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  1. The three International Class Corps went on last at Open Class Prelims 2015 They went on first in finals exactly as THE COMPANY will do so no quirk "Open and International Class corps will kick off the 2015 DCI World Championships, Monday, August 3, in Michigan City, Indiana. The Open Class portion of the following lineup is based upon the average of those corps’ two highest scores from shows held between July 22 and August 1.Open Class World Championship PrelimsAmes Field, Michigan City, INMonday, August 3, 20154:00 p.m. – Blue Saints4:17 p.m. – Racine Scouts4:34 p.m. – Les Stentors4:51 p.m. – River City Rhythm5:08 p.m. – Colt Cadets5:25 p.m. – Raiders5:42 p.m. – Gold5:59 p.m. – Music City6:16 p.m. – Intermission (34 min.)6:50 p.m. – 7th Regiment7:07 p.m. – Spartans7:24 p.m. – Legends7:41 p.m. – Genesis7:58 p.m. – Blue Devils B8:15 p.m. – Vanguard Cadets8:32 p.m. – Gita Surosowan Banten (Indonesia)8:49 p.m. – Chien Kuo HS (Taiwan)9:06 p.m. – Jubal (The Netherlands)
  2. Hi Guys I am the Tour Director for THE COMPANY and wanted to give you a few answers to questions We have just had our final show DCUK show prior to our visit over to the USA and scored 77.45 which put us in first place over Kidsgrove Scouts who scored 76.90 (We know the scores are not comparable for the DCI system) The only thing we are bringing with us are our costumes as we have managed to organise all the instruments and electronics and speakers via Rhythm X the Indoor Ensemble as they perform on Pearl / Adams who endorse us also and we are using their trailer Roland have kindly supplied 2 x FA-08 synths, ON2 have provided drum wraps, Remo are supplying our heads, Vic Firth our sticks and mallets and Colemans all our air beds, sleeping bags, pillows and one gallon water jugs We are working with the guys from Racine Scouts who will bring a team in to liaise with our catering crew to help feed the members and provide items we are short of Housing wise we are staying in Schools prior to Michigan City when we are at the Indiana National Guard building We have a busy schedule of rehearsals, World Class shows, free day and obviously Open Class shows which is our priority and we are also taking part in SoundSport and DrumLine Battle We arrive 31 July into JFK and leave Aug 14 31 July arrive JFK 1 Aug Rehearsal West Milford High NJ 2 Aug Clifton NJ World Class Show 3 Aug Free Day NYC 4 Aug Allentown PA World Class Show 5 Aug Avon Lake OH Open Class Show 6 Aug Rehearsal Michigan City 7 Aug Michigan City Open Class Prelims 8 Aug Michigan City Open Class Finals (Hopefully) 9 Aug Indianapolis DCI I&E 10 Aug Indianapolis World Clas Prelims 11 Aug TBC dependant on what happens Thursday 12 Aug SoundSport and DrumLine Battle 13 Aug Banquet Hard Rock Cafe 14 Aug Travel home We cannot wait to come over and meet everyone and make friends and create some memories for a lifetime I cannot tell what an undertaking this has been for our group financially and logistically because although we are open age we are have a lot of younger members in and our mission has been to reduce the age of the group (in 2014 we had 74 members with an average age of 26.9 we now have 92 members with an average of 22.5) that said this has been a dream for our organisation to represent the UK and everyone is so excited We are marching the following this year 36 Brass (12/8/12/4) 13 Battery (5/3/5) 15 Front Line 26 Guard 2 DM Thanks for reading guys and we look forward to seeing you all out there John McNamara
  3. Hi Everyone, My name is John and I have just taken the time to read through the 13 pages about our corps THE COMPANY Performance Ensembles visit to the USA in August this year and wanted to thank all for their input I just wanted to give a bit of an update in terms of schedules and let you know where we are The Ensemble arrives into the USA on Monday July 31 arrive JFK mid afternoon and we will be staying in NJ Tues Aug 1 Open Rehearsal Day in NJ (we will confirm the venue as soon as finalised) Weds Aug 2 Rehearsal in morning then compete at the American Tradition Workd Class Show at Harrison NJ Thurs Aug 3 Free Day in NYC we have many members who have never visited the USA and we are excited to take them to NYC Fri Aug 4 we will be rehearsing at and competing at J Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown PA for the DCI Eastern Classic Sat Aug 5 we are looking forward to competing at the Shoreman Brass Classic Open Class Show at Avon Lake High School Sun Aug 6 we will be rehearsing in Michigan City (we will confirm once the venue is finalised) Mon Aug 7 we are competing at the DCI Open / International Class