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  1. I am not qualified to make remarks about performance quality. Sorry.
  2. They just either throw so many notes at you or jam out. That's the type of show this looks like right now. Not a lot of cohesiveness but it does look like it could be performed spectacularly later on.
  3. It really feels like they just wanted to play this and then added a theme, even though this isn't the best type of music to be playing for the sake of it, IMO.
  4. Hello! Tonight is the night!
  5. I am extremely looking forward to seeing the preview soon.
  6. Not sure how I feel about the "completely redesigned" thing. The current style has the potential to produce either a really clean and slick looking uniform or a gaudy one, but they've hit on most all of their designs with it.
  7. I'm hoping the show doesn't go too literal in portraying a beast. It could be too much.
  8. The preview, and then at NightBEAT... can't wait!
  9. cube

    Cadets 2018

    Can someone clarify to me how show design will be handled this year? Did they already have a full show in place? I saw parts of the announcement were withdrawn, so I'm not sure if the actual theme is staying the same, or what.
  10. Happy 2018, Cavies! Looks like an interesting show, and I'm excited to see where this corps can go this year. Top three, anyone? Looking forward to hearing you in Winston-Salem.
  11. Sorry, I've been living under a rock for the past few months, forgive my lateness. As a person still in eligibility, this kind of revelation is something that makes me not want to participate in DCI. I have a friend (a DCI rookie) marching Cadets this year. I wonder how he feels. Can't be good.
  12. Good morning! I am excited for another year of impeccable brass. Does anyone know when they're announcing the show?