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  1. Mello Dude

    “Failure to Protect”

    The problem is whether DCI as on organization has the power to do this without altering it's charter. In fact it may require the dissolution of DCI and a new organization with the power to do some of the things everyone is talking about. You know even the United States first government had to be re-done. and yes Barack Obama was NOT the first Black President of the United States. Change by necessity is usually a positive thing.
  2. Mello Dude

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Does it matter?
  3. Mello Dude

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    +1 on this. Alas probably spitting into the wind with some here.
  4. Mello Dude

    Electronics question

    There are a ton of UPS's out there that can handle these systems. Absolutely criminal IMHO if you aren't using them in front of your electronics off a generator (that should be grounded). I will keep emphasizing this point. If your corps doesn't have someone that knows what is going on with power off a generator for electronics, you should.
  5. Mello Dude

    Electronics question

    I'm surprised more corps aren't using a UPS in front of their equipment. What should be provided at all venues is a backup power cord and a grounding bar. Personally it would be a good idea to practice without electronics (plan b show) if it's raining etc OR write a show that has enough depth of instrumentation to survive without power. Corps should be operating these generators safely at practice also. The lack of grounding has been noticed.
  6. Mello Dude

    Dynasty Drums shut down?

    SCV made them work. I suppose if you can't tune something.....gotta be the drum.
  7. Nominated for the most true and spot on post of the year. The over-emoting and hyping by staff...ugh. I'm like really? You guys couldn't have fixed all your foot phasing and interval problems? Ah, the little things.
  8. Mello Dude

    Regiment Ramblings (What If?)

    IMHO you are severely mistaken. The problem has everything to do with the music and the way it has been arranged IMHO. Pretty much ANYTHING can be done well if it's arranged well. Crown has pretty much proved this point. I would worry less about props, costumes, sex of the guard and worry about arranging music that made for drum and bugle corps and not some BOA program somewhere. EVERYTHING hinges on the music and IMHO this is where Regiment needs to start soul searching and get their sound back. Everything else will fall in place.
  9. Mello Dude

    Regiment Ramblings (What If?)

    Funny, Vanguard won and had a cymbal line.
  10. Mello Dude

    Regiment Ramblings (What If?)

    I disagree. You can embrace the past and still write a good show for today. I haven't seen that in a while now. Hell there is no reason (other than a good show) Phantom can't break into the top 6 or win even. Heck there is no reason Madison can't break top 6 as well. This pigeon holing you are doing makes no sense. It's simply a matter of getting it together.
  11. Mello Dude

    Regiment Ramblings (What If?)

    Agreed, last year showed this in the extreme. I would add besides formulaic, abstract and misses any sort of musical point. I have no idea why they haven't gotten someone else in to write the music. Not saying he is bad, just more suited for BOA. You are talking creativity, I am simply hoping for a ###### good drum corps show.
  12. Mello Dude

    Regiment Ramblings (What If?)

    Thinking more of a 2007 "On Air" vibe. Possibly one of the most underrated shows ever.
  13. Mello Dude

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    They were Meh. The show was Meh. The screens were Meh. It was a nice band show. I just hope scoring is not based on money spent. I am not sure I like the idea of a potential prop overshadowing everything else on the field. Hell what next, Coca-Cola can run ads on these things?
  14. Ya pretty much my thought process on this. There is so much that can be uplifting. If someone can't think or live in reality they shouldn't be teaching.
  15. I like a good guard regardless of sex. I know I must be in a minority here.