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  1. I'm not gonna get into Hoppy's Politics... It got nasty on FB after Finals and it doesn't need to come here. That said, look at what the other corps are doing to catch up. It's just finding the right people and having a group that all gel together. Anyone could come out on top any year. Does good leadership and $$ play into it? You bet, but at the same time, the people on staff need to be knowledgeable enough to put together programs that come out of the gate smokin' then progress through the year to keep in the upper echelon's of the standings.
  2. Could, but the Bucs are just that good too. They have the formula for success right now and they're sailing into the sunset with it. Obviously at some point, someone will knock them off again, and it'll be a big deal when it happens.
  3. Sounds like there's work to be done with DCE/DCUK. It's a ton of work and a logistical nightmare but if corps could start going each way, it's just neat to see how others around the world enjoy the activity like we do.
  4. Thank you! We need to find a way to revive these corps and build things back up. I loved the Grennies uniforms.
  5. So on the topic of International corps... Did the Kingston Grenadiers count as international since they were from Canada? In common sense terms, I'd say yes, but they were able to attend DCA shows on the regular. @Fran Haring any insight?
  6. That would be awesome. Would 'The Company' qualify as an all-age group? Bring'em all over!!!! It'd be a heck of a party.
  7. Agreed! Bring some other corps with them! The more the merrier!!!! Who knows, the DCP board might implode if more than 1 international corps were to place in the Top 10, lol.
  8. Hey Jim... calm down. If you're going to tell us to read the rule book, maybe provide a link or the verbage we need.. like someone else did. It goes a long way other than just yelling that someone's wrong.
  9. What does it matter when you start? If people want to make a big deal of that then CV should be light years ahead being from the South and having the ability to do drill and such when the NE corps are diggin outta the snow. So I don't buy anything about when you "start" your season either.
  10. Did anyone hear back from Flo regarding their issues over the weekend? I know there were some of you that messaged them and complained... Any responses? I figured I'd post here instead of in the Finals thread.
  11. I'd venture to say that as a growing organization, they're trying to keep costs low and toting around electronics/affording electronics isn't necessarily something in their plans. Maybe at some point in the future they'll add it, but they've had the G bugles from the Alumni Corps days, so to spend money on an all Bb setup right now isn't worth it honestly.... ya know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  12. If you're going to be a part of the DCA organization, you need to be a part of their shows. I'm sure DCA could very easily have said that if CT didn't have any DCA scores then they wouldn't be allowed to compete at DCA Championships. I'm not sure what the rules are regarding show attendance and Championship participation. Obviously CT will do what makes fiscal sense to them. But the corps outside the Northeast do have to travel. Erie has put in some big miles in the last few seasons to attend DCA shows. In reference to where I used CT earlier, it was in regards to Kidsgrove actually being at the Reading show and having a DCA score going into Prelims. That they didn't "steal" a spot from a corps that finished outside the top 10.
  13. You missed the point of my reply then. Sure, there's plenty of performance opportunities, but if they're not DCA sanctioned, that is a small issue. Perhaps CT should look at hosting a show (if it's not already in the works) to ensure at least 1 DCA score prior to Championships. Hopefully Erie will be able to have their show as well in the coming season as well. The only reason I used "last place" with them is due to their lack of a DCA score and their seeding this year. Since they had no DCA score, DCA had no option but to put them in 5th and on first. It's not something they want to continue going forward, especially when looking to move up possibly into the Open class at some time. Obviously they're not a last place corps... no corps is... at least I don't know any corps that goes out to say that "we're the worst!", but someone always has to get the lowest score.
  14. Something else that CT needs to look at (and DCA as well) is making sure that they get to shows that are going to get them DCA judging sheets. Yes, they had no say in their fate on that realm, but the backup options were nil as everything was too far away to make. You don't want to move up to the Open Class and have the same fate happen again and go into Prelims as the "last place" corps with no DCA judged score. Again, anything can happen to alter a schedule (look back at this past season). Hopefully, with more corps coming onto the circuit, there will be more shows and opportunities for DCA scores in conjunction with DCI show exposure.
  15. Don't forget the Kingston Grenadiers or any other Canadian corps!
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