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  1. Which one is that, Juxtaperformance? Love that one. That whole era was good IMO — i love the Jethro Tull show too. Awesome guards those years.
  2. i think since they’ve done the history of blue, it’s time to do the history of devils 😈
  3. By this logic, artists whose primary goal is making money — not “expression,” not “art,” but the nuts and bolts of putting food on the table, padding their work in order to make it more monetarily valuable — aren’t artists. They’re checking boxes for money’s sake. Dickens, for example: Wrote longer books when he was being paid by the word, not for the sake of artistic expression, but to make more money. Not an artist? Artists working strictly on commission: Not artists? Are you prepared to agree with that? Because it’s pretty ridiculous, and you shouldn’t. The idea that art is only art when it’s untouched by base considerations like competition or commerce or whatever is a very old, very naive, very purist idea. It’s never been true and it never will be. In the first place, looking at what happened on that field last night and saying it’s not art is silly. Pretending there’s a box that BD checked that every other top corps didn’t also check is even sillier. Yet even you, being silly, could be an artist. Great, isn’t it?
  4. It makes sense because these captions are only assigned one judge per competition. Compare that to GE (4 judges for one performance) or Music Analysis (2). Or to the visual award, which is again based on the opinion of multiple judges. Each of these captions is decided by consensus. When you win them on finals night, it’s because multiple judges decided so. Guard, Brass, and Percussion are different: they’re only assigned one judge each. No consensus. The only way to get consensus is to average three nights’ worth of scores — three scores from three judges. It’s better that way. It means the wins are less arbitrary, because consistency determines the winner.
  5. It was actually Yeats this year. All three corps at the top had shows with literary roots, and all had dancing. FWIW.
  6. Ya i realize that. But Crown has the third-highest score value, is what I’m saying. Silver is technically a single slot, yet it’s occupied by two corps. Letting Crown be bronze for having the third-highest numerical score isn’t that much more arbitrary!
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