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  1. OK, I see there is a lot of inside baseball about the Scouts current organizational situation. I hope that gets resolved and they flourish. I am only here to say, that I finally got the chance to get a good look at the show this year via the web in San Antonio. Isn't this show the answer to many of us dino's complaints over the last few years? Not one prop. Not one stage. Marching an playing and in your face drum corps. I almost jumped off the couch and dropped my laptop to give a standing ovation more than once during the show. (Didn't want to wake up my wife though). Thank you Scouts!. I cannot wait to see you live in Indy. I love this show and wanted you to know, that I believe you are going to be a huge crowd pleaser for the rest of the season. I know the scores by themselves are disappointing, but I want to emphatically say, #### the scores. What an entertaining show and the members are putting so much energy into their performance. Good luck and I'll be rooting for you.
  2. Yeah, I've been eating humble pie as far as my musical talent was for several years now. I hear you. All the horn players I marched with agree that the musicians on the field today are absolutely amazing. Love listening to them.
  3. I was able to make a top hornline in the early eighties. At my best, I believe today, I would struggle to make a finalist hornline based on the technical difficulty of what they are playing. There is no doubt, the members today are more talented and what they are doing (musically at least) is much more complex. They are doing what they are asked to do extremely well. I have an issue with the show designers, not the members. The shows either have too much crap in the way that limits the drill, or the designers have gotten lazy and can't seem to connect one drill to the next. When I go back and enjoy past shows up to the early 2000's, I tend to watch the video. I have found that when I enjoy shows over the last 5-8 years, I usually just listen to them. To me, the Cavaliers of the 2000's were the ultimate visual Corps when it comes to drill. Brubaker and Gaines work is genius and executed stunningly well. 2002 and 2006 Cavies were the ultimate for me. Drill flows throughout the show and every move holds my interest. What I see now, is prop pushing, running from the end of one set to the start of another, rolling around on the ground, or climbing up and down stairs to a stage. Today's shows are musical treats and I love to listen. Yesterday's shows were visual feasts with wonderful musical score to go along with it. I really miss that, and I don't understand how many of the Corps that march very little drill get such high visual scores. High scores will only encourage more Corps to adopt that style, and there are some out there that still march a substantial amount of drill with no reward for doing it. Marching Music's Major League.... not so much anymore.
  4. Two more from Nightwish.. Jazz/Blues candidate... Just like this one...really nice transitions..
  5. absolutely! and in that vein, i feel like this could def work as a ballad I think these both have real potential in the right hands....what a combination of great orchestration and "black" metal. Wow. Thanks
  6. I've just discovered "Symphonic Metal" music. I've fallen in love with this band Nightwish. Anyone think that in the right hands, this could serve as the bulk of a show? BK? BC? SCV? Crown? If you like it, check out the live version with the new singer for a real treat....wish I had seen this live...
  7. If you substituted Blue Devils for SCV in your discussion, I could probably agree on almost every point including several of their shows over the last 10 years (not all though). Since you are speaking about SCV 2018, I have to say I disagree almost completely with you. I was blown away the first time I saw/heard it and no other corps did that for me this year. For me, it does exactly what I want a show to do....It takes me away from reality and I find myself completely fixed on the journey they are taking me on. I'm not saying you have to agree with my love of the show, but I don't believe you can argue that something that moves someone on an emotional level and be objectively argued away. Thanks SCV for creating an experience that has elbowed its way into my top favorite shows of all time.
  8. This was the last one I saw.. 6/23/18 DCI West 8:30pm CT 6/23/18 Innovations In Brass 6:30pm CT 6/29/18 DCI Central Indiana 6:00pm CT 6/30/18 Drum Corps At The Rose Bowl 7:30pm CT 7/7/18 DCI Minnesota 4:20pm CT 7/8/18 DCI Orlando 6:00pm CT 7/14/18 Drums Along The Rockies 7:30pm CT 7/15/18 Midwestern Championship 3:50pm CT 7/19/18 DCI Central Texas 6:30pm CT 7/21/18 Southwestern Championship 1:00pm CT 7/28/18 Southeastern Championship 12:00pm CT 7/29/18 NightBEAT TOC 5:00pm CT 8/3/18 Eastern Classic Day 1 5:00pm CT 8/4/18 Eastern Classic Day 2 5:30pm CT 8/6/18 Open Class Prelims 4:00pm CT 8/7/18 Open Class Finals 6:00pm CT 8/9/18 World Class Prelims 8:00am CT 8/10/18 World Class Semifinals 1:00pm CT 8/11/18 Drumline Battle TBD 8/11/18 World Class Finals 3:55pm C
  9. OK. If you have marching experience that is a definite plus. I can't speak to the transition from woodwind to brass, but it really comes down to how much time and effort you are willing to invest in getting your brass chops up to par. 4 years of marching band experience was enough to get me into a world class corps as far as marching goes, 6 years of musical background is quite extensive at your age and is also a major plus. You already understand ensemble requirements and how to read music etc.... As someone else suggested, Open class might be a good starting point. It will get you needed experience and help you develop the stamina that is needed during the drum corps season as well as help you gauge how much progress you need to make. I marched a 20th place corps and a top 3 corps, and I can tell you that aside from the talent and experience level, both took the same level of commitment, desire, and effort. They also were equally as beneficial to me personally in shaping me for future success (which I believe is the most valuable commodity that drum corps offers to most participants.) Just get into the activity. Once you do, you can determine what your ultimate goals are. You may decide to try to move up to a finalist level corps or may find everything you are looking for where you started.
  10. How old are you Anna? Three months is a relatively short time but, if you have several years before you age out, there is time to make your dreams a reality. Bluecoats may not be within your grasp right now, but the audition process could help you identify what your weaknesses are and help you focus your efforts to reach your goals more quickly.
  11. I have to agree with this. I don't care about the guy or the commentary so much, but the change made to show mercy really ruined the musical flow of the show ending for me. Again, it is about the music flow for me not the commentary. I find the abrupt change of musical direction confusing, but that is just my opinion. The "kill him" ending lets the Medea passage breathe and is more satisfying to my sense of musical direction. (maybe the had already started to "lose their sense of direction" last year)...hehe Listen to the difference from an earlier show (Muncie) and the finals version...
  12. This. I was putting my thoughts together and read Brasso's post. Could not have said it better myself. (probably not as well).
  13. I was at Nightbeat also, only I was in the VIP 3 rows from the top. There were a few corps that offended with the thunderous goo at times. But I have to call out Cadets and Blue Devils as being "unnaturally loud". Even from the top of the stadium, it bordered on painful at times. As the amplified volume grew, the clarity of the music started to get lost. Too bad it has to be like that. The only corps that I never heard amplification from (except solos) was the Troopers. If they are using it, I couldn't hear it. I don't think either of these brass lines have any need of amplification. They can put out plenty of volume with out it. Guess I'll be testing the earasers also, since we are on the 50 about 15 rows up in Indy all three nights. Hmmm....something just occurred to me.. Since BD is doing a show involving the evolution of Drum Corps, maybe this is by design. You know, starting on the end line, marching a company from with unison rifle spins, and ending the show with speakers blaring. In some ways, that kinda sums it up.....hehe