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  1. Madison wishes it was about going coed and not other things that are more relevant.
  2. There isn't much to explain. Caveat, IF you have been paying any attention to Madison the last 10 years (or more). If not, go bone up on said subject then come back. Putting it bluntly the whole lets be "inclusive" thing now for letting girls in seems a little like I dare say a ploy to avoid looking at the raging dumpster fire that isn't based on it's membership. It's why I stated earlier I could have bet quite a bit the new DM would be female. Don't always mean to be so pessimistic and negative but this reads like textbook misdirection if ever there was one.
  3. The new term is "Cancel Culture". There are a a LOT of those out there.
  4. He's right about if they were top 12 this would be a non-starter. Basing your conclusions on the exceptions in the past is like saying everyone has 3 fingers and a thumb because someone somewhere was born with them. I mean seriously, if you look back at ALL the bad show design decisions the last few years you should be asking WTF are they smoking to think that would be good. There is absolutely no way you can blame the talent of the corps on what they were given to compete with. Talent is So overrated as to almost be a non starter if you know how to teach that is. I hope the best for them but I have like almost NO optimism for them pulling out of this spiral. I've never seen a corps try to run away from itself and it's amazing history, temet nosce
  5. Hey, when an organization makes a huge leap like this and is trying to prove to everyone and itself, you bet its a bit suspicious. This literally has NOTHING to do with abilities or skills but perception. Think of me like Ricky Gervais calling it out.
  6. Right. Because what I have said is just so awful. Being offended at everyone that lives in reality is more pathetic one would think. Frankly, the fact you are so defensive about everything confirms my fears and suspicions even more. Human nature and all that.
  7. Please. What I said was spot on. It almost like they are running for DCI political office if such a thing existed. I just hope they get better and not just get points for being coed. Time will tell when we see what they put on the field.
  8. I could have bet the house the drum major this year was going to be female. Let's be honest, the Scouts made this decision to stop people pointing at the dumpster fire that really nothing to do with being all male or coed.
  9. So, basically it's officially now marching band. Oh, they will march WW or the judging community and DCI will crucify their scores.
  10. Ya it's called college, growing up and spending your money and time for real world applications instead of fantasy.
  11. Completely disagree. There was a time DCI was cutting edge but IMHO MBA and WGI surpassed them some time ago. When they quit being drum corps and tried to be marching bands and WGI light...that went away. The only thing cutting edge are the sound systems...pass.
  12. Wait someone moved towards or to :)
  13. Well, IF woodwinds get added I just say end the charade, disband DCI and just merge with MBA and call it a day. Just more money I can use to support local bands and stop this nonsense. Ya, drums corps used to be cool and different...this passes...not so much.
  14. Days of hounding people in email format is over. Want to impress someone send a letter or certified letter, hand written. Otherwise you are wasting bandwidth.