposed to come out early September. I've checked several times, planning to get my hands on some!
  3. I found a comment on YouTube that explains the change from an mm's perspective. "No, they actually did explain it to us. After the Pulse shooting in Florida that occurred earlier that summer along with all the other shootings in the news, the design staff decided that more gun violence really wasn't the solution to anything, so they changed it. Michael Klesch, who arranges the brass book, said that if his son was marching this show or even watching the show, he would want him to take away from it that love and mercy is the answer; not violence. While the new ending isn't nearly as cathartic as the old one, I do believe it was the most mature route to go and I respect the design team a lot for it, even if it may have locked us into 3rd place. I don't think it's fair at all to place all the blame on the percussion for our results."
  4. I don't think anyone lobbied for that second one...
  5. And that kick### drill too.
  6. That's not an option, one or the other!
  7. BD narration

    I'd like to throw Cadets 2014 onto the pile.
  8. The Medea theme fits a lot better with the act of killing rather than mercy, doesn't it? And since the west is ruthless and our main character is Relentless, the kill ending fits so much better.
  9. I woud like to say more thing: THANK YOU Bluecoats for introducing me to Thank You Scientist! I've been listening to their album "Stranger Heads Prevail" on repeat for the past few days!
  10. Favorite shows of 2017

    Pure entertainment value: 1. Metamorph 2. Jagged Line 3. Ouroboros 4. Men Are From Mars 5. It Is 6. i 7. Wicked Games 8. Star Crossed 9. Inside the Ink 10. By A Hare 11. Enigma 12. The Faithful, The Fallen, The Forgiven
  11. Oh wow, I just listened to the different recordings. The kill him ending is even better than i thought it was as a huge emotional component of the show and it's a great payoff too. What a moment for Crown brass as well.
  12. Crown brass is most likely not leaving. It's crown's to lose.
  13. Nowadays you can't just rely on melodic content, you have to flex a bit so the judges know you're good.
  14. Probably around fourth or fifth. I am not reeeeally a fan of the content of that show in terms of scoring.