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  1. Indeed Drum corps has ALWAYS been a type of marching band/unit. Quality in what way? Certainly not playing, because little if anything is done like this in the real world of music. The amount of progression in a student is based on the instruction today at teh top end is not a lot and possibly is gimping them. Top corps today IMHO HURT players with the mindset the drill into them. I swear if I have one more "breath duh" or "dut" head person tell me it's the only way to come in together I'll barf. It's expensive, almost unattainable for people that could REALLY benefit from everything corps offer. I thought that the interaction(people), hard work and discipline were the #1 thing I got out of corps. Life long friends you spent years marching with and still hang with today. I get the new style, but as for marching and music in the real world...gotta say not really IMHO.
  2. You answered your own assertion. Drum and Bugle corps used to be different because of instrumentation. Yes, it was a type of marching band but different in a very unique way. Just like a Drum and Fife Corps err marching band or bagpipes. When there is NO difference WHY get butt hurt over calling it a marching band now? Seriously, DCI is just a circuit of marching bands. What used to be true is not any longer. Word games do not change the facts. Just like you could point to the Marine Drum and Bugle corps and SEE and HEAR a distinct difference. This whole mindset that there are no differences and never have been is well...insane and lacks any real facts to support itself in realities. I don't really care but the idea that we can't have subsets of criteria to differentiate sub-species of a greater whole IS asinine. I can't even imagine living life where you couldn't do that...and have a firm grasp on reality.
  3. The fact the OP made their points and feelings known should never be an issue. They don't like it anymore and made their points known. Welcome to a discussion board FFS.
  4. Why do you think it would be gone? I mean it's said a lot but seriously..where is the proof?
  5. Save the fact they used instruments that were "unique" to a certain subset of the marching arts.
  6. I don't want 2020 Regiment to be "with the times"; I want them to be what other corps mimic and set what the "times" is. So far it's a huge step in the right direction.
  7. Ya, thinking bad at every level because laws are so different in every state. Seriously, if you are inhaling anything into your lungs in this day and age of information....
  8. Sorry to see you go. I know, the whole sound amplification causing so much of the score these days seems...wrong on every level. I have hope that someone will see this for what it is but for now I just accept it for what it is. Take some time off, check it out in a few never know.
  9. Not sure why you think I'm in an uproar. I simply pointed out (AGAIN) that the constant nitpicking wears thin. Seriously, some could be handed a pot of gold and would complain about the way they got it or the container it arrived in. Thinking you have a better insight than someone that has actually marched and toured with current marching members seems quite a stretch. Seriously, if you have never marched you missed an experience that talking can't convey in it's entirety. This is not dismissing your opinion, just putting it where it belongs in the grand scheme of things about life experience vs theory. Benign...the sheer amount of stroke and slap on here speaks volumes. Seriously, if you live your life with all this negatively, all the time, I pity you. If I were this negative there is no possible way I could have made it through all the years I marched.
  10. It's just so weird that everything to some people is like the end of the world ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I cannot imagine living my life being so darn critical about everything and everyone. I mean seriously, weed is now available in places and they sell decaf.
  11. Not sure of why all the butt hurt of pointing out a mere fact of a single post but whatever....