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  1. PLEASE, give me a play by play. I'm in Leipzig, Germany, my sister is performing for her first time as a Bluecoats tonight, and I can't watch the show! Lets go BLOO!
  2. I can't wait to hear them. They will without a doubt be a musical powerhouse.
  3. I'm just having a good ol' time at spring training watching a very talented corps every day.
  4. They were my favorite performance to witness all of finals week. (Also the only performance I saw from the front that week). Loved every second of it. Especially embarrassing my little sister because I was on my feet the whole time screaming my lungs out. DRUM CORPS!
  5. And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you! Seriously though, I love my university and my drum corps. I'm going to root for them.
  6. Saw this article from a link on facebook, and I agree with the Number 1! The Best #### Bands in the Land
  7. There always seem to be openings this late due to people getting cold feet. Also there are those who have legitimate reasons that have to do with family, school or job/internship opportunities. It's different with every scenario, but it's not impossible to fill their spots. I never get too worried about it. A little side note, Phantom had huge issues keeping tuba players throughout move-ins and still ended up having a great season with a fairly decent section. No small feat!
  8. I guess I'll reply to the actual topic. I marched contra, but I would have loved to march cymbals. ...though there is still WGI...
  9. Bloo 2008 and 2009 are pretty stellar. Cavaliers 2008 was awesome. Can't go wrong with Vanguard 2004 and Cadets 2000. Phantom 2007 as well.
  10. CONSISTENCY IS KEY! My prediction: Four "blue" corps in the top 9. Three "blue" corps in the top 7. Two "blue" corps in the top 3. One "blue" corps in the top spot.