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  1. You think? I thought the arrangement was like something you put together your first time arranging and trying to be edgy with a known masterpiece. Ya, it followed a prescribed method but...ugh.
  2. It's true for the most part..sad really. Performances are amazing but it's been "yuppyfied"
  3. Or take a hit because said performance doesn't convey said theme. BUT what if it's supposed to be a marching unit conveying a theme and now doesn't appear to be said unit...score loss. OR the costumes/uniforms are just ugly and just convey bad taste BUT the show is supposed to be about bad taste....oh my.... :)
  4. I didn't march in 92. Now if you want to talk about 89..sure! :)
  5. You are making WAY too much of talent. Seriously, how much talent do you need to play a perfect 5.5 minutes of music (talking brass)? When you practice hundreds of hours this is a non-starter IF the staff can teach. Massaging talent is easier, not better as you want to claim. Let's say they are talented but cannot march worth a #### or gets winded easily, again PRACTICE, INSTRUCTION and TRAINING is everything. Obviously, you have to have something worth doing all that training for.....IMHO this is where they are hurting. I think you are wrong. Had PR had the show/training/instruction SCV had they probably would have won or 2nd or 3rd easily.
  6. Again, talent means almost NOTHING. If you are capable of teaching, the sheer amount of rehearsal makes this a #### near moot point. That's if you can teach. Right now I have some SERIOUS questions for Regiment Brass staff. Simple questions like can they even play a #### brass instrument. The lack of dynamic contrast is telling. They simply are not working on the capability to play with more dynamic contrast. Couple that with some REALLY sub par music arrangements...and here we are. I have no idea how one would even write a good visual show with that crap that they played last year. Seriously, if THAT is what you get from New World.....ouch. Someone needs to make some big boy decisions because if they paid for that mess they paid too much IMHO.
  7. Ok, that's a stretch. Even "I" the one for over-exaggeration wouldn't claim that. They need music then worry about design. Until they fix that no matter how they massage that turd it won't matter. Drawing talent means almost NOTHING and the fact people keep harping this doesn't change the fact that the little corps play anymore you should be able to teach almost anyone that's at least mediocre to good to play perfect. They need to be Phantom Regiment on steroids again and stop trying to be like everyone else. Personally I thought the marching of the top 15 was incredibad. From foot phasing, intervals (when you had them) to form there was a LOT of crapola out there. It seems everyone is so concerned about where they plan to stand/sit on a prop they forget how to get there that doesn't look like 6 minutes of scatter drill. Of course this is in the opinion of a dino.
  8. At this point I could care less what piece they play as long as someone arranges the hell out of it. Seriously, if Crown can make Major Tom work...there are no excuses.
  9. I would like to see some marching demand rather than climbing to ever higher props to stand still and play runs. It's been so long since I have been impressed by drill move/playing..possibly Crown out of this world where they are playing 32nd note runs AND marching.
  10. The problem is probably as basic as; do the people there (PR org) even understand how the show they are getting to perform is at BEST a lower scoring BOA show? Let that sink in. The kids/young adults are not the problem. The staff is not getting it done AND they haven't had a product to really get excited about. Whomever is selling these show designs needs to take up being a car salesman because they can sell.....
  11. Not really. You don't need to replace your horns every year like some would have you believe. It would be a sad day if they ever stopped. Pretty sure someone would custom make them if need be.
  12. Yes and will be forever unless their rules are changed. Truman Crawford made sure of this.
  13. It's called being a non-profit. It's not even that bad. People need to get out more.