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  1. Absolutely. It's a frame of reality the way people look at words and don't read anything around them to get the context given. Every year it gets worse. Tribalism has nothing on what the internet has become.
  2. But, seriously you have to go to a LIVE show to get the full experience.
  3. True. Mine was probably should have won it was so far ahead of what everyone else was doing.
  4. The only problem I see is that more expensive sound equipment is more expensive for a reason....it's better. A LOT better. We really don't need score based EVEN MORE on money. This is the main reason I was against this stuff in DCI to begin with. People that work with this equipment KNOW #### well that good sound requires GOOD equipment....and it isn't cheap. It's truly you get what you pay for in this industry when used properly. What SHOULD be judged it whether or not you are properly integrating it into your show and not using it as a crutch to cover the other 100 members on the field playing acoustic instruments. It's already an issue with props/money..now to add this? Just no.
  5. LOL but if BD did it, it would be good then right? 😉
  6. Some corps play Arban exercises in their show that make ZERO musical sense.
  7. Because if BD had to do MORE judgeable content it means even more of a win? I am not seeing this. It's a LOT easier to clean what isn't there.
  8. It would be fascinating to see what everyone's take would be. I would rather see compulsory stuff added instead. Minimum ensemble and marching and playing times and actually bring a timing judge in. THAT OR change the buildup scale to reward corps that provide more judgeable content vs those that do not.
  9. Nope best front ensemble IMHO ever was 2007 Phantom Regiment.
  10. I rather like stopwatch stuff. Especially when it's on ensemble playing time and movement vs non-movement.
  11. Contact the Blue Devils and see if you can mentor for a year on how to do this.
  12. Oh, I would use that quite a lot of those that don't know but think they do.....
  13. One must also consider "The Emperor's New Clothes" on how it relates and the explanation of said design.
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