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  1. Any bets he used Jim Wren to throw ideas off of? I don't think WP has enough self-abasement to consider this.
  2. If you truly wanted to level the playing field they would start doing a spending cap and don't allow access to judges in the off season. BD knows how to play the game.
  3. They should have a show about selling Girl Scout cookies.....
  4. Says you....and you are allowed to say that! I'll be sticking with Jeff on this call though because he was there and his extensive capacities to actually make that call are beyond question IMHO. Personally I had Bloo in 3-4 place easy compared to what else was on the field that night.
  5. Ya I don't think anyone can call Jeff a BD shill. Guy has been around and unlike a TON of other judges actually still plays.
  6. +1 to this. I would also add (if possible) reach out to Jim Wren and get some constructive help when you are writing the brass book. Like hey Jim what do you think of this or how would you do this ending etc... There is a TON of talent that regiment has at it's disposal. Oh, and FFS get Bob Smith back to clean your feet and drill. Seriously, the amount of stuff PR practiced WRONG most of the season should not have been. Doing run thru's not fixing it makes it 10X harder to fix. When you are doing body movements and can't make a simple marching block or horn arc with proper intervals on the fly you are doing a dis-service to the members. Basics and body all need to be taught. Dress and cover as well as dot need to be taught. This is how transitions are made clean as well as public appearances don't make you look bad when you have to make a quick horn arc. Sorry, my latent dino genes are kicking in.... :)
  7. Frankly, these kids are selling the heck out of this show. Seriously you have to look HARD to find as many truly earned applause this corps is getting. I would gladly take this show over 75% of what is being played out there this year. Give them kudos for not hiding the brass behind props or pre-staging dress points on the field with said items. There is a ton to like about this show and what these kids are doing with it. Seriously, very little cheese out there and just selling a show that seems to stand on it's own well without all the garbage and crutches. There is a real difference between obligatory applause and the real deal. These cats are the real deal. SUTA!!!
  8. Bloo is doing this a LOT. Well mind you but a LOT.
  9. Put a spending CAP on electronics. I love Bloo this year but that amped hornline....just not right. Surprised someone hasn't hauled out an autotuner....
  10. It's pretty clear they use the backdrops they have on the field for hiding people coming in and holing equipment/uniforms. Phantom uses the field, not hide it. If all the "field" is a "stage" now..some corps only use 1/3 of it. Mind you Mandirans do it well but...
  11. What props? Seriously you are calling backdrops props?
  12. Because it's a judged activity. You should take a penalty lesser score for mediocre (at best) dance. That isn't happening. That whole demand and exposure thing. I think well used body is a GOOD thing. But, seriously how many static forms do we need bug stomp swivel hips? Excellence means that, not half baked dance covering really bad marching.
  13. I am going to pick drill as being more difficult because it can actually be judged vs just ones "taste" Definable transitions vs scatter drill etc. Lunging in a static form to cover dress and interval problems. Some of the so called "body" makes me throw up in my mouth it's so badly done even by top 3 corps. If you are going to dance, please do so and learn what that is about.
  14. Not of the entire line though. 80+ horns should not need it. There is ZERO organic feel to Bloo's music. Amazing show don't get me wrong but....judged activity based on what..a sound system?
  15. Biggest difference between Cavies and Bloo is that Bloo amps the living crap out of its hornline. Mind you its WELL done But Cavies are the real deal this year. Ya, didn't see you last night Terri I was close to the 50 up top. People are more rude about the whole seating thing but it was NICE weather for once.
  16. I saw Madison for the first time live last night. Sigh, look if you want to do a traditional show do one. I have NO idea what that marching technique is called other than just..bad. Seriously if Madison is known for ANYTHING is marching technique. All the motion made no sense. Look, fix the marching and the drill THEN add all the extra stuff. Basics first FFS. Oh, and this isn't just Madison. Corps that are winning can do both. The Uniforms/Costumes make the corps look small and don't really show any definition. Intervals are so tight the whole show. foot phasing, bad lines. I get everyone uses the front of the field by blocking off the back sides with props (See Mandirans on how to march on only 1/3 field well). The music was nor really a Madison type show. Seriously, you guys do not need to move away from what you are for a show design. Exciting and in your face is sorely needed back in the activity. Going to be a rough year but I hope next year they do a #### fun show that is a Madison show.
  17. Not getting how they are losing to Spirit in guard. Regiment is doing light years more and better in this regard. Brass wise..meh.
  18. So, if the corps moved into 8th place will you change your tune?
  19. Not from what I have seen and heard. They could very well not make it and their show is good.
  20. Not seeing this fixing the bigger issues. It's more like look over here.
  21. This show is so far above last year (and I stated this way back when) that it's not funny. People were saying it's a talent no it's not. Played with these kids, and yes they are young, they are fine. The horn book has PLENTY of difficulty. I haven't seen anything that sticks out from anyone else this year that's really any harder. The enthusiasm I see from this group is amazing. I can't wait to see them in a week or so.
  22. Now from PURE GE I would love to see what Madison 95 would do today in scoring.....