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  1. This is an honest question, no sarcasm intended. In the eyes of the Madison Scout Organization what would define a successful season? If placement, what placement would they consider success? thinking it’s going to be difficult to move much with the recent success of Spirit, Academy and Pacific Crest.
  2. I’m really hoping with the artists listed that this isn’t a cliche show in regards to the new membership direction. Really don’t want a summer of “Its a mans, mans world” by James Brown and “Bad Guy”from Billie Eilish.
  3. I believe this was the Texas Call Back and the Chicago Call Back was in December. February camp should be the entire 2020 Cavaliers Hornline.
  4. Totally agree. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Madison Scouts would’ve never adopted the all inclusive, non discrimination female policy if they were consistently in the top twelve. To even place a slight blame on the “all male” aspect is ridiculous. All the females in DCI couldnt have fixed the show designs from the past few seasons.
  5. Top 18. 3 different volumes. It’s 9.99 for Each volume of six. In my opinion worth the money. Just listened to Cavaliers/SCV/BD. The quality is really good.
  6. Cavaliers have also announced Brass and Percussion staffs. No changes, just a few additions.
  7. Didn’t want to start a new topic, but the Cavaliers officially announced today that the entire design team will be returning for 2020. I know Kevin will be holding brass auditions in Japan and he is definitely a major part of next years team although not a part of the design staff.
  8. Hate the list of restaurant section. Too much.
  9. The cavaliers brass caption manager also does brass for Aimachi in Japan. While he’s over there I believe he holds auditions. For years the Cavaliers have had many members from Japan in their membership.
  10. Quick question. Was checking out the Madison site and noticed the 2020 audition locations only being Indianapolis and Dallas (and video) Seems quite limited. I’m going to compare to the Cavaliers only because it’s whom I’m most familiar, but the Cavaliers have auditions in Illinois/Texas/Japan/Florida/California/Indiana/Georgia (and video). For a corps that is in transition and needs as many auditionees as possible, wouldn’t they want to hit more regions of the states? Anyone familiar with the reasoning?
  11. Cavaliers- Mad World Bluecoats- Tilt BD- ReRite of Spring BD- Dreams and Nighthawks Crown- Inferno SCV- Ouroboros Bluecoats- The Bluecoats BD- As Dreams Are Made On BD- The Beat My Heart Skipped Crown- For The Common Good
  12. As much as I hate to say it.....I agree lol. Reading the DCP Facebook comments and other social media’s makes me want to poke my eyes out. I’m dumbfounded by the lack of knowledge of some of the posters who think they know drum corps. It’s great for the new fans who honestly are just finding out about the activity, but the know-it-all’s kill me. The other thing that drives me crazy are the posters who say they haven’t been to a live show in 20 years but are continually armchair quarterbacking the activity. NEWS FLASH: Drum Corps is better live!!!!
  13. I’m almost 50 and thought this was the best year from top bottom we’ve had in a very long time. Don’t think it’s age more so personal preferences.
  14. Cavaliers have auditions posted on Facebook as well as the audition section of their website. Besides their normal auditions in Illinois/Texas/Georgia (also Brass auditions in Japan assuming this is a Kevin thing since he does brass for Aimachi). Theyve also added auditions this year for Guard in Florida and brass and percussion in Indiana also California. Of course video auditions as well.
  15. I believe 2016. It was the first time they introduced the current drum major uniform (which was used as the base for 16/17 field corps uniforms)
  16. Enough with this crap already. You keep posting cryptic messages all over DCP since Saturday. I know who you keep insinuating. You might want to let them know they’re folding because they’ve already announced audition information/staff references and have been recruiting people to audition for 2020 this past weekend. They’ve also extended auditions to even more locations this upcoming year to places they’ve never been. On my plane ride back to the west coast two kids from another corps were talking to me about about auditioning for them instead of their current corps. For someone that was watching Saturday night at home in Canada (I can read your profile) on Flo and doesn’t know when staffing changes can be formally announced you sure know more then the current administration, staff and members about the future of their own corps.
  17. So weird seeing Cavies up there in brass.Finally! They need to do whatever it takes to keep Kevin. Missing pieces in the visual end. And maybe an addition or subtraction to the design team and I think a medal is possible.
  18. For those wondering....Cavaliers are in their uniforms (not costumes) lol
  19. And I think it’s the best Top 12 shows top to bottom we’ve had in years. To each their own.