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  1. An admirable effort, but what will $1.9 million be worth in 2034? I say, stick with a 5 year plan and update it accordingly.
  2. Care to expound? It was new territory at the time and it took many corps to catch on to the “ new wave”.
  3. So, is this discussion evolving into a WGI with “background music”? Just asking for a friend. The contribution today’s color guards make in overall presentation is not debatable, but is it the focus? Brass, percussion, and guard performance deserve equal adjudication in overall GE scores. Brass and percussion movement are just as critical to the overall GE as are the contributions from the guard. Just another viewpoint.
  4. Really, Really? Ask Bloo and Boston how they feel about that.
  5. To this day I can’t drink Rolling Rock without having “issues”. TMI I know, but back to the intended topic.
  6. Given what’s going on with the tech companies’ laying off thousands of workers, I’m not quite sure they are in the position to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to philanthropy projects. As for the former MMs who work/worked for said tech companies I’m pretty sure that a good portion of their disposable income is now being directed back into their families to make ends meet.
  7. Not sure what the situation in Rosemont is these days. The former mayor, Don Stephens, was a huge supporter of the Cavies and got village dollars behind them BITD. As for long term support? Who knows?
  8. A reboot could contain non Berlioz material….
  9. I’m with Kopeck… a reboot of Symphonie “Phantastique” would be worth looking into.
  10. Can’t wait to hear what the repertoire will be.
  11. Agreed. Time to start searching alumni who are willing to help support the organization who taught them how to be responsible citizens. I’m not a major donor but I give what I can to support the organization I truly love. Let’s call it “ripples in a pond”. Get enough ripples and you just may get enough support to keep the organization afloat. Pun intended.
  12. This takes “You got to spend money to make money” to another ugly level.
  13. Agreed 99.9999% But it was Jim Wren who brought the StroboTuner in to bring that sonority to life!
  14. I remember ‘89 Regiment was invited to play for the Grand Opening of North Pier an office entertainment complex in Chicago. The organization was thrilled and it was a treat to hear New World being played with the Chicago Skyline as a backdrop.
  15. I marched with Terry….aka “Pugsley”. A good guy and dedicated marcher. You will be missed. SUTA!
  16. Given today’s pressure on producing a top contender, I don’t buy, sorry for the pun, that BAC had all the financing in the bank before challenging the elite at DCI.
  17. I think they are trying to “survive and thrive” which involves a combination of fan/alumni and corporate support. Not necessarily keeping up with the Joneses just playing with the demands of drum corps at it’s present state.
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