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  1. If one wanted to get recordings from the 1970's and 1980's, who can we contact? I know there are some available through DCW but I also know of some out there that Ken Kobold recorded. I had some years ago but the tapes are no good any more. Help?
  2. ....In the 1970's what was the BEST National Championship Contest? US Open? American-International Open? World Open? And WHY? I will say, in my opinion, Marion, Ohio US Open. Hometown feel. The city made it a special event for everyone. Parade was large. Stands were jammed. Plenty of corps and comraderie!
  3. I only went to Toledo for Key To The Sea in 1982 when I was on staff with Renegades (NY). Brady Rouse, Bruce McCready and I met George Zingali and chatted with him. Nice show too!
  4. So here's a thought.....are all corps in DCI AND DCA taking a look at their staff and management team? If I were a parent I would be calling for that! You can't tell me there are only 2 issues in drum corps! We all know things like this have been happening for years/decades!
  5. Wisdom teeth.....had mine removed when I was in the Army 1980. Didn't use gas just novocaine. Took the tooth out, gave me some Tylenol with Codeine and then, since I was captain of our volleyball team, I went to practice. Practiced hard and then dove for a ball, slid, bumped it and a bloody gauze flies out! LT asked if I got wisdom teeth out and I said yes. He just shook his head and we went back to practice. Tough it out!
  6. KeithHall

    Other than Chops

    Don't you love starting a post and by the 3rd or 4th post they've changed the OP around to talk about something different? LOL SQUIRREL!
  7. As I said somewhere else.....This has just begun! Wait till summer hits.
  8. KeithHall

    Why 1976?

    Thinking back....1976 was really a fun year! Lots of celebrations happening all over the country and being out of the Vietnam fiasco was helpful too. The summer for drum corps was just fun and if you don't agree (that's okay) something was wrong! We started competitions in May in Canton, OH the weekend before Memorial Day and then off to Michigan for 2 shows before heading home to 3 parades. We actually went to competitions in early June. I believe we did one or two shows after DCI finals in Philly.
  9. KeithHall

    Why 1976?

    Since there isn't much happening on DCP I thought I'd pop on here and talk about why 1976 was such a great year in drum corps. It was the Bicentennial year....1976 and celebrations were happening all over the country. No more war (Garfield's dream came true), 80 plus corps attending DCI Championships in Philadelphia. Blue Devils win their first World Championship and have won many more after that! Open class corps were ALL exciting to watch from Blue Devils to Polish Falcon Cadets. Class "A" corps were also exciting to watch. Who can forget Wausau Story walking away with the 2nd ever DCI "A" Class Championship? St. Ignatius Girls winning their 2nd All Girl Championship too. 2 Canadian corps in the top 10 of Open Class. Kilties drop from 8th in '75 to 28th in '76? Schaumburg Guardsmen were in 31st in '75 and slide into 12th place in '76. Thank you Colonel Sanders? Phantom Regiment hops into the top 4 by beating 27th Lancers by almost 3 points. There were tons of shows all over the US and Canada every weekend. I don't know about you but that was the most fun I had ever had in drum corps that year. My corps won a little championship too...NT Open A Class beating out Peterborough Krescendo and Simplex Minutemen. Marquis won Open Class. Many of you have your own special years BUT if you liked 1976 please comment.
  10. ...since anyone has posted anything about drum corps! Guess we are just "drum corped out!"
  11. KeithHall

    Been a Long Time....

    These were the days......weekend camp, getting the drill (almost done), bonding, meeting more new friends! Preparing to do a few Memorial Day Parades on that Sunday and Monday. In high school, I had to march with the high school then change and run to the end of parade to get in line with the corps. Then came June and Saturday shows, traveling on a school bus. Ahhh the kids today don't know how to rough it in drum corps! Sleep on the gym floor (WITH NO AIR MATTRESS!!!!) only way to call Mommy was to find a pay phone and reverse the charges. What to do on a school bus? No cell phones , tablets or laptops so we READ BOOKS< MAGAZINES, played cards (a real deck). Ahhhh those were the days!!!!
  12. KeithHall

    Cadets 2018

    Maybe bringing back War and Peace from the 70's! Since we have such tumultuous times now...what the heck!
  13. KeithHall

    Been a Long Time....

