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  1. The irony of this statement speaks volumes.....
  2. Well, I built my smart house 20 years ago and it's completely wired. Because wired is ALWAYS better. That being said, if you aren't using Ubiquiti wireless access points you are missing the boat. I have at least 20 devices working on these and they are great.
  3. Sounds reasonable. The rabbit hole does go deep on the offended path I am afraid.
  4. You are trying to build a strawman. I said getting ribbed was common in the 80's and yes people were offended. You act like being offended is the end of the world. I suggest broadening your horizons (travel some) if this is the case. Being offended; I suppose I could be offended you misquoted me (purposely and with malice) and report you to the powers that be and let everyone rally with torches; or, a do what a more reasonable person and not and take it for what it was or is. Context matters. If you are trying to out eggshell skull someone with a eggshell skull and assume you understand or know (Godlike powers here) what offends everyone, good luck with that. The only way you could possibly NOT offend someone at some time is to go live in a cave somewhere and STILL someone would get offended you have a cave. THIS is why we need to hear from the marching members that were there before all the faux outrage at PR or DCI festers here like the RAMD of old.
  5. Well, to be fair everyone reacts to things differently. That's fine if you want to go down that path, knock yourself out...polite pass from me. For myself, I want to hear from people standing around this person and in the context that it was given. Then "I" can make a decision that I would think a "reasonable" person would give the circumstances around the alleged incidents.
  6. I would hope there is more to that person than their given birth name (dead now?) or sexual identity. But, perhaps I give more credit to human beings as I am a glass is half full type of guy. Not being woke or jumping on any bandwagon of faux outrage before knowing what the facts are goes a long way to being reasonable. A few isolated incidents doesn't make a pattern nor does it make it nearly into the realm of other crap that has been in DCI for decades or even come close to Hoppygate. Also, to point out yet again, condemning anyone waiting to hear the facts or labeling them as "quaint" doesn't make your case for a mob style lynching. I want to hear from the marching members to get both what was said and what the context was.
  7. Depends. I know a LOT of professionals that teach, and teach well, that kind of get in your face and make you better. This is why I want to hear from the people that were there and the context in which this was done. I marched in the 80's and getting ribbed was kind of a normal thing when you were screwing up.
  8. I sure would like to hear from members that actually witnessed this. Too many here are siding with woke mob mentality. I frankly don't even understand all the nuances at play here as it relates to reality. Certainly most if not all here that have marched drum corps at some point got called out from an instructor on the field that wasn't very nice.
  9. Pretty sure most people that live in reality aren't conflating Hoppygate to this. If they do, that's on their lack of reality and perception.
  10. Welcome to the decade of woke and egg shell skulls.
  11. Described from one side. Before you go jumping on the woke train, a little more fact finding needs to be done and witnesses called.
  12. I'd start with vertical issues before someone gets killed.
  13. Brings a whole new light of "self regulating activity".....
  14. Om my, railings, ramps and stairs being out of compliance etc. Handling of heavy equipment, loading and unloading.
  15. They could start by adhering to OSHA standards for safety.....
  16. Thank you. Interesting. Some of the nick names we called each other and by the staff BITD......
  17. My thing is why this is happening so late. Did this person get cut and now???? Also, when you are a hammer (that link) everything looks like a nail no matter what. So, context matters.
  18. Meh. If you are going to do it, do it for the right reasons...not ignorance.
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