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  1. The only panels on BD’s mind are the ones they’ll be tapdancing their way to victory on!
  2. I read this is in that “movie trailer guy” voice. Tomorrow ... It’s going to come down .... To who. Has the better. Run. ::Tom Cruise running through explosions::
  3. totally! but that guard trophy is a nail biter and, even more so than the big fight at the top, is a contest between two completely deserving, enthralling, incredibly talented lines. I cannot wait to see how it pans out, neither deserves second place.
  4. Gotta say — people hated the era of BD winning all the time. It wasn’t always fun for me either, because I’m a Hitchcock guy: I love suspense. But look at how the entire activity has adjusted! Folks were worried that it would be a matter of everyone trying to “BD” their style, but what i see is an activity in which a wide range of styles have all flourished and become more adventurous and are all being rewarded in some way. The top 3 alone are all completely doing their own thing, a mix of old drum corps and new, and it’s all worthwhile. To say nothing of the top 12. That being said ... Don’t know if I’ve told you all this, but I’m Thanos actually? And if BD doesn’t win tomorrow I will absolutely be going forward with my plans to destroy the planet. Just keep that in mind, is all I’m saying. 😈
  5. i’m in melbourne for work, it’s midday saturday here, and i’m STILL IMPATIENT. refresh refresh refresh
  6. I don’t know why you’re snapping at me, but I won’t respond in kind. I took the person’s comment to be a response to tonight’s performance, and a description of what went wrong TONIGHT — not a reflection of the corps’ track record all season, not trash talking the corps. Plenty other comments here suggest it may have been an off night for Bloo (and BD). It’s fair to say so! We don’t have to fight over this. Bloo is an amazing corps and the championship would be deserved. But everyone on that field knows it’s about what they throw down here and now, not all their 1st place finishes until this point. There’s no animus here. We all want them to do well.
  7. My brain might be warped from putting up with years of BD vitriol on here but nothing in that person’s comments about Bloo seemed remotely out of turn, IMO. Just a competitive opinion about a competitive activity. Some of us choose to ‘just enjoy it’; some of us choose to have strong but inoffensive opinions because it’s a competition, and that’s okay! You can tell this place has gotten nicer (which is a good thing) because that comment wouldn’t even have registered in 09-14 lol
  8. See I love BD’s long intros. i love that they structure their shows so that it doesn’t really “start” until the second movement. Whereas the first movement’s always: WE’RE HERE, BABY. It really makes the whole thing feel like an entire night at the theater, but in 11 minutes. The people making these nearly-3-hour Avengers movies could learn a thing or two ...
  9. What i wouldn’t give to hear BD’s music tapes... Gotta be getting hit on that closer, no? I agree with @DrumManTx — perfect perfect perfect, and then you get to the closer and it’s like, “Yeah, sure, cool!” rather than “I WOULD DIE FOR YOU BD” for me.
  10. I gotta say, I’m very very very pro BD guard winning this year, it’s a wonderful program. But the literal message of BAC’s show this year is: Heads will roll. They’re just as deserving of a guard win. So BDCG better watch out!!!
  11. a criticism of the show design isn’t necessarily a criticism of the source music... but also: pop is hokey! the Beatles flirted with that idea and did incredible things with it, so as far as they’re concerned it’s not a criticism.
  12. three Blues if you count Blue Stars! who are also wonderful this year
  13. if you guys havent heard Caroline Shaw's "Partita for 8 Voices" check it out ASAP. Amazing, amazing piece.