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  1. drumcorpsfan2018

    Johnston, IA - July 11, 2018

    Those 90 seconds are intense. Very Cadets-like.
  2. drumcorpsfan2018

    Minneapolis, MN - July 7, 2018

    Crossmen 7th in Music analysis????
  3. drumcorpsfan2018

    Wausau, WI - July 5, 2018

    I heard from one of the Staff members that Phantom had the worst performance of the season last night. The electronic malfunction contributed to the members losing focus, and of course other factors were involved.
  4. drumcorpsfan2018

    Muncie, IN - June 29, 2018

    Watched the Crossmen last night. Prepare to be blown away. They are on a mission tonight.
  5. drumcorpsfan2018

    2018 Predictions

    With a bunch of high schoolers no less. This is by far the youngest group they had in years. Only a handful of vets.
  6. drumcorpsfan2018

    Crossmen 2018

    That is correct. I've seen a photo of it. It still sticks to their traditional uniform. Compared to the drastic changes the other corps have done with their uniforms, theirs is a nice relief haha Although I will say that the top part that was missing is a bit active in the middle. Cool otherwise.
  7. drumcorpsfan2018

    2018 Predictions

    This corp is not getting 12th or lower.
  8. drumcorpsfan2018

    2018 Predictions

    In their second week it was over 100.. not to mention since they rehearse on turf that adds another 10 degrees.
  9. drumcorpsfan2018

    2018 Predictions

    Not all of it sounds like this, but their hit moments do indeed have this same drive and energy. At times you can hear the youth in the sound (manly in the quieter sections), but compared to the last few years this has been the best I've seen and heard this corp. It's early, but this is a great start. They have their preview performance tonight so I'm sure videos will be posted.
  10. drumcorpsfan2018

    2018 Predictions

    It's Crossmen. Not bad for a bunch of high schoolers that have never marched in this activity right? I wasn't joking when I said they're aggressive. :) The average age of this year's group if I heard correctly ranges between 16-18.
  11. drumcorpsfan2018

    Crossmen 2018

  12. drumcorpsfan2018

    2018 Predictions

  13. drumcorpsfan2018

    2018 Predictions

    Yeah this year is different for sure. I know most have them under their radar, and that's exactly how they want it. It's exciting. I've never been the biggest fan of Crossmen, and I don't mean that in any disrespect. The shows just haven't captivated me, but let me tell this show has changed my opinion. It's going to be a memorable one.
  14. drumcorpsfan2018

    2018 Predictions

    Watched the Crossmen rehearse two nights ago. I will say this...They definitely won't be a 12th place corp, and I wouldn't be surprised if they placed higher than 10th. These kids are aggressive both on and off the field. Visually it's quite dirty, but man those kids are playing with energy that I've never heard from this corp in the last 15 yrs, and what's more surprising is that 80% percent of them are high schoolers (average age is 18). To say that they sound better now than where they were in August last year is an understatement. The arranger did some incredible work to keep the music as close to the original with Tchaikovsky 6th Symphony. Looking forward to seeing how they progress.