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  1. Oh to comment on the static at the beginning of Pacific Crest's show, they are actually cards being shuffled in the pit. To kind of tie up that sounds, their opening drill move is the deck actually being shuffled! I saw that for the first time at this show! There was a little light that went off in my head! True the drill is still a bit dirty, but they have come a long way! GO PC!!! ^OO^
  2. Just a quick thought about the timed intros: Will/are corps penalized for started before the announcer finishes his/her shpeel? Just a thought I was also wondering what brought up the need for change? I have rarely seen a drum corps have a difficult time getting the corps set up. Props may be a bit of a problem in that sense, but if the corps decides to use amps, that is their responsibility to get it done in the alotted time-frame. IMO that's a big waste of time. Sorry to be so picky about the way shows are being run, but is it just me, or are there way too many-and WAY too long- of b
  3. Well, their show is still a little dirty, but during their drum break there are two rotating boxes, and when they resolve the cube to the impact, they transform into dice. I'm sure it's much cleaner now. To be honest, I think the mere 4 or 5 audibles are tasteful in comparison to the Cadets entire show. I don't think they are distracting if they are happening at the end of a tune. That's just my opinion.
  4. On the discussion of the Amp'ed matter...making the vocals part of the music rather than a "feature" is the way, IMO, amplifacation should be. There is one exeptioin, Crossmen have done quite the original way of incorperating amped voice to bring the audience in. Bravo to all the corps that are using amps to benifit their show...I hope that Cap Reg get their technical problems under their belt, the summer is winding down fast! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE FOR THE REST OF THE SUMMER! ...oh yea...great review!
  5. Soooo...was Pacific Crest not at this performance?!?!
  6. My computer really sucks all of a sudden and shut all those cool little extras off. Could you email what you said to me, baker120@chapman.edu I would really appreciate it...and man you must be on here all the time!!! SWEET!!
  7. Great review bro! I really wish i could make it out to see an East Coast show, but it's just a little too far! But I had a question about what you said in your original review. What is "Breathing Block"? And if it worked to make Madison the loudest corps on the field, I'd really like to know what it is so I could possibly use it teaching in the future. I was just really interested in hearing what exactly it is... Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!
  8. Why aren't there any reviews for Esperanza, PC and Mandies??? I really like these guys shows, it would have realy been nice to hear some other opinions on their shows. I gues they'll get some more attention next time Nice review on the corps you did review
  9. Well thank you very much for your review! For a first timer, it is great! I have a question: Is no one going to do a review on the show in San Diego? I know it's the exact line-up as last night, but I would still like to hear what other people's opinions are of these fine corps. Hope to see more SoCal reviews up soon!
  10. That is an amazing score for them this early, I just hope that the show is below the performers and they peak early in the season. Lets just hope for the best and that the performers are just performing the crap out of the show! b**bs I can't wait to see the show no matter what...GO BAC!!!
  11. I love reading reviews on the East Coast corps since I live in SoCal, so I thank you for taking your time to write this review! Having many pet peaves, I just wanted to let you know that "tamber" is spelled timbre! That always bugs me so I had to say it! I can't wait to see these shows at Championships since that is the only show that I will see any of these corps at!
  12. I don't understand how people can criticize people for having opinion! It's YOUR OPINION!!! But besides that, I liked the review a ton! Thank you for it! I was just wondering if you had ever seen "City of Angels" performed live on stage? Well if you haven't, you would be suprised to hear that this did take place in the 1950's and the men and women wore those type of clothes, maybe not the most dramatic and make the audience go "GAH GAH" but it fits the show! I have only had the chance to see Pacific Crest, so I cannot add any insight on them until San Diego's show. I look forward to all th
  13. Cav's- 75.85 Phantom- 73.20 Blue Coats- 70.05 Glassman- 65.30 That's what it is going to be!!! Hopefully...I WANT ALL THOSE QUARTERS!
  14. Hey all you Drum Corps Fans! I was just wondering if anyone at this point in time has any imput on how the "Middle Class" (bottom 17 corps) will compare this season? I know things tend to change score-wise over the season, but as of right now, where do you place these corps right now???