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  1. That would be amazing. The Carmel girls have incredible technique. I think it all depends on if they want to wait to pursue drum corps after HS — I would imagine Carmel has a “no drum corps or independent WGI” policy for current students; I know Avon does.
  2. To be honest, it was kinda hard to imagine the Onyx style working on a football field anyway… And even harder to imagine their extremely organic design approach having to adjust and contend with the greater design needs of an entire corps. I think it’s probably better off this way. One doesn’t exactly sense from Lentz that he plays well with others — I say this as a fan of his work.
  3. Ya Phantom guard is going to be just fine - their caption head Eryn Boone is young and accomplished, she runs Carmel’s guard program and they took WGI last year (yet again); if she can walk into a high stakes program like that, with all those crazy Indiana band parents who are used to being the best in the country, and still not drop the ball, I think she can carry PR pretty far. 🙂 If anything I just wish the actual guard design, of late, had more presence — that’s one thing PR’s guard has historically had on everyone else. Classic Cadets had the technique, BD had the style, and PR always had that intangible something … a classical elegance and stature that no one else had. I do miss that.
  4. Was just nostalgically watching Plymouth Canton HS’s amazing take on Harmonium from 2001 and I agree! Great piece, amazingly hard to field, would be so interesting to see modern SCV try their hand, even if it doesn’t really seem to be their style these days …
  5. I dunno what “other motives” means. I think wanting SCV to succeed responsibly is a perfectly valid reason to be skeptical of a quick recovery with questions left unanswered.
  6. But then if we follow the quality thread we’d find ourselves arguing that BD’s success means it has a higher quality staff than the other top 4, and I don’t think that’s a reasonable argument. I don’t think BD’s staff is objectively superior. I do think BAC’s current staff is superior to the past staff, but we’re not comparing BAC today to BAC of yore, we’re comparing BAC today to BD today. BD’s penchant for hiring from within the family is part of the longevity of the organization, IMO. The people you cite who haven’t been in their positions very long are often still people who were trained by Chandler, Johnson etc — that’s longevity. That’s institutional wisdom in a nutshell. And yes the longevity argument still works if longtime collaborators happen to move, en masse, to another corps that gives them even more support. IMO.
  7. Disagree on all fronts, all these corps are doing great — Crown leveled up on 2022 in a huge way with a mature, caption-winning show, BAC has a team that has achieved the near-impossible in their rise over the last 6 years, and Bloo has once again proven they’re they’re among the most inventive corps on the field. The BD team’s secret is longevity. Wouldn’t the way to compete them also be longevity? Let these design teams cook!
  8. I can’t wait to see what trouble BAC gets into next season. I already know that the guard will be buckwild.
  9. They posted a new recruitment vid on Insta within minutes of finishing their finals performance last night 🫡
  10. I’m sure this doesn’t count as participation for some people because they didn’t field an actual show, but BD did do a camp in 2021.
  11. LOL it’s studio jazz for sure. Which is corny! Okay but I love that little rifle line/hornline jazz square moment BD had during Jojo, not gonna lie. Reminded me of my favorite auntie. I think the jazz aesthetic works for BD because it suits their love of theater. Probably stereotypically I associate studio jazz with Broadway-ish dance studios, which, given BD’s range of thematic interests, makes sense to me. And ya it helps that it’s teachable and you can get a hornline to look good and consistent and legible doing it. But I’m all for giving BD a run for their money. I think Bloo’s movement was really strong this year; my only complaint was that the choreo for the poem didn’t feel very natural to me, I think I craved something more layered and admittedly less hornline-friendly. But they looked strong and all the body built into the guard book was especially great IMHO.
  12. Ya i loved BAC’s book this year. And Crown’s. I have affection for BD’s too but it’s more that I’m extremely impressed by it — the others are musical in a way that I love. And Cavies had that old Cavies energy — I love swagger, I’m glad they won.
  13. I would LOVE a dark show from Bloo. Maybe not a full-out violent scalping fest like a Cormac McCarthy lol … but definitely some dark jazz in dark uniforms, I crave that.
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