    Funny the word "Blasting" came up! I was just talking to a student about my junior high teacher yelling at me for marching drum corps. "It's just blasting!" and "It will ruin your lip!" When I hear old recordings of corps I think he was right about the first statement! Compare to the past 40 years, drum corps has really brought out the musicianship in the brass players
  14. So there is no doubt that Florida has a ton of talent for drum corps BUT not for a corps in Florida! In the past 15 to 20 years the state wouldn't support 2 DCA corps and they already have an Open Class DCI corps. The past saw Suncoast Sound, Magic, Teal Sound, Florida Waves/Vanguards, Floridians, Devil Dogs but that was so long ago.
  15. Still waiting on an answer about Teal Sound! I live here in Jacksonville, teach High School music and I haven't heard a word about this!
  16. Teal Sound? I live here and haven't heard a word about them. Who is taking this on?
  17. KeithHall

    The future of the Cadets

    This may only be the beginning! I hope there is no more accusations in this activity BUT I believe it's been going on and, unfortunately, the climate in our country is such that more people will stand up and tell their story. If so it could be the downfall of drum corps. I hope that this was the only blemish and we can move on and let the law deal with GH. Pray that there are no more!
  18. I started corps in 1970 and remember attending competitions that were Penn-York or NY-Penn. I also recall a few Ontario corps would come down to compete as well as Cleveland Buckeyes one year (I think 1972). Seneca Princemen, Opti-Knights, Opti-Lancers, Flying Dutchmen, Durham Girls, Krescendos, St. Johns Girls all came down . From PA.....Cambria Cadets, 84th Bucktail Regiment, Silver Sabres and Derry Patriots would make it up. Besides Buckeyes, a new corps from Canton came over....called the Bluecoats! My corps, The Royal Coachmen surprised everyone in 1970 by making finals at Penn-York Championships. I wasn't there then but somewhere down the road I did compete at a Penn-York Championship in 1974 or 1975. I remember it was at a field that was not very memorable to me and I think Black Knights (Oswego) went on after or before us. I also remember for the Senior corps there was the Red Carpet Association and 2 corps down the road from us (Suburban Knights and Hamburg Kingsmen) were members. So many corps back then and today? Nothing (well White Sabres in DCA and thank God they are still there and doing a fantastic job!!!!).
  19. As much as GH changed modern day drum corps he may be the one to have it die a quicker death! Parents and young people alike will see or hear about this and think twice about sending their kids to a drum corps. We MAY see an end to the activity we all love! There may be more stories out there with other corps and soon they will come out. Remember the "wild ramblings" of a female on RAMD? Maybe, just maybe, she wasn't that crazy after all!
  20. KeithHall

    Upstate NY Circuits

    September 5, 1970 Penn-York Circuit Championships Prelims Corning NY 1 Scarborough Firefighters 69.400 2 Marching Saints 67.750 3 Lakeview Shoreliners 61.650 4 Utica Royaleers 59.650 5 Mello-Dears 55.700 6 Royal Coachmen 55.050 7 Grenadiers 54.100 7 Tri-Town Cadets 54.100 8 Mark Twain Cadets 53.650 9 Castlemen 45.050 10 Squires 44.250 11 Barons of Steuben 43.250 12 Cadets of Greece 39.000 13 Lakeland Blue Devils 33.510 14 Montrose Ascots 29.800 September 5, 1970 Penn York Championship Corning NY 1 Scarborough Firefighters 72.200 2 Marching Saints 66.000 3 Belvederes 61.500 4 Tri-Town Cadets 61.100 5 Lakeview Shoreliners 60.300 6 Utica Royaleers 59.950 7 Mark Twain Cadets 57.850 8 Mello-Dears 56.500 9 Royal Coachmen 55.200 10 Grenadiers 55.100 11 Castlemen 50.900 12 Squires 45.450 13 Barons of Steuben 45.200
  21. Piggy back on a post I started elsewhere... 1971 RCA participants were Pittsburgh Rockets Burlington Commanders Guelph Royalaires RI Matadors Emmaus Sentinels Erie Thunderbirds Altoona Gardners (Really) Freestatesmen Hamburg Kingsmen Suburban Knights Hanover Lancers Sudbury Imperial Knights ANY others that came later
  22. KeithHall

    Upstate NY Circuits

    RCA had (I believe).....Hamburg Kingsmen, Dunkirk Patriots, Suburban Knights, and others. Was Hanover Lancers in there too?
  23. ...ever a corps to come from the basement of drum corps to rise to the top? I don't mean mergers or Star of Indiana. I mean a corps that was in the basement. I can only think of Bluecoats. Kilties went to the basement in their junior days and never made it back (junior-wise). Any other corps?
  24. KeithHall

    Upstate NY Circuits

    I think I saw them at a show in Johnsonburg, PA in 1973. Place was smelly too but remember seeing, I think, Royaleer Mounties (All Girl), Purple Lancers, Vestal Grenadiers at that show. Cambria had a real cool street beat to get on the field too!
  25. KeithHall

    Why 1976?

    I enjoyed watching Gene Rayburn and his wife as they were sitting near 50 on field doing the telecast.