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  1. PLACE CORPS SCORE 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 90.325 2 Blue Devils 89.775 3 Bluecoats 89.050 4 The Cavaliers 86.100 5 Boston Crusaders 85.950 6 Blue Knights 83.100 7 Phantom Regiment 82.100
  2. Wife said it’s pretty close with the Devils.
  3. I really like their show...just not there to comment on it, but it is an entertaining, fun watch!
  4. Let’s go VANGUARD! Level the BA stadium.
  5. Interesting. The feedback is much appreciated. Wife is there, but too busy watching to comment for me.
  6. Well it’s really an inspiration to see how this dedicated band of DCI family members comes together in a crisis! A tip of the cap and heartfelt thanks should be sent (by all) to the Phantom Regiment and Blue Knights for helping get the SCV team nourished. Wow! What a great example to all! THANK YOU!

    El Dorado, KS - July 16, 2018

    Let’s blow the wheat off the plains Vanguard!

    2018 DCI Finals

    Awesome! I'll be there!

    2018 DCI Finals

    Also in SCV gear! woo-hoo!

    2018 DCI Finals

    Did someone say beer garden? Hmmmm....
  11. You guys are lucky! We're coming in from Dallas to Katy and then heading to SA. Whee!
  12. Super stoked to see the best of the West as well as some of the beasts in the East. Son's first year in DCI and its a remarkable season so far. He's got a free day in SA on Sunday, so hopefully we can have lunch as his mom and I haven't seen him since late May.