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  1. Really? Is this Drumline Battle or Drum corps? Asking for a Dino friend.
  2. They will also have memorabilia, clothing, gift cards, etc. Shop early, shop often!
  3. I certainly understand where you’re coming from my friend. Ima gonna go out on a limb here…… but let’s just say Mr. Knight’s style wouldn’t play well in today’s vision of drum corps. Flame away!
  4. I loved playing the Wolfman in the strobe room of our “Haunted Hall”. Had guests literally crawling along the floor to get out of that room!
  5. Again, I couldn’t be prouder of the efforts of Regiment’s current BOD. They’ve got their collective act together and are positioning the organization for future success. What else can you say but? SUTA! Thank you for all your hard work!
  6. Breathe easier Lewiston….and the state of Maine. We have family in Wells Beach/Ogunquit. We love you and we wish the nightmare is over for you.
  7. Sounds like it until Adam says otherwise. Don’t forget, Regiment got some “input” in 2005 from a very prominent guard designer to make “Rhapsody” such a fan friendly show. Such a fun run for the group from Rockford. To this day, one of my favorite interpretations of AIP to this day. Great magic!
  8. So according to Mr. Cawthorne looks like staff carried over to 2024 for Regiment. Great news!
  9. Um, no. Regiment is working hard on forward momentum. Look at the 2023 season. It laid the groundwork for modernization that supports said forward motion. Don’t count them out of the hunt just yet.
  10. Not sayin’ there is malfeasance going on here but it’s not looking totally legit either. I’m not holding my breath but I hope to he** they get their act together and soon.
  11. Thank you. Their music is an out of body experience. Their collaboration on “The Lark Ascending” is breathtaking….but not in a drum corps way. God I love music.
  12. While not a “menace to society”, I was a bit of a PITA to my family. Drum corps showed me that it isn’t all about me but rather being a part of something bigger which gave me a sense of contributing to a bigger picture. This made all the difference in the world to me and this is now why I contribute what I can to keep that dream alive. I believe, with all my heart, this is still a basic tenet of the drum corps experience. It’s not always about chasing a ring. If you feel this opinion is a Dino waxing poetic…I’m sorry you missed out on what drum corps meant to me BITD.
  13. My heart breaks for the Cadet org. This makes me really sad for the state of the art.
  14. That is so cool. I lived about three blocks from Northside Learning Center. It’s a great facility. Thank you King Cobras for making the trip there.
  15. I knew several St. Patrick Imperials that went to the Thing. maybe that’s why?
  16. St. Patrick Imperials from Milwaukee (black, white and emerald green unis) merged with the Cedarburg Thunderbolts (red white, and blue unis) needless to say, they were quite an interesting color combination. They were a blast to watch though. IIRC, Pioneer rose out of that merger.
  17. Capiche? You’re talkin’ Siciliano! gotta love Manbo Italiano. Fun movie. $2 for Paul Sorvino for DCI CEO!
  18. SCV and its parent organization need to earn people’s trust again. That takes a while. Ask the MMs that auditioned for the 2023 season how they feel. People were lied to and it takes more than an announcement to regain trust. Not necessarily pessimism but rather common sense.
  19. Having started my career in a telecomm call center, this is TRUTH. There’s a reason we called them “stupidvisors” Sorry folks…back to the topic at hand. .😁
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