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  1. Anyone know the particular artist/singer that sings the version BK uses? Could I find it on iTunes?
  2. My apologies if this has been covered somewhere else, but does anyone know the song BK uses in their preshow? I can't seem to find an answer. Thanks in advance!
  3. As a teacher, what do you say to your kids when they get 23rd at your State Marching Band competition? "You guys sucked. There were 22 bands that were better than you. Clearly you can't compete with the best in this state." I. DON'T. THINK. SO. The sad thing is, I've heard band directors say similar things to their kids. I've also heard directors say "You need to go out and be better than ____________________ High School. You saw their show and you know you're better than they are. This type of indoctrination to any group of kids is ATROCIOUS. Competition is a great motivator, an
  4. There have been a lot of great suggestions thus far. I'd like to add one more: Ron Nelson's Passacaglia. It also deals with the BACH motif, but it's INTENSE. It reminds me a lot of the Shostakovich Ballet Suite that opened the 1996 show. It's a bummer to hear that Ron Nelson wasn't receptive to corps' playing his music. I'd also be interested to see how Phantom could do with Bernstein's First or Second Symphonies - they're dark, which fits Regiment's identity well.
  5. Wasn't there is 2007 - judged on the Semis webcast and the Quarterfinals theater broadcast, I would guess Blue Devils, Phantom, Vanguard, and Crown (and something tells me a certain corps from Allentown, PA was pretty intense on Finals night too) Phantom 2006 - A show with such a wide emotional range - BEAUTIFUL. Vanguard 2005 - The finals night rain delay was clearly a blessing in disguise for them. Blue Devils 2004 - This show GROOVED, and the crowd dug it, especially the new Finals night ending. Vanguard 2004 - WOW - Adam Sage, Jim Casella, and Gino Cipriani - three Drum Corps powers co
  6. BD - Opener and closer Cadets - Closer for sure, Blue Shades would be nice too Cavies - Pressure to the end? Phantom - the Duet and Firebird SCV - Ballad to end - I wanna hear the finals night "Vanguard!" Crown - the whole show? Haha, second ballad to end would be good Bluecoats - "Drop your weapons" and maybe the end of the show too BK - Closer - I wanna see the guard fugue again! For the 30 second clips: Boston - La Fiesta Glassmen - Trumpet duet near the end of the show Colts - Closer Spirit - Closer
  7. Anyone know who got the Jim Jones awards this year? Just curious...
  8. Here's my review of the show tonight. I apologize to Pacific Crest, the Madison Scouts, the Crossmen, the Blue Stars, the Academy, and Spirit - I didn't get to the theater until the Glassmen because of band camp. I have no doubt that each of these corps' has earned its spot in tomorrow's Semifinals. That said, here are some thoughts from the show: First off, I was really surprised to see Spirit's number. I think the corps has really started to connect with their show. Good for them! Glassmen - I've liked this show all season. I'm glad to see them doing so well with it. I am a little q
  9. I'll bite... 1. Cadets - Their combination of talent and the judges buying into the show will take them over the top - They've got the competitive edge right now 2. Blue Devils - The second half of the show just can't compare to their first half, still. Their design hurts them yet again. However, Finals close to home could really help. Don't count them out. 3. Cavaliers - Their visual scores will keep them from being any lower, especially if Marie Czapinski is judging. 4. Phantom - This corps is experienced and talented enough to cool the heat from the corps' below them. If Marie Czapi
  10. Here's what I got: Blue Devils (winning by the slightest of margins - they're the most consistent from caption to caption right now. Their draw tonight could hurt them, however) Cadets (close behind - still getting hurt by color guard. Their draw tonight could really help them, however.) Cavaliers (close behind - GE and Music captions have been their weakness - will that continue? I don't see their draw tonight as good or bad, unless the Blue Devils are on fire) Phantom Regiment (the corps with most likely shot of making that "move" everyone speaks of is the Regiment. A lot of people h