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  1. Watching those baris teleport over to the 10 yard line in the closer is truly never going to get old. Remember being 20 years old? Those were the days.
  2. I’m tuning in late (was seeing a show) - but from the commentary here I was expecting Crown to have been an utter boring loser mess and BD to have nixed their entire visual program and replaced their horns with kazoos …………. only to find that they both had season-best performances and were warmly received. Everyone was on fire tonight. You guys are a mess 😭 Congrats Bloo! Saw that coming weeks ago.
  3. I haven’t watched Scott’s video yet, but the hesitations about the show definitely make sense to me. The show’s doing a lot and it seems like they’re not rushing to refine it quite yet. In theory, though, Romanticism should actually be way easier to communicate than something like Matisse was, because there have been so so so many movies/tv shows/books/etc about the romantic period that we’ve all encountered before. Even if I just threw out certain keywords — Edgar Allen Poe, “gothic,” Harry Houdini, séances, Dracula, Sleepy Hollow, Jack the Ripper, Richard Wagner, magic shows, “brooding,” Thomas Edison and electricity, PT Barnum — I think the average person would know what vibe I was describing. You’d know I wasn’t talking about Jane Austen, Mozart, or Shakespeare. You’d expect capes, wet cobblestone alleys, and an air of mystery. I think what’s tricky is that BD’s show is trying to evoke romanticism as a whole rather than just focusing on one specific familiar thing, like Dracula or magic. So it’s a lot to take on and the show isn’t quite sculpted enough yet. I prefer this ambitious approach overall because it gives them more room to explore and vibe, but that’s also where they risk losing people. I think what we get at finals is going to communicate a lot of this way more clearly.
  4. Granted I didn’t have a great view because my cat was attacking the screen all night but the scores seem fair to me. Strong runs all around but a little rough!
  5. That’s what I was gonna say. I mostly hear it being called busking by the people doing it or (in NYC, where I live) people talking about getting their busking permit.
  6. I don’t think you need to remind any MMs that they don’t automatically get a participation trophy … If there are any kids on earth who don’t need to be reminded of that, it’s the hard working kids who give their summers away to do DCI. This kinda condescension doesn’t help DCP’s case at all. I don’t think it’d be unreasonable for Cavies members to have seen the responses to their first few performances on here and to walk away feeling like many people were a little too eager to kick them when they’re down. You’re giving certain DCP posters too much credit for distinguishing between “the corps” and the staff when they trash a given performance. It’s not like you’re responding the show as it exists on paper. You’re talking about a performance. The members play a part in that. So, of course, if you express your discontent in a certain way, they may take it personally. That doesn’t mean they’re asking for a participation trophy.
  7. The wind funked with guards all night. I think the Troopers’ 666 drill summoned something.
  8. Thank you! Just a heads up though I called the cops when I read the title of this thread, they’re on their way ☺️
  9. YT. It was the first thing that showed up when I opened the app today …. thank you algorithm gods!
  10. No show in July 2024 compares to the final production of a previous season!! Give them a chance. And yknow what, not for nothing — but there were Crown fans on this thread saying this about last year’s show, too. And the year before. And 2019. Every year it feels like there are Crown fans giving up on them and catastrophizing about what is clearly a very strong show in like, July. What’s going on? You don’t really see this among fans of the other top 4. Sure you see criticisms, but the call isn’t usually coming from inside the house like this.
  11. BDCG is really out for blood this year … The hula hoop toss to the girls doing cartwheels is nuts 😭 This is an amazing guard year… BD, BAC, Bloo, Crown and Mandarins will be the top 5, IMO. You can't take your eyes off of them and that’s what top 5 guard design has to be these days. Some of those recent crowd videos show people reacting loudly to BDCG quite a bit throughout the show, and if you’re pulling the eyes of both the people closer to the field AND the people in the nosebleeds, you’re doing it right.
  12. Yeah the “new ending cost them 2019” theory just never made sense...
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