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  1. Mello Dude

    Then vs Now

    See I thought the 84 Suncoast show was garbage (never boo at any show and I tend to be quiet in the stands). Just INSANELY shallow but hey whatever floats your boat. Today's shows (for me) seems just as INSANELY shallow intellectually. Just so much over the top stuff going on when the time and effort should have been in the music and drill making the point..but hey call me a dino.
  2. Mello Dude

    Then vs Now

    Kids these days can't add...I know. :P
  3. Mello Dude

    Then vs Now

    Meh, the whole vertical thing is overdone. You shouldn't need it to win GE. Apparently some one took higher, faster louder a little too literally. Props for points judging isn't the best way.
  4. Mello Dude

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    2018 Scouts reminded me of this moment in history....
  5. Mello Dude

    Then vs Now

    Here is what it would sound like today...
  6. Mello Dude

    Then vs Now

    Speaking of Phantom 89, I don't think Will Pitts could write something well enough to do it justice. I fear for his writing today much less having to redo a Wren masterpiece.
  7. Mello Dude

    2019 Predictions!

    That we will still have more threads on GH than drum corps this summer.
  8. Wow dating yourself with this one! LOL.
  9. LOL station 69.......I will leave it at that....
  10. I actually thought the tarp made it worse. A LOT of dirt there. If they are giving points per prop where does it end? I frankly thought it added zero and actually hurt them from a design standpoint. Ya they put a tarp out, seen it for decades in WGI. Now show me something real and new.
  11. Has DCI served it's purpose like the VFW did before and is it time for a new organization to take over? And if so, what would it look like?
  12. I am at a loss for words. So DCI lets pedophilia and sexual harassment run for decades and then comes down on an organization for offering people with no where to go have somewhere to go. Unless I am missing something here. Also, Pioneer isn't part of DCI..... Looks to me like DCI has little man syndrome. Look over here we are tough...forget about all the other stuff.
  13. It's amazing who gets passes and who doesn't.
  14. I hope never for safety reasons. They get moldy and seriously just not suited for outside. If your GE counts on it..revisit your show design and take a deep breath. WGI is INSIDE and smaller venue. Apple and oranges.