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  1. Fan Network subscribers who purchased the live finals feed get the rebate. My wife purchased watched (rather attempt to watch) the live final feed and we got the email. Check your spam folders. Even if you didn't get the email, you can still fill out the rebate form. The deadline is tomorrow. Rebate Form
  2. Excellent review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  3. Excellent review. Thanks for taking the time to put that together. I did figure out that the Headless Horseman is on the flags in Legend's show, so perhaps an actual appearance we deemed unnecessary and probably harder to pull off.
  4. Gold - I saw Gold early in the season and very much enjoyed the show then. I was really looking forward to seeing the integration of the members from China and the improvements in the program. I was not disappointed - in fact this exceeded my expectations. Aided by a quality guard, the Chinese acrobats really brought home the East Meets West theme. Major goose bumps at several points in the show. High energy. Tons of fun. The original music by Scott Director very enjoyable and really enhanced the visual presentation. 7th Regiment - the show Luminous starts on Side 1 and moves across the fi
  5. Open Class Prelims is my favorite show of the year. For most of the corps, this is my first viewing. For those I have seen before, it has been several weeks and they are much improved. I enjoyed all the programs presented and was impressed by the quality of all the corps this year. While it is a shame that there are so few corps left, the ones that were there put on a great show. My focus was taking pictures, but I did take some notes so that I can provide some impressions of each group. Racine Scouts - The corps presented their 2013 production "From the Ashes" featuring Firebird Suite. The
  6. Buyer backed out, so I have two seats for Semi Finals available. Section 139, Row 13, Seats 19-20. The seats are on the aisle. I'll be sitting in these seats for Prelims as I have since 2010. Face value $75 each. Email me at I can deliver the tickets tonight at West Chester or this weekend at Allentown. Or next Wednesday afternoon or evening near the stadium.
  7. I just discovered I have more tickets than I remembered ordering. So I have two extra tickets for both nights at Allentown available. Section I, Row 16, Seats 9-10. Face value $40/ticket. As I am not sure what time I will get to Allentown on Friday due to unpredictable traffic on the Turnpike, I would prefer local exchange of the tickets at West Chester tonight. Email me at I will be on the field at West Chester tonight taking pictures, so I will be easy to find there. I'll have the tickets with me.
  8. The tickets in Section 139 have been sold. The Section 540 seats for Thursday and Friday are still available.
  9. I have the following tickets for finals week for sale. Message me here or email if interested in any of the tickets. Prelims (Thursday): Section 540,Row 2, Seats 22 and 23. Face value $55 each. This is a nice intimate two row section. Seats are right on the aisle so it is really easy to get in and out for a bathroom or food break. This is where I'll be sitting on Saturday. Semis (Friday): Section 540,Row 2, Seats 22 and 23. Face value $55 each. This is a nice intimate two row section. Seats are right on the aisle. This is where I'll be sitting on Saturday. Semis (Frid
  10. Great post. Thanks for your inside perspective. Sure there were some performance issues with the balance, but on the whole this was a positive thing for our mostly invisible activity and certainly a great moment for those middle school kids. Just think about what they got to experience that evening - not only the opportunity to play with a celebrity but to watch the top 12 drum corps in the world. I'm glad Shaun has found our little activity and hope that he continues his enthusiastic crusade for music education.
  11. I ran into four Teal members heading to Cascades at the Philadelphia Airport the Friday after their tour ended. I was very impressed with how positive they remained. No complaining about what happened, didn't blame anyone. They just wanted to be on the field and were grateful to the corps that was giving them that chance. I ran into two of them outside the stadium in Indy during Finals week. They remembered me and said that they had a great summer and planned to march next year. Bravo to all the corps who took in these kids.
  12. I second the idea of a separate front ensemble judge. There is way too much happening there which you can't possibly evaluate when you are on the field. My main concern with the percussion judge on the field is you cannot evaluate the whole percussion section and clearly from the judge's typical position, the snare line is the primary driver of the score, with bass and tenors only when featured and the pit only when the battery takes a break.
  13. There are more pictures from Open Class prelims on the corpsreps Facebook page and website.