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  1. Full audio bundle is up on Marching Music Downloads. I ended up buying the first 3 discs on iTunes. Do I hold out the volume 4 shows up or do I just buy the individual tracks for those 7 groups at 3,95 each?
  2. Well Jersey Surf is listed on the cd but no digital available at this point. I’m assuming they expect it to come through in the next 2 weeks?
  3. MMDL has them up now as well. Looked on my phone and unless I missed it I was having trouble finding a bundle option. Audio for shows are $3.95 each
  4. Has anyone asked and got a response on when they will be available on MNDL? I’d prefer not to give Apple a cut of the profits if I don’t have to and I like having the high quality files MMDL offer.
  5. I think they's still be more inclined to follow Roger Carter to Bluecoats if they weren't already marching there. I'm not sure those groups will see more of an increase than what they may have already had. It's a different technique.
  6. I’ve got to be honest, does this really fix the issue? It’s not like the Colts were better than the Mandarins or anything like that. I'm sure they are all fine individuals but I don’t expect very different results either.
  7. That makes sense. His vision is why Mandarins are what they are. I just assumed he had more control over the percussion staff because if his background.
  8. I can only assume that if Ike Jackson leaves that it will be a big change for Mandarins. Knowing Ayala's style, it is clear Ike had a huge role in designing Mandarin's shows in recent years. I can also tell that Mike Jackson has had a huge role in designing BK's shows. It is almost like they will morph into each other.
  9. FWIW, I was at a soccer game last night and didn’t watch finals but got home in time to watch retreat. I have 500mbps service from WOW! And the stream constantly cut out but I had no issues with prelims or semifinals. They had complaints of issues from the MLS teams they service as well so the issue seems to be with how they originate the service. Clearly LOS should offer sufficient bandwidth in the facility since NFL games are streamed from there.
  10. Well, its the balance of both since the caption is divided between content and achievement. I don't believe it is more about one or the other. It is about both. You won't get rewarded for one without the other.
  11. And how many who cancel now will either rejoin next season or complain because they are unable to watch the Music For All Summer Symposium broadcast from Ball State in June?
  12. Or they are just listed because they can only do camps, or 1-2 weeks of tour, or a week of move-ins, etc. I can't speak for SCV but I'm willing to be just about everyone only has 1 tech on tour at a time. Maybe 2 for a day or two when there is a switchover going on due to life commitments.
  13. SCV and BD marched 9 FWIW. They were able to play clean.
  14. In what world does a staff coordinator have authority over a corps director? Isn't a staff coordinator hired by the corps director to put the educational staff in place?
  15. When the season started, I thought they were a lock for finals. Then PR addressed their issues and improved way more than I thought they would. With that being said, I think it cmes down to choosing a show concept that has more room for growth during the season and having a plan to address it as the season goes along. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't see any significant changes in the show as the season went along. It was a finals worthy show but PR seemed to work harder and do the necessary rewrites and changes to get their end product where it was for the judges to buy into it.