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  1. Well, reading this it says "interim board" not a new board is in place. Sounds fluid and looks like they are looking for help. I also notice some corrections about the "bus". I'm sure some here won't step up and say they were wrong. I don't see what is weird at all about it.
  2. Mello Dude

    All Electronic Front Ensemble/Pit

    You forgot human statues. :)
  3. Mello Dude

    All Electronic Front Ensemble/Pit

    Way past time this is done. They could cut pit spots (like it was supposed to ages ago), Sounds like a win win.
  4. Never. Nothing makes it different than brass marching bands (with less accessible shows) and we've had that for a long time now.
  5. I fear what this is becoming with all these threads for some people trying to start fires and take control not unlike a Salem witch hunt. We must always be vigilant.
  6. Mello Dude

    No tour for Pioneer in 2019

    Sad. I actually am in the telecom business for over 23 years.
  7. Mello Dude

    No tour for Pioneer in 2019

    Then that is something to get at some point if they are solvent.
  8. Mello Dude

    No tour for Pioneer in 2019

    Sure I will educate you. 1) Broken horns mean precisely what? I am sure not all are "broken". I am also sure that either they can be replaced OR reconditioned to a "like new" condition with warranty for a fraction of the cost. Again, out of pocket for a full set of horns is massive compared to this. 2) Broken down buses. Need to find out which buses are the problem children as it were. Have them inspected by a reliable company that will tell you what is needed to either get rid of them or fix them to a good running condition in and out. This also needs to be done in a cost/benefit vs leasing or getting new. There are a benefits to having your own buses that cant be quantified for being available to be used for whatever reason. Worst case scenario you have buses to sell. This is a win win. 3) I noticed you didn't mention drum and pit equipment. Again, same as the horns a HUGE amount of money that you already have equipment. 4) You didn't mention equipment trailer. Again something you HAVE. 5) I assume they have a food truck as well. Being down for an entire year can get all of this addressed properly without scrambling for half-butt fixes and bandaided.
  9. Mello Dude

    No tour for Pioneer in 2019

    Not true. I am assuming you have never started something "from scratch". Just having equipment is so huge I can't even begin to explain it.
  10. Mello Dude

    No tour for Pioneer in 2019

    I am happy progress is being made. I seem to remember a corps that had sexual predator (that walked on water for some) for decades that hasn't gotten this level of piling on. How many threads now going on the same subject? I would add that simply "renaming" something generally isn't as easy as some would think it is. Let's see what the new blood in place can do.
  11. At least it's a worthy goal Ghost. Right now I would bet ensemble music play time is less than 7 minutes.
  12. I do and have. Both married with families of their own. Being a helicopter parent and tagging your child like an animal knowing everything they are doing, especially at the ages we are talking about 16-22 isn't a good thing. Not saying don't check up on them, but tagging them like animals and basically saying you are incapable of making good decisions so I will overlord over you, is well weird and counter productive IMHO.
  13. Scary. That's not called engaged, that's weird.
  14. Mello Dude

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    Words mean little, action means everything.