Prelims Show Tues Aug 8 we hope to progress through to the DCI Open / International Class Finals Weds Aug 9 we move down to Indianapolis where the members will have some down town before a rehearsal in the evening (We will confirm the rehearsal site once finalised) Thurs Aug 10 is a huge day for us DCI World Class Prelims at the Lucas Oil Stadium Fri Aug 11 is TBC and we have plans dependant on results from Thursday Sat Aug 12 we will performing at the SoundSport International Music and Food Festival, we have both a DrumLine Battle and SoundSport production and we cannot wait to finish off our final performances at such a great event before moving across to LOS to watch DCI Finals Sun Aug 13 we will be travelling back to NYC before flying home on Mon Aug 14 To give some background to THE COMPANY we were formed in late 2009 and have won the DCE Championships in 2011,12,14,16 and DCUK Championships in 2013,15,16 in 2014 we marched 74 members with an average of 25.2 years, we will march our largest Corps to date this year at 100 with an average age of 22.8 years We are an Open Age unit with some members over the age of 30 but we also have many members aged 14-18 (my son is on Auxiliary Percussion at 15) we are working to reduce our age profile but need to be inclusive and supportive of those who have supported us Our Musical Designer is Andrew Markworth (of Crossmen and Carolina Crown fame) and Andrew has been designing our full musical productions since our inception in 2010 Why are we coming to DCI and not DCA? We have nothing but respect for DCA and the Corps that chose to travel and compete there When planning the tour and before we decided where to go, we visited DCI in 2015 and was blown away by John De Novi and all the DCI team in terms of how much they wanted us and how we could make the tour work We travelled again to DCI Finals 2016 to formalise plans and have recently travelled to Atlanta to the DCI Annual Meetings which have been amazing and incredibly informative The tour is all about giving our members the best possible experience of travel, interaction and performance opportunities and they will have a minimum 6 DCI shows plus SoundSport and DrumLine Battle events in a 14 day tour which is fantastic We have had so many offers of help and support from the Open Class and World Class Corps and we are humbled by the welcome we have had We are excited to perform with and against all the DCI Corps and we we will keep those who are interested in us informed via our web page or our Facebook Page Sorry for the length of this post and crashing the World Class Forum byt we look forward to seeing you all soon John McNamara
  4. Although not knowing her name I believe the 1985 Garfield Cadets had a girl centre snare drummer and a pretty amazing one at that - congrats to Nicole at BD thats a pretty amazing feet
  5. Hi Lance I have spent some time on that site today and had read the same thing you posted, however whilst logged in as a Plus member it was still telling me to pay $14.95 for the Kalamazoo webcast and was happy to take me to the checkout so I was very confused because and I wanted clarification hence why I came on here for advice I think it could be clearer on the site or make sure it recognises you are a Plus member and hence no need to pay for the webcast Cheers
  6. Cheers for that because I very nearly purchased something extra I didnt need or require
  7. Hello I wonder if you can help, I am a fan network plus member will i have to pay for the live webcast at kalamazoo tonight? its saying $14.95, if I upgraded to Premium SD would the live webcasts become free or do you just pay for them on an ad hoc basis I find the site there to have not very clear information Many thanks
  8. Hello Cainan, I very rarely visit the International Forum but stmbled across your post, this is the first I have heard of a possibe Green Lancers Alumni Corps or even meeting and I am local to Warrington As a former member could I ask if it would generate more interest to post on either the unofficial UK Drum Corps Forum or via the main DCUK homepage (I know Alan Thompson would gladly post something on the site) or via the BYBA site or even on the unofficial Green Lancers Facebook page or even the WDCA Warrington Drum Corps Alumni page on Facebook I have posted these sites as I think you have far more chance of incentivising people with an interest in a British Drum Corps via English websites, this is potentially an exciting development I am still heavily involved in the Marching Activity in the UK and my time is very limited but it would be great to see the Lancers back out in any shape or form Best regards, John McNamara