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  1. Terri, Thanks for the info. Did not see either corps perform these great tunes. My guess is they both did really good productions.
  2. Iron Lips- Thanks for the video clip. Nicely done by St. Rita's Alumni. Back when Brigs did their Cole Porter shows ('97 & '98), I wish they had thrown in "Miss Otis Regrets". Bette Midler does a great job on that number.
  3. Did any corps ever perform Cab Calloway's "Minnie the Moocher"? How about Cole Porter's "Miss Otis Regrets"? Two really great tunes with tons of potential for a corps to play.
  4. I would like to share the opinion that the greatest corps director, was YOUR corps director. Did your corps director teach you about teamwork, dedication, discipline, how to to lose? Did he or she help mold you into a responsible young citizen, help to expand your horizons in life? You get where I'm going with this. If THIS was your corps director, well then...they were the best. I'm proud to say Col. "Bud" Floyd of Utica's Magnificent Yankees was the best corps director ever!
  5. The only rumor I remember from '75, was that the Muchachos were gonna kick Madison's butt at finals! But, we all know how that turned out...🤨
  6. Frank, Thanks for posting the '77 Hurricanes for me to enjoy. I was in Hawaii that year, getting Na Koa Alii Jr. corps up and running, so I missed out on many good DCA shows in the '70's. The Hurcs had a very impressive show! Very impressed with their entire visual execution. Noticed they played Mancini's "Oklahoma Crude." The USMC D&B Corps from Kaneohe, HA played that number in 1975. And we are still no closer to knowing when the fields became lined... Hmmm... Used to line three fields each weekend for the Brigadiers back in the late '90's and early 2000's. So, I ha
  7. Gosh, I should know the answer to this question...but, what year did DCA begin fully lining competition fields, as opposed to the old "50-yd, line only" marking?
  8. Wow! That would be DCI's 50th Anniversary, right? Imagine gathering at least one, of each uniform worn by all the corps of DCI through the years. Line them up by corps, in company fronts on the field at some point during Finals night. Let everyone behold and remember.
  9. The Skyliner organization is fortunate to have Mr. Allen in the leadership role he holds. Very talented young man. Of course the whole drum corps thing is just "in his blood". Best wishes for the 2019 season.
  10. My wife and I just heard of Jimmy's passing. Both saddened beyond words. He will truly be missed, as his contributions to our activity were innumerable. RIP Jimmy.
  11. Syracuse... because of what Fran said. And because my corps won both years.
  12. There seems to be a fair amount of comments re: Kidsgrove Scouts, their International status, etc. I'll keep my comment short and sweet. I would be thrilled if the Scouts came back in 2 years, and won the DCA World Championship!
  13. My wife and I drove over on Saturday from Oswego, looking forward to a fine day of drum corps. We were not disappointed. And as a bonus, got to say "Hi!" to many friends from years past, with whom we marched. Enjoyed every corps, some more than others...but it was all good. Extra shout-out to Kidsgrove Scouts...very impressive. Side-note....who remembers the "Inspires"? Right?
  14. Uh....wouldn't Moe's inclusion into the HOF come under the "visual" category? I mean come on, you have to use your eyes to see his work! Also, someone included Mathew Brady's name in a posting re: Moe Knox. I believe Mathew and Moe were buddies BITD.
  15. Grenadier- Here's a thought. A lot of us old dinosaurs understand your love and passion for the way corps used to be. Now, I'm not being snide, but if you really have that passion, get on the internet, check around for some old bugles and drums (12-15 horns; 7-8 drums; a few flags; couple of rifles) and start a small neighborhood corps. Learn 2 or 3 songs; do a few parades in your immediate area, maybe a standstill in exhibition. Black jeans and red windbreakers for unis. An unpaid staff of three or four. You get the picture. It would be a corps you could mold the way you see fit....i.e