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  1. Meh. If you are going to do it, do it for the right reasons...not ignorance.
  2. That would be corps that conduct seminars (for judges) on what is considered worthy of score. One in particular does this exceeding well leading to many victories..... Thus, this goes back to what I have been saying all along, the sheets don't mean anything as the judge gets to make that interpretation. I don't see how this reality is hard to accept. Some refute this, but it's silly.
  3. How can it not? The fact of adding more members to the bigger corps takes away even more potential members. It also keeps moving that elusive number to become a WC corps. All the decisions that take away and cost more to be competitive affect OC corps. I suppose it's one way to keep your dominance.
  4. Well, one thing is for sure, corps today are getting people ready for jobs.
  5. Then why are all corps doing it since it costs an amazing amount? When marching and playing are not given equal or MORE credit for demand that falls on judges and the way they interpret sheets. The corps can write anything they want on the sheets. Those that judge and interpret those sheets hold sway and the direction everyone will travel to achieve "score". Opinions based on evidence and empirical evidence are something to behold.
  6. Thank you. So, because of this, stuff = "score" thus winning. There are no guarantees in life but there sure seems to be zero chance of getting "score" thus winning without a truckload of props. IMHO it's ridiculous (and unfair) to have an entire semi truck hauling around props (at huge cost) to have a chance at winning a judged activity that "claims" that this is not so. Not to mention the sound systems that are producing "score" with a non-member running it. A GOOD sound system costs a lot...a great one even more. Just more and more things where money=winning. This was warned about when this all started years ago and here we are. So when the name "Varsity" is thrown around as well as some others, this bodes ill for a competitive activity to say the least. ESPECIALLY in a mostly non-profit activity.
  7. Actually, the "we" are the judges that interpret the sheets. It's almost like a bubble reality here where reality is not what you think it is. If stuff = "score", in which the evidence is pretty damning...show me on the sheet where this written......hmmmmmm
  8. Having marched in that era, your comparison is flawed. Being fiscally stable is GOOD. Using money to get score (with stuff) = BAD. I have no idea how you equate the 80's with today. The amount of stuff today compared to the 80's...really?Even Star of Indiana abandoned the extra semi truck and hamster wheels when they didn't get "score" for them. The amount of "free" stuff and heavily discounted "stuff" to organizations just puts more and more financial pressure on other units that want to be competitive in the current meta of "stuff" for score. On donors, if you think that a scandal like what happened to the Cadets happened to Boston and the the investment firms wouldn't be pulling support? Or some show that caused them to be threated from their investors to pull their funds? Pretty sure that if BAC did something completely out there and there was a backlash....yeah....
  9. Pretty sure both accounts are true. Some truly unfair advantages are in the activity from a lack of rules. The stuff you see in DCI really doesn't exist in any other competitive sport or activity. Face it, most of the corps calling the shots and making the rules have a LOT of pull AND those with strong voices get a LOT of grift to make things happen for their products. The whole idea of self-regulating of members units is really a terrible idea. It's caused so much nonsense and bad stuff to happen as we have talked at at length on these forums. This "anything goes" atmosphere is silly and self defeating. It's GREAT if you want to go off and do BLAST part 2 but not so much for a judged activity. I'm surprised Exxon/Mobile isn't in on it pushing for more vehicles...
  10. If that statistic is correct, DCI losing 85% is a really bad number..OUCH!
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