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  1. Wow! That would be DCI's 50th Anniversary, right? Imagine gathering at least one, of each uniform worn by all the corps of DCI through the years. Line them up by corps, in company fronts on the field at some point during Finals night. Let everyone behold and remember.
  2. The Skyliner organization is fortunate to have Mr. Allen in the leadership role he holds. Very talented young man. Of course the whole drum corps thing is just "in his blood". Best wishes for the 2019 season.
  3. My wife and I just heard of Jimmy's passing. Both saddened beyond words. He will truly be missed, as his contributions to our activity were innumerable. RIP Jimmy.
  4. Syracuse... because of what Fran said. And because my corps won both years.
  5. There seems to be a fair amount of comments re: Kidsgrove Scouts, their International status, etc. I'll keep my comment short and sweet. I would be thrilled if the Scouts came back in 2 years, and won the DCA World Championship!
  6. My wife and I drove over on Saturday from Oswego, looking forward to a fine day of drum corps. We were not disappointed. And as a bonus, got to say "Hi!" to many friends from years past, with whom we marched. Enjoyed every corps, some more than others...but it was all good. Extra shout-out to Kidsgrove Scouts...very impressive. Side-note....who remembers the "Inspires"? Right?
  7. Uh....wouldn't Moe's inclusion into the HOF come under the "visual" category? I mean come on, you have to use your eyes to see his work! Also, someone included Mathew Brady's name in a posting re: Moe Knox. I believe Mathew and Moe were buddies BITD.
  8. Grenadier- Here's a thought. A lot of us old dinosaurs understand your love and passion for the way corps used to be. Now, I'm not being snide, but if you really have that passion, get on the internet, check around for some old bugles and drums (12-15 horns; 7-8 drums; a few flags; couple of rifles) and start a small neighborhood corps. Learn 2 or 3 songs; do a few parades in your immediate area, maybe a standstill in exhibition. Black jeans and red windbreakers for unis. An unpaid staff of three or four. You get the picture. It would be a corps you could mold the way you see fit....i.e. old style. I know how easy it is to rant. I'm good at it. I also know that if you want a drum have to start one. I know, because I did so in Hawaii many years ago. You want something bad enough, you'll figure out a way. I hope you take up my challenge and have great success. Mark
  9. As we speak, Mr. Olderman is saying, "Look, I know my name is Harvey, and I marched with the Hurricanes, but this storm is NOT MY FAULT!!! LOL (RIP Harvey)
  10. So many changes over so many years... the Trooper's touring model; melodic percussion, poly-rhythmic shows, curve-linear drill, dance, costumes, props, amplification, ...Vietnam, cost of living, social media, VFW, Am. Leg., DCI, many changes...each causing a ripple in the pond of drum corps.
  11. Very interesting reflection on some tremendous corps, from a wonderful era in the activity.
  12. Okay, it was years ago, and my memory isn't as sharp as it used to they couldn't have marched every show with both corps, but these folks did in fact march both corps throughout the season, and claimed two DCA and one DCI. One was John S., a Brigs contra. Another was a soprano who had marched SCV before joining Brigs.
  13. July 4th weekend 1964- Oswego, NY I had the pleasure of watching the Syracuse Brigadiers, Rochester Crusaders, Fulton Gauchos Sr., Westshoremen Bonnie-Scots, Albion Grenadiers, Hamburg Kingsmen, and Canadian Commanders in the 3 hour long parade. Then, early that evening, they all competed on the grounds of historic Ft. Ontario. Cru won; Brigs 2nd, etc. I WAS HOOKED FOR LIFE !!!
  14. I believe it was 2002... we had about 5 or 6 members of the Syracuse Brigadiers who also marched Magic of Orlando. These phenomenal members attended almost every Magic contest, and all of the Brigs contests. At season's end these guys had a DCA and a Class A DCI Championship to their credit. Not a lot of people can say they did that!
  15. I did, in fact, marry my drum corps sweetheart, although it was a DCA corps (Brigadiers). Colleen and I both marched Jr. corps, BITD, and she's certain our paths crossed back then. Anyway, I was Quartermaster and Honor Guard Capt. with the Brigs. So, first day of practice for the 2003 season, I'm working on issuing uniforms, and Colleen came over to me and just pitched in and started helping. Someone took a photo, so we have a nice pic of when we first met. We had great fun with the Brigadiers, and went on to march with the Purple Lancers, White Sabres, Mighty St. Joes, Brigs Alumni, and Ghost Riders. Rich Tardy actually invited my wife and I to march prelims and finals with the Hurricanes Honor Guard. What a proud moment. We two have moved on to other activities, but drum corps memories will always be fondly remembered.