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  1. gbass598

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    My girlfriend is a high school director. She was moved into the job because she was a very good middle school director. Administrators think everyone's end goal is to have a high school job. It is not. She wishes she could have her middle school job back because she prefers teaching the younger kids and frankly because high school kids think they already know everything and can be extremely difficult to deal with. Additionally, no high school program anywhere can truly be great without top notch middle school feeder programs.
  2. Interesting they are referred to as an "interim" board. How interim? Until the corps is stabilized? Until there is an official board election? If they are interim, what can be expected from a permanent board in the future?
  3. gbass598

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Not to sidetrack the discussion but a tilted snare is actually a more traditional way of playing a snare drum with traditional grip. Logically, a flat snare drum should be played with matched grip because the hand is not meant to turn that way naturally. The tilted snare on a carrier goes back to traditional sling days where the drum was positioned at an angle off your leg and traditional grip was invented as a way to hold the stick and play the drum in a more natural position. Making the drum flat no longer makes the left hand traditional grip feel natural and yet drum lines have continued to do it for almost 40 years.
  4. gbass598

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    I won't lie, it's probably the black and white photo combine with the glasses but he looks like someone who might have helped write the Warren Report.
  5. gbass598

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Well, there are technically 3 world class corps within approximately 90 miles of Rockford. One of which I'm pretty sure is good with their current staff and another has already announced their caption head returning so process of elimination can narrow it down.
  6. gbass598

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    It is my understanding that Rob is in charge of the entire percussion caption now as well as the arranger. He had oversight of the front as you can see by all of the Matrix people on the front ensemble staff but he is now going to oversee the battery. I believe there was a disconnect between the battery and the front this past season that led to the change. I've also heard that Derrick won't be going too far away from Rockford.
  7. gbass598

    No tour for Pioneer in 2019

    As well they should. If there is no real connection to the corps it is easy to think there still is. I honestly thought there was.
  8. gbass598

    No tour for Pioneer in 2019

    Perhaps a name change is in their best interests at this point if there is no real connection to Pioneer.
  9. gbass598

    Putting it all in context

    To think that we used to lament the lack of corps that exist today. Now people think there are too many. 1. I agree there as there should be a global minimum standard for the governing body to hold all members to. This is in regards to financing to prevent corps from folding mid tour and medical/training staff, etc. 2. The number of corps participating should have no bearing. Everyone who meets the standard should be accepted. 3. This would essentially kill the Open Class activity and limit performance outlets. The Boy Scouts shouldn't eliminate minors because of a few bad scoutmasters, they just need to find a way to protect them. Participation should be encouraged, not restricted. 4.The size of the staff is because many people have jobs and can't go on tour for 3 months of the year. The volume of staff should have little bearing if the proper controls and checks are in place and applied to everyone. 5. Ok 6. this applies to my guidelines in #1. 7. Rest was never really an issue when I marched because there was more regional touring. We never had 8 hour bus rides after the show, it was usually only around 3 because the next show wasn't 2 states away. bringing back more appropriate show scheduling will involve less travel times and probably save gas expenses for corps. Shorter trips will equate to more downtime.
  10. gbass598

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    Do they really teach though? Like do they actually teach the fundamentals of how to play the horn or do they just teach kids how to play the notes in the show. There is a big difference there. Just curious.
  11. gbass598

    Stealing other corps stuff...

    Honest question, was there anyone more stressed or insulted about this than twitter users?
  12. gbass598

    Stealing other corps stuff...

    FAKE NEWS!!!! It's a BD Witch Hunt! ***Sorry, i thought that is how twitter worked these days.*** Valid point. I just think its ridiculous either way.
  13. gbass598

    Stealing other corps stuff...

    Serious question because everyone likes to jump to conclusions and I saw this question posed on twitter that got no response. Everyone assumes this is a BD member who still a hammer from Crown, how do you know that this isn't a Crown member who stole a BD uniform? People see a picture, have instant outrage over something and jump to conclusions. I'm with a lot of people on here that way worse things have happened in a season and harmless pranks are pranks. As long as nobody gets hurt and the prank doesn't have an impact on the corps ability to perform, no harm no foul. If the impact of the prank then has negative effects, then punishment should be appropriate.
  14. gbass598

    Blue Devils 2019

    I honestly can't believe the twitter uproar I'm reading over this. This is on par with a high school rivalry prank. Don't treat this like it is felony theft. There are bigger problems in the world.
  15. All of them. For the amount you spend on a small amount you can get them all. 3.95 per corps or 39.95 for all 25 of them. No brainer for me.